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    Have you had good luck with this product? Reading the reviews on Amazon, there appears to be a high (12%) failure rate with this thumb drive.

  2. 43 minutes ago, bluzdog said:

    .......and could I get a notification if the deal is certain to ***** the wife? 😆

    edit: I guess I should have phrased the different so " certain to make the wife angry"

    Agreed - iLok requirements are no problem,  but an  iWife joint checking account can really get in the way of an absolutely necessary perfectly reasonable purchase.

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  3. A few questions for the brain trust here. Believe it or not, I'm still on the fence with the group buy.  I'm not trying to be cheeky. I'm genuinely torn about about getting into the group buy.

    Is there a benefit to owning Amplitude if I already own Guitar Rig?  (Also note that I play keyboards and not guitar.)

    Is there a benefit to owning T-Racks if I already own Ozone 8 advanced, Neutron 3 advanced, Tonal Balance control, and all the Presonus retro fat channel stuff

    Is there a benefit to owning Modo Drums and Bass  if I already own Superior Drummer and Ezbass?

    Is there a benefit to owning Syntronik if I already own UVI Vintage vault?

    I feel like I don't need anything from IK Multimedia, but the deal is too good to pass up! Please help me to pull the trigger! (or not)

  4. Anyone that is poo poo’ing EZBass is really just missing the big picture. It makes perfect sense that Toontrack is not sampling multiple notes per string and keeping the EBX sample sizes so much smaller than other commercial bass libraries on the market.  They need to leave room for their future release of “Superior Bass!”

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  5. 16 minutes ago, abacab said:

    Sounds cool! But have you tried the Ample Bass upright yet?

    Yes - I've tried the demo of Ample Bass upright. I thought it was excellent. I'm also a big of the EZBass midi editor and the midi packs. I ended getting Orange Tree's Pear Bass for $20 in the last sale. I'll probably use EZBass when setting up backing tracks for quick jam sessions and Pear Bass when producing more finished work. I may write a Kontakt script to translate the key switched between the two programs.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    Which ones are you getting?   I'm getting LOFI DREAMS and INNER DIMENSIONS.  Jason has NKS templates for both of them.

    I was thinking of getting the exact same two expansions - or perhaps LOFI DREAMS and HYPNOTIC DRIVE

  7. 45 minutes ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    I'd rather have Trilian or MODO Bass without those articulations

    But the ability to manipulate and edit MIDI data in the program is truly awesome. Not only with their bass MIDI patterns, but with any of the other ones you can get.

    The EZKeys piano offerings are the real substandard product. Yes they sound like a piano, but there are so many far superior VST pianos out there. That said, EZKeys is a very useful musical composition tool. I guess the bottom line is that you have the best ear for and are most critical of the actual instrument that you play. 

  8. Falcon Expansions?! The only thing I can say about Falcon Expansions is that I seem to have an insatiable desire for more! I'm pretty sure that this will be the best deal of the year for these. There are some really good new releases.

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  9. Finally a sale on EZBass midi! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. The big question now is should I wait even longer and hold out for the EZBass midi 6 pack that is inevitable going to be released. When it is finally released, Time+Space will likely sell the 6 pack for $99. Hmmm… delayed gratification to save $39 at a future unspecified date…

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