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  1. I've been coveting all these new EZBass midi packs, but holding off until the EZBass midi 6 pack is released.  If others weren't so eager to pay nearly full price for these individual packs, we might see the release of the 6 pack sooner. 😉

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  2. Found this image of the seven drum kits included in EZD3. It looks like it might not be completely accurate.  From the promo page, we know that one of the kits is a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Mable and another is a Gretsch USA Custom. Not sure what other 5 kits are.  


  3. 32 minutes ago, BassDaddy said:

    There is no way I won't get EZD3 but I am really disappointed it cut in line ahead of EZKeys2.

    Given that EZD3 is being released this year, I am going to forecast that there is a zero percent chance that EZKeys2 will come out this year. Historically Toontrack has not had the resources to produce two major platform updates in one year.

  4. "An all-new recording featuring seven (7) drum kits and extras captured by Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer Michael Ilbert (Coldplay, Adele, The Weeknd) at the world-famous Hansa Studios in Berlin." 

    It looks like "The Rooms of Hansa" SDX is coming to EZDrummer...

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  5. There has been a steady stream of EZKeys updates lately. It has been 10 years since the original release of EZKeys. Could it possibly be that the release of EZKeys2 is just around the corner?  Yes, I know - this is crazy talk. For 6 years now people have been saying that the release of EZKey2 is imminent. 

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  6. Yes, I am aware that there has been a previous thread (along with a moderator reprimand) on this topic. That said, now that the English version of Beat Magazine is available at Pugin Boutique, I could not help but (re)share this great deal with my fellow plugin addicts. I bought the February English version of Beat at PB. Everything worked beautifully and I was able to download my free AAS packs. It is a super value and not a bad issue of the magazine either. 


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