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  1. 11 hours ago, Christian Jones said:

    After checking reviews on YouTube anyway I think the SC Broken Wurli is best for me. I have the advantage of not having a particular sound in mind that I'm trying to achieve, but rather I'm just looking for what my ear likes the best and I like that fat grimy sound of broken wurli. 

    I've seen some other folks heavily recommending the VReeds wurli by Acoustic Samples I think it is. I checked it out on Tube and it sounds good, but broken wurli is where it's in my case. 

    Agreed. Soniccouture's Broken Wurli is still my favorite and the most used of my Wurli collection. The tone is fantastic and the broken speaker knob (which is adjustable from none to a lot) adds a bit of a grungy vibe that can enhance the sense of realism. To my ears, this Wurli sounds very convincing as the real thing.

    Acoustic Samples' Wurli also has as a wonderful tone and is a very close second. The only downside of their Wurli is that there are no presets so that you have to dial in your sounds from scratch and then save them in a separate folder. I don't own Acoustic Samples' new VReeds, but I'm very intrigued.

    Lounge Lizard Wurli - While not quite as realistic sounding as some of the others, it does sound great in its own right. Because it is not sample based, it has a full 256 midi layers, so the dynamics are superior to any of the sampled Wurlis.  The excellent dynamics make this a very fun instrument to play. It also has a very quick load time and small footprint.

    Neo Soul keys Wurli - I've never really connected with this one. It might be that the presets are more tailored for Neo Soul rather that Funk, Blues, and Rock. The samples are however spread out over a full 88 keys so you never run out of keys like on other sampled 64 key 200A Whurlitzers.  Now that I have better options, I rarely use it.

    Scarbee 200A - At one time the undisputed king of the Wurli libraries, its tone still sounds great today. However when compared to newer Wurli libraries it's deficiencies become apparent. If you already own Komplete, this is still a decent option. When placed in the mix, you might be just fine with the results.

    Toontrack EZKeys Wurli - While it does in fact sound like a Wurli, when compared to any other library, it sounds pretty weak.

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  2. I ended up making a pig of myself! I got Cinematic Pads, Cinematic Frozen Strings, Intimate Strings, and Felt Piano.  Be sure to put everything you want into one singular order.  You only get one bite at the apple. The discount code only works once.  

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    I don't see anything about the sale on the site.  

    Is this limited to first time purchasers of Spitfire Products?   Or first time purchasers of a Spitfire Originals product?

    Thanks!  TTF

    I'm a first time purchaser and the code works for me. You might try it just to see if it works for you too. Does anyone know when this sale expires? Is it a one day sale?

  4. It’s awfully lame that Spitfire is shutting out long time customers from a nice discount! That said, I’ve never purchased anything from Spitfire so l’m very excited to see this sale. I don’t own a felt piano yet. Frozen strings sounds amazing. Which of these libraries do people think are the best or most useful?

  5. Oh yes, I can remember the eager excitement of diving into my first computer build in the late 90's. When I installed the motherboard in the case, I forgot to first attach the small brass standoff screws to the motherboard. All of the motherboard circuitry was in direct contact with the metal case. This proved to be very exciting when I first powered it up. I can assure you, it was not the smell of victory. 

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  6. I bought the EZBass midi 6 pack with Thomann today. I received the email with my serial numbers in under 30 seconds.  I've got my sights on Urban Jazz and Detroit Soul for my first two midi packs.

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