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  1. 1 minute ago, kitekrazy said:

    I enjoyed it actually.  I wish it were back in the day when black Friday deals were actually on Friday and this happened. I'd be forced to use what I have. That is a strange concept for me.

    And yet here you are checking the site within just a few minutes of it being back online. :) 

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  2. UPDATE: I tried again using the same email as my IK account (a yahoo email). I also clicked the box to receive promotions which I didn't do the first time around. It worked!!! I got my code!!!

  3. New from Toontrack is the  SOUL ROADS EKX  -  A GO-TO SOUL STAPLE. 

    Two instruments, MIDI and mix-ready presets. The entire scope of soul, embodied in one EKX for EZkeys 2. 


    And for those who have previous EZkeys 1 sound expansion serial numbers squirrelled away, your old serial codes work for the new expansions!!!! I had an old  code I bought for $35 over a year ago. The Toontrack project manager accepted it just fine. You might want to use your old serial codes before they correct/change this policy.

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  4. Last minute I picked up the Lindell Neve 80 Series channel strip for $20. Unfortunately I had no extra vouchers. I’ve always wanted a vintage Neve channel strip, but I haven’t been willing to sell my first born to Softube to get a good one. The Lindell Neve plugin appears to be excellent.

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  5. If you are over 50,  then you likely desperately need this upgrade. On my new monitor, even with my best reading glasses, I can barely see the text on EXKeys 1. I’ m all in on EXKeys 2. I play piano, but I enjoy hearing rhythm options that I would not necessarily have come up with on my own. Also I get a lot of benefit out of EZkeys as a song writing tool.

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  6. EZkeys 1 is on sale at Best Service for $138.98. With the current $20 Easter savings the total is only $118. 98. You of course get the free upgrade when EZkeys 2 comes out. In essence you get EZkeys 2 and one free instrument extension of your choice for $119!

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  7. 28 minutes ago, Last Call said:

    There is another video, forgot the name, of a very famous piano player (oriental female) where a very good USA recording guy brings a zillion mikes and achieves also a very very good sound.

    FYI - "oriental" is used to describe carpets, etc.  "Asian" is used to describe people 

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  8. Looks great! The only thing I’m a disappointed about is that EXkeys 2 doesn’t have a way to switch to Roman numeral analysis view. 

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