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  1. Yes - I also jumped on this one.  Best Service used to have the lowest prices on Toontrack midi 6 packs, but they are now selling them for $20 more than Time+Space.  EZX 3 packs are also $30 cheaper at T+S. Not sure why this is. I keep thinking that the day is coming when Time+Space will raise their prices to match the rest of the market.  Perhaps they will get reprimanded by ToonTrack for selling their products on the cheap!

  2. I bought the Hammersmith Pro several years back.  Technically it is a very good piano. It has a great selection of microphones and lots velocity layers.  That said, I never connected with the overall tone of the piano. To my ears it sounds a bit clinical. My current go to pianos are the Garritan Yamaha CFX and the Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D Steinway.  The Garritan CFX is fantastic with essentially no flaws. I also love the rich warm tone of Embertone Steinway, but it needs a top notch computer system to take advantage of all of its 36 layers with round robin samples.


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  3. With the $25 voucher code, Massive and Massive X expansion packs are just 4$ each!

    I just bought 3 Massive X expansion packs.

    (Note that all of the Massive X expansions are included in Komplete 13. I’m not planning on upgrading until Komplete 14 comes out  but

    I  wanted these expansions now)



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  4. You are right. No major improvement with this update. That said, it is always a good sign to see continuous improvement on a product.  I would guess that a resizable interface for EZ Drummer 2 would be a significant amount of work. All of the cool artwork shown in the EZX expansions are bit maps that would probably need to be redone. 

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