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  1. Is it possible to set option in export to export track folder with all audio files in it in seperate folder similar structure or to posibility to export folder with containing tracks in zip file?
  2. It means already possible this type of sidechaining but in PC?
  3. How to select all instruments in piano rolls track pane and to making all them snap to scale simultaneously?
  4. Need feature of midi plugins. Dynamic midi changes representation without pressing audition button of midi plugin
  5. All is marketing, but in future CbB will be more popular and situation will be different. Studio one have bigger development team in size
  6. If quick group moving together 2 prochannel eq from 2 channels simultaneously and solo band of two channels also simnultaneously
  7. ODD, EVEN vertical BAR Lanes Different colors in Arrangement View. It would be very good to see differentation in colors of vertical odd and even Bars like in image below.
  8. Yes but prochannel eq can be more effective and can also solo multiple cannels eq band
  9. Also would be cool solo band and also moving it in defferent frequency ranges. Soloing for example simillar frequency ranges from groups.
  10. Pro channel Quad Curve EQ Solo mode for the Current EQ band like in example in image from Fabfilter.
  11. I think its special not synchronized maybe is there some purpose to don't do it. Maybe someoen can comment why it need to be seperated behaviour.Anyway it can be logical and good to it working together but i guess its made by that for the reason
  12. Yes but be better to hit button and eq flying out on which track focus
  13. When track selected and pressing some key and EQ flying out? It woul be nice. Also need some additional function to EQ
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