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  1. yukohime


    What's a vibrant performance ! I can't hear any digital sound ^^
  2. yukohime

    Part 5

    Nice ! I like code progression from 2:50.
  3. Thanks for listening and giving me such a beautiful comment ! (It's all about myself, BTW) Yes I intend to try out HitFilm to improve my video. ^^
  4. I appreciate your comment ! I'm glad to hear that you felt my emotion though it's not perfect English sentences nor drawings Music is the greatest communication means ! ^^
  5. Hi Thanks for listening to my song to the end and dropping "like" ^^! I know I have a lot of things to learn. I will keep it up !
  6. Hi, thanks for listening ! At first I sung all this lyrics in English but I chose my mother tongue to sing more emotionally. Regardless of language, I believe music is the best tool to communicate with any person all over the world.
  7. Thanks for your beautiful comment and suggestion. BTW, before this pandemic I sometime sung on a stage in music bars. But I can't now. I hope someday.. again. Stay safe !
  8. Thanks for your commenting ! I'm very glad to hear that ! I didn't know this Japanese guitarist but just watched his playing "Concierto de Aranjuezm" on youtube. He is amazing and emotional. Once I learned ABC of classic guitar but I couldn't make it ^^. Yes I need to learn about editing more, using another software, not Powerpoint.
  9. Hi, Thanks for commenting ! I'm a right handed. My camera application made part of videos in wrong way without intention. I was also confused, watching the result. ^^
  10. Thanks for your advice! Wow what's professional sound and movie !
  11. Thank you very much ! I've been checking those products that you recommended. As far as I saw, yes, Hitfilm Express seems to be the one I should try out. I chose P.P because I've already used its animation function in business but I found it's little bit hard to create music video as I mentioned. I think I can take advantage of this experience. I appreciate your comment ! Yuko
  12. I appreciate your profound advice. That must be what I have to adjust as mixing down next time. I keep it in my mind. Wow, thanks you💛. My artwork is kids-like but drawing with emotion.
  13. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I know I have many pitch issues so that I repeatedly tried to sing many times through entire song. Next time I will combine the best part of each voice tracks as you suggested. In addition to that I have to practice more!
  14. Thanks !! I appreciate your positive comment. I'm curious what program do you use for making video as a reference ?
  15. Hi from TOKYO ! Thanks to Bandlab staffs for proving us such an amazing software for free. I've really made use of it in this year. Spending many months I've created my original songs and made Youtube Video, combining two songs ,some pics. drawing and a movie by Cakewalk and PowerPoint. I added how to create below. Dose someone know better means to make this type of music video ? Youtube link: -----Below is process I made #let's say first song is F, second song is S. and Powerpoint is PP 1. Recorded acoustic guitar tracks with Steinberg UR22C and single Bluebird SL microphone and added another tracks( Drum, piano, strings provided by Cakewalk and Vocal to create two MP3 files. #I spent several months because of many many scratching and building.... 2. After planning video story, I put all staffs (photos, movie) into each page of PP then I also embed those MP3 files into it as background music. 3. Added text(Lyrics), using animation function. I adjusted delay and duration time on each page. 4.Then I tried to synchronize page feed and songs, adjusting page switching time on PP. BUT it doesn't work correctly. I mean, even I set 3 seconds, a next page appeared after 5 seconds etc. What more worse, this delay time were changed (I found some similar cases at FAQ of PP). somehow I adjusted to create a better version but not perfect. 5. I exported this PP contents into one MP4 file for uploading to Youtube. I thought I made it but I was wrong, Besides my background music, I hear strange click noises at some points..... It seemed that those noises were generated as making MP4 file by PP. Finally I gave up. I deleted two MP3 from PP then created just soundless MP4 file. 6. I imported the two MP3 files and the one MP4 file into Cakewake and adjusted starting points of each songs. Finally I made a success to export it into this Youtube MP4 file I know it's not the best way to make it. Could anyone tell me the best way to create next music video !
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