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  1. Thanks for keeping this topic alive. Colin I will read it in detail. and scook I know you are always on top of all things Cakewalk. I am a beginner so it's taking me a while to get it together. Making progress, but with a 1802 page Reference Manual it'll be a while. I can Record, and make mp3s for my music friends. Starting to learn to Edit Waveforms, Learning the Izotope Community Appreciation bundle(I really like it ! Especially the AI and the digital aspect) I'm not an Analog person except for restoring my totally analog 1951 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup. (Not a computer chip in it).(I am frustrated that I can't seem to get the Pads on my Arturia Mini Lab mk2 to play the SI-Drumkit (but working on it Been in Pandemic Music Studio Prison for over a year now. I've attached a Track & Waveform Zoom cheat sheet that you guys probably have already memorized. But there must be someone that will find it useful. Cakewalk Keyboard Zoom Short Cuts.pdf
  2. Thanks I looked at your Blog Post. Excellent !
  3. Hello fellow Cakewalk Musicians, Sound Engineers , and Covid Prisoners. I'm Hank and probably like some of you, I have been self isolating inside the Music Studio for Months now. With too much time on my hands the good news is I'm alive and my guitar playing has never been better. I have never seen a pdf Manual with 1,740 pages and a 39 page Table of Contents before. Since I'm a nube, I don't know much and appreciate all of your "way over my head" help and interesting content. I recently ran into the Red "Re-Activate or Else" warning. It seemed simple enough with a "click here" at the bottom of the message, but it didn't work. Rather than get frustratingly crazy, I shut down and took my frustrations out by watching "The 100" on Prime Video. This morning I logged into Cakewalk Discuss , booted my dedicated Music Studio laptop and realized BandLab Assistant was not working. I followed danivilo's advice and used IoBit Uninstaller (love that free program) to uninstall BandLab Assistant. I then started Cakewalk. On startup Cakewalk informed me that I needed Bandlab Assistant. I followed the prompt to reinstall Bandlab Assistant and that went seamlessly, Cakewalk booted just like nothing ever happened. It was not necessary to uninstall/reinstall Cakewalk. I don't know much but am able to use a blank template to get two tracks ready for recording, can hit the Spacebar to record and CtrlZ to undo recording. I am grasping at straws trying the simplest of things like learning to edit, but have a long way to go. I appreciate all the great input and experience from you guys on this forum I have been following Secret Sauce on YouTube, and like "Mike"I hope you are well (and staying safe) Thanks, Hank
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