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  1. The major advantge of MixBox over VMR is that you don't need iLok to use it.
  2. Which is weird, considering Syntronik is ST disguised as a synth collection.
  3. Sony had to have more stable versions because people know their brand name. MAGIX on the other hand...
  4. Mixbox looks like an interesting idea that's obivously a Virtual Mix Rack ripoff , but the text is so hard to read on smaller sizes, since they didn't program the scaling right and the text is fuzzy at various sizes.
  5. I don't think you can select multiple bands in QuadCurve EQ.
  6. That's like saying all electric cars are the same because they run on batteries. Brave and Chrome are both built on top of the Webkit framework, which is not the only browser engine out there.
  7. Yeah IK...Now explain why you can't edit Syntronik patches when you load them from Sampletank. You can't and you're offering this freebie instead? Okay.
  8. They can barely be accountable for software bugs and blame it on the users. Having communication skills is a bit more complicated than that. They're not Ableton.
  9. Out of frustration of my current editing setup using REAPER (yes, it edits videos too. Since version 5), I decided to give Lightworks a try, since Resolve doesn't run on my machine and Premiere requires me selling my soul to Adobe and also doesn't run on my machine. I was suprised at how stable and performing it was, having some quirks but doing all the started video editing tasks I do with ease. That's what I'm using for now.
  10. You all know what will happen. Much like Steinberg, IK will pretend the problem doesn't exist and give you more freebies the next time around just so you stop complaining. Why do you think they gave yet another amp for AT5?
  11. Uh...Brave and Chrome are effectively the same browser. Same engine underneath.
  12. The same holds for all the other stuff that was made and it's copyrighted by Cakewalk themselves. Sure, you can understand that in cases, like the Blue Tubes stuff or the AAS stuff but...Unless other company developed those plugins for Cakewalk, why are they still kept behind that gate?
  13. The reason I'm not mentioning specific pieces of gear is that the Gilmour sound for your fingers, gear and technique might end up being something completely opposite of what he actually uses.
  14. I would only use those as a starting point or reference. You will not sound the same as those guys even if they let you use their gear. David Gilmour's primary amps were Hiwatt DR-100 half stacks, but he's been seen using all sorts of Fender combo amps over the years. Gilmour gets most of his drive from pedals, not from the amp. This is quite opposite from players like early Hendrix and Van Halen, where the sound is 99% the amp. I'll see if I can do a video about it.
  15. TTS-1 is a GM Player Since all the SI stuff uses samples, they are samplers. A VI Synth would be something like Dexed.
  16. Are you hitting on me? On a more serious note, why the hell would you want to copy other people's mixes? Just make your own! Do you really want your metal music to be so generic sounding that you can't even tell it apart from the other 5 thousand others that get released every 10 seconds?
  17. My PC is not on the internet 100% of time, making iLok Cloud useless.
  18. Then how come you need a serial to have access to it even in SONAR?
  19. I don't trust men who don't have an even distribution of hair chest.
  20. I wouldn't hold my breath. The mixbus team is the Ardour team, which means they'll not fix bugs forever until the issue makes them lose money. There's little care for software quality there.
  21. CA-2A was a separate add-on you could purchase. It wasn't included by default with SONAR. That's extremely unlikely. I'd recommend something like Sonic Anomally's SLAX, Analog Obsession's LALA or something similar if you want that LA-2A characteristic.
  22. Steven Slate has been annoyingly shoving this offer inside my bum via email for quite a while. I'm not gonna sign up for your stupid subscription service that still requires me to spend money on an iLok dongle to even use the plugins.
  23. And, unsurprisingly, there was no difference from the $600 one using FabFilter plugins.
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