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  1. You can also draw your own transient markers. You don't have to use the ones CbB detected.
  2. It's also not possible to add tracks as the last item in the folder when there's stuff already there.
  3. While I do think both methods have too many loose ends and burden on the user, I managed to do the AudioSnap method after starting over three times. As much as that is prone to error, it has less steps than the set beat at now time method.
  4. In some cases, the error happens not when the mistake is made, but several steps after it, so there's no way to pinpoint it. Couple that with the fact that you can't remove snapping once it's set and your only option is starting over.
  5. There wasn't a single instance where Melodyne got the tempo right when I tried. Problem here is there's no way to know which is which, which makes the error message confusing at best. When I had issues with AudioSnap and your suggested method, I couldn't find what the error was and had to delete everything and start over. IMO those two should be more resilient than that. And of course, that was also when it didn't crash CbB altogether.
  6. Does it estimate the time if I leave some beats without setting due to lack of transients like AudioSnap does? EDIT - It's also possible to run into the same AudioSnap error using this method.
  7. 10ms @ 480 samples seems to be the minimum latency figure you can get and that's roughly a 32th note off. While I could try to adjust the compensation thing on the settings (which would be a nightmare, since I don't know how many samples I should offset it by to get specific amounts of ms removed or added), that wouldn't do anything for monitoring and I would be ahead in the recordings if I compensate the latency.
  8. I'm pretty sure organists have been playing 3-5 manual organs for centuries already.
  9. Eventually, someone will do the "Inverted Mike Magini," which is all cymbals where the drums should be and you'd have all your other drums hanging on the rack. I remember seeing a picture of a rack setup where the bass drums were on racks.
  10. E-MU wise, There should be an archived download of Emulator X-2 on archive.org
  11. Didn't Celemony change that to only opening projects after Melodyne 5? At least on the first try, Melodyne didn't even get the average tempo right and most of the beats I know should be on 1 and 3 are on 2 and 4 instead. It insists on an average of 90 when the average should be 89 (88.70 to be more precise. AudioSnap rounds it to 89).
  12. I did install the trial version of Melodyne and dragged the audio I wanted mapped to the ruler. It churns out for a bit, loads Melodyne as a clip fx, churns for a bit more and...Nothing changes. The tempo is still the same as when I started.
  13. I don't have Melodyne. Disabling the transient markers doesn't detach them from the measure they're snapped to.
  14. This is something that is possible to do in REAPER: On CbB, all you have is changing a DSP option in a external options file and that may not even do anything. While I can dial lower latencies with REAPER with WASAPI shared, on CbB, I seem to be stuck in 400ms with no provisions of changing it.
  15. Hi. I've been trying to create a tempo map for a song by using AudioSnap to mark the transients. It's been working fine until I got almost 3 minutes into doing it. Now AudioSnap is starting to complain about "Invalid measures and beats" and giving crap values on the average tempo as shown here: I figured maybe the audio clip is too long and split it at some point. Not only that didn't fix the problem, but this happens? And the same error continues. Since there's no other practical form of doing that ( tapping the tempo manually with midi then using fit to improvise would take three times longer because I can't have waveforms laid on the piano roll like you can in FL Studio), I must stop and wonder how much Audio Snap was tested for this purpose.
  16. It helps when the rest of the crowd is the band.
  17. Here's some classical. Nancarrow was doing Black MIDI before the MIDI standard even existed.
  18. I was banned from the Kerbal Space Program forums three times.
  19. I doubt it. Some nutcases might be offended by submarines and experience pstd effects from a war they never fought in that doesn't exist.
  20. This is what happens when you have a heated argument about tone woods.
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