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  1. They gave away Sonible Balancer as part of Sound Collective back in 2020.
  2. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. It's still in alpha so I wouldn't use it as a daily driver for production. But it looks like it has plenty of potential.
  4. I got a pop up for Syntronik CS instead of EQ 81.
  5. They usually object to any form of copy protection.
  6. I thought they were up to RX9. Is it safe to update this?
  7. There was a thread on GS about this company. If I remember correctly it's a different company but the DSP is by Tunca. They're based in Turkey. Kind of like how Fuse Audio also make plugins for other companies like BR and PA.
  8. It's the from the same guy behind Analog Obsession.
  9. You can't sell the software without a license, so if you decide to sell the software you must include your license and the updates you bought with it. You actually don't own the software, what you own is the license. It's like that for all software not just music.
  10. It' s back at $79. They ended the sale early.
  11. No discount for the full Cableguys bundle that has Curve 2 synth?
  12. Is this a good replacement for Redmatica Autosampler?
  13. Has anyone tried these before?
  14. The 50% off updates/upgrades is done every summer. Better holding out for that one.
  15. I got the Gold to Platinum upgrade for $45 with YNY23 coupon code. That's on the Waves website, could be cheaper with resellers.
  16. This would have to be amazing and many times better than TAL Chorus to justify that price.
  17. Good find. Going off their usual schedule 11.5 was due to be announced soon, so it looks like they will skip a year. Hopefully this means v12 will be a much more significant update and hopefully it will have the new dongle free licensing.
  18. I'm waiting for them to give out $20 holiday season vouchers.
  19. Yeah am also waiting for the RND and Yamaha vintage plugins to go on sale.
  20. These are the lowest prices I've seen these go for.
  21. This is a good find if only for the 5GB of free loops. Being limited to 32 bit VST3s is quite the limitation, but there's included versions of Halion SE and Groove Agent One which are both pretty capable instruments. Does anyone know if the paid Sequel expansions are already included inside of Cubase? https://www.steinberg.net/sequel/expansions/?utm_term=HM&utm_source=POS&utm_medium=Sequel 3&utm_campaign=Sequel Content Sets&utm_content=Info
  22. Codes is invalid for me also even though I didnt buy anything yet. I will contact them after 5pm GMT as they said.
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