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  1. I wonder what the developers themselves think about this?
  2. By the way, for developers, a great example of what many users would like
  3. Is this correct? After all, Bandlab itself is free
  4. Apparently there will be a fee for each month from one to three dollars
  5. Should've hit Show Vertical Gridlines on the piano roll
  6. The latest version of bandlab windows 10 sorry for google translation ScreenCaptureProject1.mp4
  7. Now projects are opening. Thank you for efficiency.
  8. projects two or three months ago are not being opened. Not all.
  9. And this is how it works even with platinum sonar
  10. I guess I’m not explaining well. The template is saved with unchecked. It all works up to a certain point, when suddenly this checkmark is involuntarily removed.
  11. So I do it. The check mark is unchecked in the template. But randomly I have to shoot again I did not catch the interconnection of turning on and off
  12. Osman  Hemidov

    Hello again :)

    Hello again Tell me how to make this checkmark not turn on by itself when she pleases? In my templates, it is constantly removed, but when working in projects, it can spontaneously turn on when it wants. Thank you. Sorry for google translation
  13. aaaaaaaa worked Thanks a lot
  14. Osman  Hemidov

    Hello everybody :)

    Hello everybody. I have somewhere two months ago, the plug-in scan window in the lower right corner disappeared, and the scan is performed and in the task manager you can see that the scan is working. In the installed Sonar Platinum, the plug-in window in the lower right corner is in place. Bundlab latest version, Sonar platinum too. Windows 10 64. Thank you. And sorry for google translation
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