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  1. Yes, I found how to create a directory. And how to add plugins from the browser there without using the Cakevalk Plugin Manager?
  2. Are you talking about this?
  3. Спасибо за ответ. Не могли бы вы рассказать мне больше о том, как это сделать, и больше фотографий, чтобы я мог ориентироваться. Sorry for google translate
  4. Thanks, I know about this, but there are only five positions, and it is impossible to create subfolders for synths, plugins, etc.
  5. Hi all!! Such a question for the Bandlab team, is it possible to set plugins as favorites directly from the browser, to some folder, bypassing the utilities, Cakewalk Plugin Manager? Sorry for google translate
  6. Maybe? Now I'm doing several steps for this, but it would be nice if there was one step Sorry for google translate
  7. Spent the whole day, found Neither reinstalling the video driver, nor reinstalling the sound card driver, nor removing and re-installing all versions of the platinum sonar, bandlab, nor operations with the grooveplayer led to anything. Once, in safe mode, I clicked yes, download for everyone, and it worked. What was it?
  8. Thanks for the answer. First of all, I tried to open projects in safe mode, no project opens, the audio drivers installed the latest (rme ufx) - the result is the same An empty project with no plugins also opens with a delay.
  9. Stuck for a minute and platinum 32 bit and platinum 64 bit and bandlab of the latest version
  10. The bandlab hangs for about a minute or half a minute, at this stage, see the picture. Started three days ago for no apparent reason. Bandlab is the last official release. Windows 10 64. Tell me where to look? Thank you. Sorry for google translate
  11. By a third party program? I'm new here
  12. I know. These are four clicks and extra body movements. yes sir
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