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  1. Update. I figured it out. To edit next set of parameters Low Mid-etc Enable edit button then use Channel bank to get to next set of parameters
  2. Hello Mark and thank you for the information. I will check out. I know this will be a lot simpler once I learn what things do. I had a another question. How do you go to the next parameters in EQ mode? I can edit Low band but dont know how to get to the next band of Low Mid--Hi Mid--High. Any Help. Thanks for your time Mike
  3. Mark The Mackie Control Surfaces help was exactly what I was looking for. The other Youtube Video posted it. I guess because it was some time ago the functions have changed. Thank you sir
  4. Thank you Mark for the speedy reply. I will give it a try
  5. Hello. I recently purchased the X Touch and the Overlay. Would you know if there is some documentation that explains the functions of the overlay? I have seen some videos pertaining to cakewalk by bandlab with setup but not to much using functions. I have watched the video you posted as well and I thank the person who posted it. Thanks Mike
  6. Hello. I just purchased the X Touch. I also got the Sonar Overlay. I was wondering how you have made out with the unit? What I have found is if you engage the flip button it allows you to control parameters of the EQ using the faders instead of the scribble strips. By Default the EQ section brings you to Low Bands-I dont know how to get to the next section of Lo Mid-High Mid-High-Any help using this product? Thanks
  7. Is there a way to get the track view to be in sync with the console view when naming an AUX Track. When you name an aux track in console view the name also changes in original source track. This works fine. When you create an aux track in track view and name the aux track it does not populate in the original source track. It will say Aux 1 until you reassign to new name created
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