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  1. The publicly available online documentation for the Alesis V49 is pitiful. Apparently the knobs and buttons are "assignable" (they can be programmed to send different MIDI messages). To do so you will need to download the V-Editor software (click Downloads). The User Guide references a V-Editor User Guide but I cannot find a freestanding copy. If you are lucky it will magically appear when you install the software and all will be explained. Or perhaps it is available only to registered users with an account. You can look in the Event Inspector to see what is being sent presently. In order for the CC's to have an evident effect, they need to be sent to something that knows what they mean, typically a synth. With luck someone who has this working will come along to clarify everything.
  2. slartabartfast

    Microsoft Edge

    The ability for a developer to exploit something that he expects to be there is commonplace. It is why so much software defaults to install on the C:\ drive, which is always present on a standard Windows system. Of course not everything expected is always there, in which case the developer would do well to include it in his own installation, which is why your computer probably has at least a dozen versions of the Visual C runtimes.
  3. I keep a hard drive with a Win7 Pro installation, and one with a Win XP as well (expensive film scanner abandoned by the manufacturer with no drivers for newer Wins) and a drive drawer on my machine. So far my office machine will run all three.
  4. Looks like this is back in version 1.31 at the reduced price of $21.55. It does seem to be a work in progress. Something like InstaChord or Scaler? https://vstbuzz.com/deals/53-off-forager-by-harvest-plugins/ 1.3.1 Patch Notes - 1/13/2021 Fixed issue that caused project file sizes to grow large and unstable 1.3.0 Patch Notes - 12/18/2020 Added Inversion Controls. Enable inversions eligible for randomization Removed Randomize Inversions from dropdown menu. Inversion controls replaces the need for this feature Added version number to dropdown menu 1.2.0 Patch Notes - 11/02/2020 Added Chord Inversions. Cycle through available inversions in the top right of each chord square Added Filter window. Filter desired chords by root or type Added Grid Octave control. Increases or decreases octave of all grid items simultaneously Added List Octave. Set the default octave of chords placed onto the grid. Changes octave of all chords played from the list Added Randomize Inversions. In the drop-down menu, inversions can be randomly assigned when "Randomize" is used Note Selector, Chord List, Exclusions and Filter data will now be recalled when a DAW project file is saved and then loaded Fixed stuck notes in various cases Removed Clear Exclusions button 1.1.0 Patch Notes - 09/08/2020 Grid will now be recalled when a DAW project file is saved and then loaded Fixed stuck notes when certain chords play simultaneously Added Clear Grid feature 1.0.0 - 08/21/2020 Forager Released
  5. What is a "watermarked" Free Angel? Do you have to hold it up to the light to appreciate it?
  6. USB-C is a specification for the connector, not for the USB protocol used to transmit data across it. Your manual should clarify what connection speed is being served over that socket, but I would doubt that a laptop with USB 3.x on the other sockets would be at USB 2.x on the C socket. The USB 3 spec calls for backward compatibility with USB 2, so any USB 3 socket should serve USB 2 without needing a second hub or port. That is to say that if you have a USB 3 socket, it should always serve both USB 3 and USB 2.
  7. You can test the quality of the 5 pin DIN to USB interface/converter by installing MIDIOx. If your chords are coming through on that you know the keyboard and inteface are doing their job. Realize that MIDI, being a serial protocol, sends chords as a series of closely spaced single notes so do not expect to see a "chord" displayed in raw MIDI.
  8. home page: https://www.partikkelaudio.com/ https://www.partikkelaudio.com/downloads
  9. Probably a plugin with a large lookahead buffer. If present on any track all tracks will be delayed to stay in sync. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Recording.22.html
  10. https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon On a "new" system it is likely some setting is not optimal, or a "feature" not present on older systems is the problem. Do you have the problem on the old system? Run latencymon. Many people find that interrupts from their wireless networking is the problem, but it could be a lot of other issues.
  11. The flash drives being used for commercial distribution are generally just plain vanilla USB drives with no special "audio" formatting, although they can be "customized" so that the exterior has the artist or album name etc. on them. Usually the music files are MP3 or WAV files, although they can include any other kind of data in addition to the music, like lyrics, photo's or promotional videos. The files are playable or readable in any device that can...well read them, like a computer many video disc players or car stereo systems with USB inputs. Unlike a CD. the audio can be in any format that the player device can interpret, so insane levels of sampling or bit depth can be distributed, and the capacity of a large drive will hold the lifes's work of most artists. On the other hand people are unlikely to keep a box full of thumb drives next to their stereo, so in practice most of these drives are going to be used to transfer the songs to a hard drive or upload to the cloud, where they can more easily be accessed. For your own use just copy the music to a blank drive as WAV or MP3. If you know the way the playback device organizes songs by artist, album, song, etc. you can pre-package the folders so that it makes sense to the device. Some devices will handle album cover art as well.
  12. So you are wishing us a stinky furnace and a squirrel with a sugar high?
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