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  1. PM Drew at KVR or the BFD forums and provide your serials. That's how I got mine.
  2. I think the x-gear are 129.99 each.
  3. Considering a third buy-in on some Sampletank instrument I don’t care about (have everything I really would have wanted) to scoop a bunch of the Amplitube amps and pedals that have been added as potential freebies. Hmmmmm.
  4. Seems a bit of a slight to IK to let some random rumphat ruin the group buy thread.
  5. It's not so much switching picks as reassigning a used slot to an available slot in a lower tier.
  6. Wonder if IK would let me sub one of my previous 199 tier picks used on a sub 99 item for one of my upcoming sub 99 slots, to free up another on the sub 199 tier. That would let me get all the software x-gear pedals, assuming we meet all upcoming tiers. Hmmmmm. That'd be swell.
  7. Dang, I should have waited. I'm in twice at 99 and 199 but wasted a bunch of my picks on T-Racks stuff that was kind of redundant for my needs/arsenal. Shucks.
  8. Looking forward to the install this eve.
  9. At least IK improves things with iterations. WUP is a basic "functioning" tax. A friend for fee, without benefits. At least if you don't have eligible bundles.
  10. We'll see what I can do. 🤑
  11. Don't underestimate the power of a final day flurry/surge. I may well join again if I can convince my wife that I'm charming.
  12. Hard to complain about the $49 upgrade from Eco. I know there's lots of complaining going around, but that's quite a deal.
  13. Love the Morph. Much more reasonably priced and a great piece of kit.
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