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  1. Anxiousmofo

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    Already had most of them, so ponied up 90 cents for 2 I didn't have.
  2. Anxiousmofo

    Jam Points Expire?

  3. The wife gave me the green light to buy the Komplete 12 update for my birthday, so I did. Kind of a no brainer, since Massive X is being released on my birthday.
  4. Looks like no more freebies of any kind at Time Space. Guess I'm slow on the draw.
  5. Anxiousmofo

    Groove 3 Free 30-Day Trial

    Thank you, Lawrence!
  6. Anxiousmofo

    Ableton 25% OFF on everything until June 11th

    They really need a further "Deluxe" tier between Standard and Suite. That tier should have all of Standard, adding the instruments and Max for Live, and no packs or samples. Suite is bloated and stupid expensive. They should either lower the price or give people the option of foregoing all the bloat. Who wants to pay a couple hundred dollars premium for decade old orchestral samples, etc.?
  7. Anxiousmofo

    Ableton 25% OFF on everything until June 11th

    Those are nice prices at Best Service. First somewhat tempting upgrade price from 9 Standard to 10 I have seen. Too bad I've already spent my gear allotment for a good while. This time of year has too many good deals.
  8. Yeah, thinking on it further, I have a number of Impact Soundworks libs that are similarly structured.
  9. Wow. That's mighty stupid and annoying. Good to know.
  10. Bummer on the Dronar deal going away. Guess I shouldn't have waited for them to fix the loyalty points. Much less tempted to jump on this now. Guess I'll wait and hope that better add-ons pop up somewhere.
  11. No. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/e-voucher-terms-and-conditions-2018/?_ga=2.164298559.1091085622.1559330054-285750822.1559330054
  12. FWIW, I don't believe they have sales on Komplete updates or upgrades (from Komplete) on BF; only on single products.
  13. Weird. Loyalty points work in GBP but not USD. Even with my points added for GBP, it is cheaper for me in USD. I sent them an inquiry.
  14. My loyalty points were locked out, too.
  15. Anxiousmofo

    Ableton Live 10 Free update

    Nice to see VST3 support. Now they just need to offer me an actually attractive upgrade sale price from 9 Standard.