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  1. Can anyone report on MPE content in the Spectrum pack? Might tempt me to pick it up.
  2. Nice to see. Love me a free update. Look forward to trying v3.
  3. Got the meter for free. Filled a need. Can't beat that.
  4. I wasn't trying to punish them. I wanted to sell it and try to recoup my investment in a crap company whose products were angering me every time I even thought of them. Had I not sold them, they would have sat unused with no further benefit to me whatsoever.
  5. Toontrack treats existing customers like crap and tries to fleece them. I got rid of everything I had from them , which was quite a bit. I despise them. I'm not sure Melda counts as a large software developer, but I'm a Melda fan and love their upgrade model. As for upgrades, though, "lifetime upgrades" become less useful when they elect to create new, tangential products of the same type and put new features there, Eventide has always been generous, fair, and awesome. UVI is attentive and solid, although their upgrade pricing for sound libraries leaves something large to be desired. NI is generous but their customer support is hideous. IKM is a mixed bag but continues to run with some bad decisions and lacks nuance as to what is owned, upgrades, etc. That said, they generally offer great value for money. WUP is a joke, so Waves gets no love here. Their products and and pricing are generally good. Their installers and endless re-versioning are a joke. Ableton has great support and kit but massively overcharges existing customers. I'm new to Arturia but they seem quite decent. AAS is super generous with customers and very responsive with support. Plugin Alliance has historically been great across the board with support and generosity. Not as big of a fan since the model changed. Unsure if U-he is considered large, but they are great in every way. I would have given Cakewalk high marks, but the Lifetime Platinum screw and subsequent decommissioning of everything not CbB burned my ***** something fierce.
  6. Gotcha. I guess I had just noticed the presets were related to vst2, which isn't that useful to me. Cool product, though.
  7. Any idea why this doesn't support vst3? That's the deal breaker for me.
  8. Thanks. That is helpful. I know it offers advanced routing and multiband etc., but find it strange it appears to offer little fuel for the engine, out the gate. Seems mighty powerful, just oddly priced and positioned.
  9. Anyone know if the FreeFX Bundle is unlocked by default in MXXXCore, if you don’t own the paid version of the FreeFX Bundle? I’m trying to understand what value there is in Core, absent it being an expensive and expandable shell for things you already own.
  10. I'm actually having a problem with the last two v12 updates in Studio One 5.2 Pro, too. I just discovered today. Just the v12s are unrecognized. Uninstalled, re-installed, re-scanned, repair attempts, multiple tries. The whole enchilada. No dice in either DAW.
  11. If any first time buyer wants an extra 10% off and to help me (by referral code) toward paying for upgrading the Free FX bundle hereabouts, my referral code is: MELDA0958798 Works for any first time purchase. I'm broke at present and have never had referral credits before. Cheers and thank you.
  12. Hope this fixes them in Live 11. The last update borked everything.
  13. No fix to the obviously crap MPE *grumble grumble*
  14. Are full license holders second class now? Good times. this is my sphere:
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