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  1. If you haven't noticed, a whole lot of us on this thread used to be primarily Sonar users but have switched to other platforms since the crud thud. Now I'm just here for the deals and downtalk, I guess.
  2. Haven't used Cakewalk since the lifetime debacle, because it made me irate and Bandlab has left a bunch of the Cakewalk IP to rot. Bandlab hasn't given me a thing. Cheers.
  3. Bad example. Your house would be foreclosed because you were in arrears, not because you paid extra.
  4. My statements are not about attempting enforcement of the agreement or some such thing; just about the right thing to do. I'm a legal professional and have a handle on the contractual bit, even if my bravado/snarkiness may obscure that. I have long since moved on from Cakewalk since the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth, but a bit of good-will and client-relations reparations could go a long way to changing my mind. As you were.
  5. I paid for lifetime SONAR access. Not lifetime access to Gibson's self-tuning wallet robber.
  6. Not seeing another penny from me unless they make good on basic Platinum lifetime access first. It's the right thing to do if they want to keep good-will. I don't recall what I paid for being in any way contingent on Gibson existing as parent.
  7. Oof. Looking forward to them making good on the lifetime license I've already paid for.
  8. I’ll open one too, despite being a demo user.
  9. Thanks. That was my experience. A rather disappointing oversight. This makes one lose audio when navigating between patches in Ableton if MPE is enabled for Hyperion in the DAW.
  10. It seems like the MPE setting needs to be reset for every preset. Anyone know if that is how it is or is it a limitation of the demo?
  11. Omnisphere is still too much cash outlay for me.
  12. Will do after a bit more time. On first blush, worth 9 bucks but not sure I'd be thrilled for 29 plus. That said, I've barely begun and the real fun of Unify is combinations, effects routing and all that good stuff.
  13. Still works on String Theory here. I just checked again.
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