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  1. I own the API summing Luna add-on that is required for that to work. It is an extra product/fee. That said, I also own the API channel strip and Studer tape in native only and those Luna extensions work out the gate based on me just owning the native versions. I believe you can get a free trial of the Neve summing when trying out Luna, but I haven't explored that yet.
  2. Scanned and loaded without crashing after I manually resolved/OK'd a bunch of missing authorization errors from demo products I thought I had fully uninstalled. So far no major hiccups. It loaded up with my API console and summing already selected. Not too shabby. I look forward to actually giving it a go soon. Not going to start the maiden voyage with VSTi and need to find the time to track guitar.
  3. Nice. I haven't fired up Luna yet but did the installs and it appears my summing and other API stuff is good to go for Windows.
  4. Sorry to hear on the reverb. Bought the Fire Cobra and the reverb with a $10 credit I had (still had to pay a dollar due to rules). Hopefully something I got was dollar worthy. Should have bought QuickAG I guess.
  5. Nice. Despite being Windows only, I bought the API summing for Luna with a credit I had a few months back, because the credit was about to expire and I owned all the native stuff already. I was betting on Luna for Windows releasing this year. Hopefully my summing investment will work, too.
  6. Just a warning that the ad copy for Heat 2 indicates that it will melt your face. Be careful out there everybody!
  7. Silly Humble rabbits. What we really need is another Melda 25% off coupon and for Melda to do a sale on the major bundles at the same time.
  8. Sound suppressing silk: https://news.mit.edu/2024/sound-suppressing-silk-can-create-quiet-spaces-0507 What a deal.
  9. They still spam me daily but no voucher here.
  10. I got it immediately here. Go mofo go.
  11. WUP'd it up with the freebie, yup.
  12. Listenhub is dead to me. ☠️
  13. Is it just me or does PB have a boatload of less than impressive deals this month? It's downright odd.
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