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  1. Uh oh. I am being triggered :)
  2. Anxiousmofo

    Scaler 2 sale

    That's a pretty wack sale, on the grand scale of things. ;)
  3. Caved on the upgrade through DontCrack. Chromaphone has always been a favorite.
  4. My guess is it is a plugin you can run Replacements recordings through to make them sound like pablum.
  5. Bought some of these, but the installation instructions don't work. I refreshed my license, but there is no "Purchased" button in the browser (Synthmaster 2, current), as the instructions claim there should be. Hopefully support will get me sorted.
  6. Anxiousmofo

    Melda MDelayMB

    Still feeling the sting from losing out on my MSoundFactory bid in the charity auction.
  7. That pricing is straight up ludicrous for those of us who own most of the packs and higher tier versions of Amplitube 4 already, not to mention Axe/IO. Guess I'll play the waiting game.
  8. I'm tempted by this as Chromaphone is a favorite and I've owned every version, but feeling a bit underwhelmed, as is often the case with AAS updates. Anything you folks are encountering that is particularly compelling? I'm sure the sound updates are nice, but I've never been terribly concerned that Chromaphone sounded less than pro. GUI updates are nice, but not necessarily worth the upgrade price.
  9. Thanks. This doesn't show in the Product Manager, so I appreciate the heads up that it was in accounts. The changes report is funny and not very information rich. Makes me suspect this might also have incorporated some changes for the release on 10/29 that are not yet being reported on.
  10. Tempting, but this isn't intro pricing, so no rush to upgrade. Will wait for a sale and use my coupon then.
  11. It didn't require any negotiation or explanation of their practices, so it appeared to have been granted as standard operating procedure.
  12. They did it for me today and were quite nice about it.
  13. Link broken here, too. Trying to avoid buying Generate, but is hard. Lots of Push 2 fun with Pendulate yesterday.
  14. Got two of the Lindell Pultecs for free. Nice. Thanks for the heads up. We'll see how redundant these are to other stuff, but can't beat the price.
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