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  1. I bit on that a couple weeks ago. Excellent deal.
  2. Definitely worth picking up.
  3. Thanks. Good games but pretty sure I don’t have working copies anymore, if copies at all.
  4. Superfuzz for 20 bones? Sign me up! Thanks!
  5. I don't have anything nice to say about Toontrack, but my Grandma always said "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, just say that they suck." They suck. And they are greedy and customer unfriendly. Oops. I've said too much!
  6. Word on the street is that new users love my Melda coupon. MELDA0958798 need to get me that free FX bundle.
  7. Dang. Snoozed too long on Liberis. Was thinking I had at least until the end of June. Way beyond my price point now for my use case.
  8. I'm trying to build up my snapins and would love a voucher. And it's my bday this weekend, if that helps. ;)
  9. The full MSF is a ridiculously powerful playground. Crazy value, especially on sale. I'm not wowed by most of the factory stuff so far, but holy hell on the range of the tools themselves. It's not terribly straightforward, but the depth is generous and inspiring.
  10. Dang, I've blown too much $ on gear this month, but that Deluxe crossgrade is a hell of a deal with Jam Points.
  11. Not showing in mine. Shux. All I see is the Tunecore thing.
  12. Gotcha; I was thinking product codes, not discount. Got any codes for advancing my reading comprehension?
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