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  1. So excited for this.
  2. Nevermind...pasted change log from older update.
  3. Anyone know what's new in Pigments? Can't update until I get home, but curious.
  4. I'm glad I have one, but this so wacktastically disheartening. And the overlays on sale are not the good ones. Between this and Camel Audio I'm wondering why I continue to plunk down lots of cash on these phantasms.
  5. Hate that user-unfriendly company. They'll never get another dime from me.
  6. 360 is free and it does work without hardware. This is one of the better software deals that's been out there in the last year, methinks. Glad I already have it.
  7. Blackbox and Oberhausen are rocking my socks as freebies. I had most of the rest. Nervous and suspicious about this flocking of birds, but they drop nice feathers.
  8. In their defense, this is easily the most musical fart library ever released.
  9. MSF is so feature rich. The range of preset instruments could be more fully developed but the tools provided go so deep. What a great deal.
  10. Anxiousmofo

    NI Hacker

    Pretty sure it was this guy: https://floridaman.com/
  11. Simon Stockhausen’s Alchemy 1 libraries were so good. I try to keep it alive just for those.
  12. Curious how this compares to Output Portal.
  13. Yes, Apple bought and shut them down in 2014 or so. Alchemy got bundled into Logic but disappeared for Windows users. I was heavily invested in Alchemy soundbanks etc at the time. Dropped many hundreds just before the ship sank. I really loved Alchemy, but will be damned if I ever buy a Mac again. I'm sure Ben is a great guy. The Camel folk were quite active in the audio community before Apple disappeared them.
  14. I lost a lot of faith in the soundness of my audio investments when Camel Audio went ***** up. Hate to see this stuff for the users.
  15. $79.90 here. Pretty tempting but I don't have the scratch.
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