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  1. It wouldn't issue me a serial, and I was told this by IK Support. Still waiting for the explanation.
  2. Turns out my license for Sampletank 4 SE "does not qualify" for the free library. Why, I don't know. Good times. I'm clearly trying to pull a fast one, given that I own a metric ton of IK product. 🙉
  3. If the price shown is a sale price, it's a terrible sale. I own Movement and Portal and am being quoted $549.
  4. I own a Sampletank 4 SE license but cannot get Spaceport to add to My Products. Have tried mobile and Chrome. Oddness.
  5. My MF order from last night was fulfilled this morning. All registered up and installed. Psyched. Looks like its no longer even showing as a product at GC.
  6. Dang it. Knew I shouldn't have checked in here. Ordered.
  7. There is rarely ever a reason to "jump" on a Waves sale as though one might otherwise miss out. Definitely wait for a better price. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes to $29 2 or 3 more times before the year is over.
  8. Good idea. I tried that yesterday, but it says I don't have a qualifying product, despite owning licenses for the Artist and Producer tiers of v2.
  9. Shame this is only for S1 v. 3 and up. I'm going to upgrade, but not at 33%. Seems mighty stupid when the 50% off BF sale is just weeks away.
  10. Thanks. I hadn't realized there was a link in the site account to initiate sending a serial. I figured that would just show the one I registered, but all sorted now.
  11. Anyone figure out how to download the Loop Loft stuff? The link on the thumb drive is no longer good, and Loop Loft isn't responding to me. Figured I'd ask here before I bug Xchange. Also trying to figure out how to finish registering Ohmboyz. The installer doesn't like any of the "names" I add to the field for registration, despite having registered with the Ohmboyz site.
  12. Hey, one can dream. yeah, knew about the discounted upgrade, which was part of the temptation. Think I'll wait for 5 before further cash drop, though. I'm already well DAW'd.
  13. Need to stop checking here. Couldn’t resist. Wonder if the S1 will grace upgrade to 4.
  14. Made the mistake of auditioning my prospects for final slot last night (EQ81, Darrell and Fulltone) and ended up more confused. All really good!
  15. Good thought. The first odd behavior was in Mobile Safari and the second was in Chrome, though.
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