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  1. But do you gotsta WUP yer wutzit?
  2. Hyperbole aside, I would gladly pay $29 for that.
  3. Thanks; saw that. I'd be inclined not to compromise the sound, though.
  4. I can address that. I own VVV and have owned the Wet pedal. Somewhat apples and oranges. VVV hearkens back to classic Lexicon-ish reverb sounds. Killer plugin. WET is its own unique algorithm and its own thing. Not meant to sounds like any classics. Perhaps more organic and less-"effecty," but you can bring it into very effecty ambient sounds. I do agree they are targeting Valhalla DSP's price points with the intro offer, or appear to be.
  5. How is Bass Fingers? I've got a personal deal that, combined with my cash back, would give me that plug for $12. I am a (not great) bass player as a second instrument, but I suppose it could be handy for making MIDI generated guitar practice backing tracks etc. EDIT: Never mind; would eat too much hard drive space for me at present.
  6. Agreed. Should sound the same as the pedal. You can preview sound samples of that here: https://neunaber.net/products/wet-reverb-v4 It's a somewhat unique reverb. No affiliation, btw, aside from the fact that I used to own a Stereo Wet and it is quality gear.
  7. I agree, but the Wet is a pretty well known and revered guitar pedal, so I’m sure they’re just relying on that for now.
  8. If only some of the synths were at $29. The $15 expires tomorrow, but nothing is really grabbing me and I’d need to stick at the $29 price point. Marroquin EQ is tempting, but do I need it?
  9. This is coming in February and although I really don’t need another reverb, I’m damn excited. The Neunaber Wet goes VST! https://neunaber.net/products/wet-reverberator-plug-in-preview $49 intro.
  10. And here I thought this was going to be a Toontrack thread. Or, I wish it was. Toontrack treats existing customers like crap.
  11. Couldn't resist the siren call of Omni and CLA Vocals for 35 bux. Want even more (Mixhub, Studio 3) but must resist. Thanks!
  12. I want 75% off the Halion 6 crossgrade.
  13. My favorite dev by pert' near a country mile. Too bad I'm broke.
  14. bundle upgrade is $24 and WUP’s all. Tempting.
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