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  1. Good thought. The first odd behavior was in Mobile Safari and the second was in Chrome, though.
  2. I just subscribed to the "For the Love of God Make it Stop" bundle.
  3. 10 flights with Little Sebastian it is.
  4. It was odd, and I had just cleared my cache before I saw it. Also saw it at 860 briefly today from my work computer, then jumped back up to 1220. It's like watching airfare ticket prices! :)
  5. Anxiousmofo

    My Latest Deal

    Great score. I've had my eye on one of those.
  6. It was at 735 for a bit. Now I'm seeing 1263. never a dull moment
  7. You could be seeing a cached page, I suppose. Clear your browser cache?
  8. Holy crap. Counter says only 735 more to go. Quite a jump.
  9. They rescheduled to tomorrow despite its having arrived in town two days ago, per tracking. Good times!
  10. It's shipping to my work in the business-sector downtown of a major city. Hopefully they get it together! Still no sign of "Out for Delivery," despite today begin the projected delivery date. Kicker is it arrived here two days ago. Working on my patience.
  11. Now if FedEx would only update their tracking to commit to actually delivering my Axe I/O today, as promised.
  12. Mistakes are how we learn to grow, Peter. Let it grow!
  13. They could always let another third-party retailer run another sweetheart deal on a qualifying item or two.
  14. I want a permanent subscription to a single plugin for a one-time payment of $29 or less.
  15. I'm waiting for the super excellent "A mere $12.99 a month contribution gets you a $15 voucher to be used within the same month" mega-deal.
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