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  1. I would be all over this if I didn't already have the bundle. Great deal on excellent stuff!
  2. Sorry for not being able to timely respond. Even though the sale is over, I'll give you my two cents, in case it goes on sale again. This library is definitely worth picking it up if you can find it at the price point it was at, or lower. It has a staggering amount of control over sounds. You can use it as a straight ROMpler and play the patches, or tweak to your heart's content and blend in the formant sounds to the degree you like. The ARP section is amazing, per note, and has great arp presets, too. The FX section has 8 slots and blendable sends for mod FX. The amount of tweaking you can accomplish is awesome. At first, I was very underwhelmed by the stock sounds/presets. They seemed harsh/spikey and too pad focused. While I like pads, it wasn't doing it for me as a stock ROMpler. I immediately set out to try to make some more staccato formant synth type patches. A little tweaking and I was quite impressed. You can also make great undulating pads with the formant feature; very cool. I haven't had much chance yet to roll my own sounds, but did import a Tuvan throat singing sample I had via Simon Stockhausen, and that was a blast to tweak with the formant tool and the synth overall. I think this thing will shine when I use it with whatever sounds I want. I'm still very much a learner as far as mapping in Kontakt is concerned, however. A rocking value for 73 cents.
  3. Just grabbed this for 73 cents after loyalty points. Look forward to checking it out this evening. The ability to use your own samples is what pushed me over the edge.
  4. Was really hoping for an updated Absynth out of left field. Oh well. A new Guitar Rig sounds nice, but I am in no rush to upgrade before the summer sale.
  5. Anxiousmofo

    Waves Ovox

    Want this one, but will wait for the magic 29.
  6. Worth every penny. I love this library.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Bought it immediately and have it installed. Sweet.
  8. Was excited for this, but bumpy start. It will download installers and then not run them. When I queue the install, it does nothing. Then it switches back to the "update" indicator.
  9. Anxiousmofo

    Geist 2 50% off

    I would gladly pay up to $14.99 for the upgrade. Otherwise, no. I can't believe there will be many/any takers at this price point. It was not right on release and was never really attended to. Just wish I could find some Push 2 maps/racks for Geist 1. Those are only around for Geist 2. That's the only draw at all, as I have almost all the packs for 1.
  10. It's worth picking up. Great successor to the previous dulcitone libraries.
  11. No. I've been rooting for that, but no. I truly believe it would fly off the shelf it could also be used as an effect and sound sculpting tool.
  12. Wish I knew why I don't get Time + Space emails anymore despite being subscribed to their list and a pretty regular customer. I've tried resubscribing. I have enough loyalty points to buy this "free" for half price, if I only had a code.
  13. The features list states "Requires Syntronik 1.2 or higher or SampleTank 3.7.2 or higher." Wonder if you can use it to upgrade from Sampletank 3.
  14. For anyone who happens to have the full MPC 2 software, you can install the kits only and they will appear for use in MPC 2. I bought MPC 2 for cheap years ago, but never used it because I hadn't realized at time of purchase that it came with no kits. This was a nice surprise to give me some sounds for free. I know I can build my own MPC kits, but I have plenty of other, more frequently used software that affords that functionality.
  15. FWIW, the Ableton kits are just rack code and take a whopping 1 MB of space.
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