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  1. FFS! Don't mention that in the Songs forum!
  2. Oi! Strummy! I didn't expect a response from you as you are not a "crap guitarist." I suppose A minor could work, though not for my current "experiment" as I already have the parts down and I don't want to scrap it just yet. That said, my guitar is currently tuned to C G C G C E and I'm playing a lot of two string open chord stuff so, technically, all I have to do it introduce a strong A into the mix to con the listener into thinking that is the key. I ain't got any bass down yet so I could probably take a leaf out of Bapu's book and play a single note Am chord on my cheapo bass guitar. I'll let you know how that goes. Any advice on technique, though? Either playing or once you have a part recorded?
  3. Beyond "getting good," what do you do to get your crap guitar stuff sounding half or even fully decent? I know about doubling. Timing is a big issue for me so I have to spend time dragging those transients around. Sounds wise I stick with Guitar Rig. I have a cheap Blackstar amp which I have probably turned on a dozen times in the last five years. Mic'ing that up just isn't practical... Too noisy. I suppose I could sell all my guitars but as crap as I am I do enjoy playing.
  4. Could this be it, then... Stuck in a loop?
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