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  1. got a pop toon for ya, @Wibbles and @craigb can't say to much here or I'll get strung up... I'll pop over to the other place...
  2. because you love XXX obviously 🙄
  3. Probably what we call Jugs over here in the UK.
  4. No, I ain't no employee. Cakewalk couldn't afford my charge out rate... Erm... Nice necro...
  5. Well, you can eat both, apparently.
  6. not that funny... I'll get me coat
  7. Beautiful How does it play and sound?
  8. I only use Bandcamp for flogging my stuff. I use SoundCloud for uploading pretty much everything I create and any tracks on there that are available on Bandcamp I add a link to it. I hate all the iTunes and Spotify stuff. I cannot give a valid reason why. I just hate them and never listen to stuff on those services either. Oh, I am not a rock star. Sorry. cheers andy
  9. I see what I did there. I was sixty in May... I read the "Band" part of the title, and then saw the "waive" word and brain instantly read that as, well, you can guess. As for the original post... Even now, that "joke" is lost on me.
  10. Next one is June 19th https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/artists-and-labels-offering-donations-special-merch-and-more-on-friday-june-5
  11. When was the last time you wore that Mr Wibbles?
  12. Yes, good idea that I will give you due credit...
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