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  1. Yeah, why is CbB free? Is it just while it is in "development?" cheers andy
  2. It is highly likely that peeps who buy DG's guitars will not even play them...
  3. Hi I have been using eM Client for a few years now:- https://www.emclient.com/ It is worth doing some further research. I did some, but I found the amount of stuff available a bit overwhelming. At the end of the day I wanted something which was not connected to google, microsoft, mozilla, all that stuff and I think eM Client is not related to any of the "big providers." eM Client is free for non-commercial use and for up to two accounts. I paid the £30 one of payment just for the "VIP Support," although I haven't needed it yet. It is worth noting that although I use a client I do not have it downloading all my e-mails from my e-mail provider. This is an option, IMAP vs POP3. This means that if I have to I can still access my incoming e-mails via a web browser. My e-mails are only removed from my provider server when I delete them or move them from the inbox to a folder on my computer. cheers andy
  4. I'm still using a client because I like to be able to save a backup of certain emails to my hard drive. And there have been a couple of times when I needed access to an email when the internet was down. But that is a rare occurrence, I have to admit. My lad thinks I'm a bit daft for doing so and he is webmail all the way. I put it down to our age ...
  5. Same here. I rear ended a Chelsea Tractor on my motorbike. Comical really... Scrubbed most of my speed off and cracked the light cluster on the car. I apologised... Told that insurance that I was responsible and they told me off. That's how I know...
  6. yeah, can't stop laughing Thing, is, though, you are instructed by your insurance providers NOT to apologise at the scene of an accident. But Mr. Windsor did, according to the guy interviewed that pulled him out if his Chelsea Tractor, express concern for the other party. And if the guy who put me in hospital for six weeks, after knocking me off my motorbike in 2009, had turned up to say "sorry," my missus would probably have told him to feck off. You will also find that the police, in such a situation, strongly advise against contacting the third party. Anyway, Mr. Windsor wasn't driving:-
  7. An interesting video, albeit for REAPER:- And one about Gain Staging, which, for me, was quite an eye opener:-
  8. I gave up on thinking about physical releases quite a while ago. Can't remember the last time I burned a CD with my own stuff on it, probably early 2K. I upload all my stuff to Bandcamp as 24 bit wav and it is up to the downloader as to whether they download the WAV file or the 320kbps MP3 file. Bandcamp does the conversion to all the other file types, I just upload the WAV. Also, when I download stuff from Bandcamp I download 320kbps MP3 files because my hearing is fecked and lossless file types are lost on me. Regarding gain staging:- I don't worry so much about that any more, since moving to 24bit. The "noise floor" is so low, apparently, using 24bit that you can record much lower signals that what you would have done using 16bit. For 16bit recordings, gain staging, and faffing with that level to get it as hot as possible without clipping was quite important. So, that's why I would never, ever record in 16bit again. cheers andy
  9. Well, Christophe Frank was a third part of Tangerine Dream back when I first ventured into that sort of stuff. I try hard to emulate that but the reality is that my stuff is my own 🙂
  10. recording/mixing/mastering my "music" is not going to help it at all... Of course that's just me being negative so that you all go check out my shit and make a purchase. have a nice day
  11. Having reached over 6K posts there and received much help, advice and encouragement in the Songs forum, as well as the Hardware, Software and Techniques forum, I sure will miss that place. Oh well, out with the old and in with the new...
  12. If @Kurre was a 00 agent he wouldn't have to ask. Cover blown...
  13. No, definitely not. Please hand in your weapons at reception.
  14. Fortunately for me my needs are simple and I had REAPER set up how I liked it pretty quickly.
  15. That makes two of us haha! 😄 I paid full price for all that gear and was lucky to get half of that back when I "needed the money." If only I knew then what I know now! As for the bit depth, yeah, but I'm sure you'll get the retro mob saying how cool it all sounded haha. Fairlight CMI anyone!
  16. I got rid of my SH-101, Drumatix, Bassline and Juno 6 in the mid eighties! I still have my Yamaha A3000 which, like @Christian Jones and his Akai S3000 XL, I never use and only used it on a couple of tracks I make back in the early 2000s when I got it. I realised very quickly that samplers just wern't my thing...
  17. Exactly James, and is what I was kind of referring to... Also, when band members work together they are, in effect, "collaborating." When those band members go "solo" the outcome isn't always that great
  18. Nice to see Peeps revealing their perceived limitations here We each have our own "skills" and sometimes it is good to put them out there in some kind of collaborative works from time to time...
  19. I'm crap at proper stuff so as much as I would love to create death/prog/metal that I listen to from day to day, creating it is out of the question. So it's beat-less drones for me all the way... I don't even have to use the black notes...
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