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  1. So sorry to hear your sad news, Ken.
  2. Honesty, I can't remember what I was doing twenty days ago 😞 I should keep a dairy, perhaps. oh, wait, that's for milk and stuff...
  3. I'm surprised that you were able to load a VST3 from the non-VST3 path... But, if it works, it works 🙂
  4. I agree, Glyn, the official Arturia forum is a complete pain in the backside and the last time I asked something about my Beatstep Pro I got zero response. Unfortunately I can't help you with your B3 quandary. cheers andy
  5. well it's not coming natural to me @craigb 😞 This isn't something new... just something that raises its head when I pay more attention to the recording. distortion effects make the issue stand out even more
  6. Sorry to hear that Ken We have had five dogs over the years and I therefore know that to most of us our pets are more than just a pet. They are a much loved member of the family. All the best, andy
  7. thanks for your input, @John Bradley, but I don't play through and amp... I have an amp, but it is not practical for me to mic it up... I should sell it really........ sorry 😞
  8. what is bugging me now is this, other open strings ringing when I don't want them to. sometimes it doesn't sound so bad if the open string that is ringing is at least in key... I try to remember to mute strings adjacent to the one I am playing but that appears to be a skill in itself my calluses are coming along nicely, though.
  9. perhaps it is something like Matrix code so you have to be Neo to actually be able to see the picture?
  10. Ah, yes, thanks, I should have checked that 🙂
  11. Hi Peeps, Is anyone here still using Sound Forge Pro 12 and, if so, what is the latest version? I'm still on V12.1 cheers andy
  12. guy looks like he's crapping his pants...
  13. was reading the article on the beeb earlier... classic... we all laughed out loud here
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