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  1. I'm curious, what has Garittan ARIA Player got to do with MIDI 2.0, or even plain old MIDI?
  2. My REAPER layout is pretty simples and the default theme suits me really. I use empty tracks as dividers and are visible in both TCP and MCP
  3. Not now that you have suggested it, as it was sinking to the bottom anyways......
  4. Perhaps the i8 is a nine processor CPU?
  5. Old news, I guess... 5.971 is out (I totally missed it) + ARA: fix adjusting plugin playback to project tempo when media item start position is not zero [p=2099289] + ARA: properly account for timing offset in certain situations [t=217606] + Dockers: improve dock/undock focused window action (always affect docked window before the docker that contains it, set focus) + JSFX: fix gfx_a2 default when drawing into secondary buffers [p=2099185] + ReaScript: gfx_a2 is always reset to 1 on each gfx frame + ReaScript: prevent possible crash when scripts terminating scripts [p=2090998] + ReaTune: fix per-take FX manual mode timing [t=217577] + ReaTune: fix take FX manual mode inconsistencies with global project offset + Video: fix YV12/YUY2 text rendering alignment with certain fonts/characters + Video: allow drawing text with larger font sizes (up to 700pt) + Video: improve playback performance with looped playback [p=2097954]
  6. An interesting watch. I remember when I first watched a Dream Theatre performance on DVD. A friend lent it to me. I wasn't familiar with Dream Theatre at all so this performance was my first encounter. I found it rather tiresome and boring and after a while I stopped watching. It quite literally gave me a headache... Just too much "virtuosity" for my liking.
  7. Haha! Still in testing... I think they just leave it running some stuff all on its lonesome. Here is a video of the place it is being assembled and tested, it is mahoosive! :-
  8. Taking a bit longer than I thought... Currently "in testing" so shouldn't be long now
  9. An easy answer to that would be, install Cakewalk and give it a try. Let us know how you get on my guess is, yes, the new Cakewalk should open old Cakewalk cwp files. Not sure about older wrk files...
  10. Thanks for your insights, @Jim Hurley I've gone with a traditional cooler, for now. I opted for a full tower so that I can add a few more fans if need be. In the meantime I will just have to see how it goes. cheers andy
  11. I did say "noise." That should have been a small clue
  12. Well, if it's "just " audio you want to record you could use a four track hard disk recorder or something. I've got two, though I never use them because I much prefer to "see" stuff, and editing on a traditional recording device is a bit of a backward step in my opinion.
  13. Do you wish to talk about that? A cup of tea first?
  14. Big Plus One to that sentiment. Perhaps some sort of a "new minimum spec" for @RICHARD HUTCHINS would help, with some kind of budget in mind. Some of us have money to chuck at stuff like this but some don't. Would be nice to know what you could do on a tight budget. And even though I am a massive laptop fanboy I have just this week pulled the trigger on a new desktop. So could be that a budget desktop might be an even better idea, unless the OP really does have a need to be "mobile."
  15. Probably. Full spec? i3? i5? i7? Not a lot of RAM either. How big is your swap file? Do I sound like I know what I am doing? I don't, but others will be along shortly who do... cheers andy
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47319788
  17. My missus is into all that weird infusion stuff. Not to my taste. But we do have English Breakfast and my preference is Earl Grey (without the lemon, usually cos I don't have it in stock). Missus uses honey, so you can have some of that, I'm sure she won't mind... Couch? Who said I could afford a couch! Spent it all on computers and stuff. Crash cushions will have to do I'm afraid.
  18. In what, exactly? Would you like to talk about it? Cup of tea?
  19. Would you like to talk about that? Cup of tea first?
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