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  1. Korg ARP Odyssey, MS-20 and Polysix all installed, licensed and tested.
  2. iZotope Iris 2 and Ozone Imager installed, licensed and tested.
  3. I suppose that is what I was trying to say. I mean, you don't play chords on a base guitar, right (I'll get me coat)
  4. Hands up who didn't make a rubber band instrument of some sort
  5. Image-Line Drumaxx installed, licensed and tested. Do not like the licensing method of this one which requires you to "merge" a registry key file, but it works...
  6. FabFilter stuff installed and licensed okay. FabFilter now has a "bundle" style installer, which is nice, and I just selected the products that I owned. Licensing is a manual process of cutting and pasting licensing text into a dialog box.
  7. I have BFD Eco... Was good for the price. I was able to install the software but there are no kits and after an hour of faffing around I have given up. The product is no longer supported by PXpansion and I'm not that interested in upgrading to BFD3.
  8. Thanks again @scook I'll have a look at that.
  9. Just finished installing, licensing and testing my Arturia instruments and effect. I currently own ARP 2600 V3, Buchla Easel V, CS-80 V3, Jup-8 V3, Mini V3, Modular V3, Prophet V3, SEM V2 and Mini Filter. Installing and licensing is quite easy using Arturia's Software Centre but it did seem to take a long time, and there was an "IPersist" error, although that didn't seem to affect theinstalled software at all. Onwards and upwards, as they say!
  10. Thanks, @scook I just checked and, yes, they are all over the place. Normally, if an instrument or effect is available in VST3 then I don't bother installing the other formats. But with the A|A|S installer you do not appear to get the option, so I just let it do its thing. Then in my DAW (currently only installed REAPER for now) I only use VST3. I know that SONAR/Cakewalk is a bit slicker when it comes to managing plugins and VST3 versions are automatically used when available. Anyway, the A|A|S DLL files can be found here:- C:\Program Files\Applied Acoustics Systems\VST Plug-ins and here:- C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins which I do not understand at all because I haven't even installed Cakewalk yet and was surprised to see a Cakewalk folder in the Program Files. For the size they take up I could leave them where they are, but then again, knowing I will never use the DLL VST2 plugs, I should really get shut. Good thing about VST3 stuff is, everything is chucked into the same folder and you don't have to faff around in your DAW adding different folders. cheers andy
  11. I think that you did, and you simply don't realise. Listen again, what do you hear?
  12. Seeing as I am currently bringing my new workstation up to speed I thought I would document how I get on with re-installing all my virtual instruments and effect as well as some of my other editing software like Sound Forge. When I bought my MS Surface Pro last year I started a spreadsheet on my Google drive with all my instruments and effects. So I will be adding a column for my new workstation so that I can keep track of where I am up to. First up is all of my A|A|S stuff which includes Chromaphone 2, String Studio VS-2, Strum GS-2, Ultra Analog VA-2 and Objeq Delay. A|A|S now have a single installer for all the products you own. I've not used this before and I am happy to report that installation and licensing of all my products when ahead without a hitch. Next up, Arturia... Be right back...
  13. Stuck it at the back of my computer desk... Not sure about the aesthetic but it works for the cables...
  14. Haha! Well, besides the M.2 NVMe drive, which contains the OS, I opted for a cheap and cheerful Samsung 1TB QVO drive, despite its bad write-ups. Perhaps I should have a look at removing those hard drive bays Doesn't seem to get warm enough to keep my pies warm...
  15. A picture, not very good, just taken with my Moto G:- I must break out my DSLR one night...
  16. Well, it arrived. Weighs a tonne... Never had a full tower before! I only had time to verify that it switches on then I had to get back to other stuff. It was my youngest son's birthday yesterday (currently half past midnight here in the UK) and, of course, I had to be in attendance. I managed to jump back to it about ninety minutes ago and I am currently, and very slowly, installing stuff and changing settings to suit. I also installed the GPU, which wasn't fitted during the main build. That appears to be okay and I am seeing if I have time to download a game to test it out. Plugged in my two OCTA-CAPTUREs and although I haven't installed a DAW yet, I can at least confirm that they function as audio devices. So much to do... I'll be back in about a week with some pics Not that there is much to see...
  17. UPDATE I have received confirmation that it is one the way to the courier. So, could be here tomorrow (Friday) or, more than likely Monday.
  18. This is a quote from the PreSonus site, regarding "MIDI and beyond MIDI"
  19. That depends, of course... For me personally, I couldn't give a monkeys if MIDI 2.0 never gets off the ground. I have three pieces of MIDI hardware synths and two hardware effects units that accept MIDI for sync'ing tempo and for patch changes. I ain't going to be investing in new hardware anytime soon, I've got enough, and if I do then it will be CV/Gate stuff, not MIDI. I also don't do micro tonal stuff. Hell, I don't even use the black notes except by accident. But there may be many that are looking forward to it, and I am happy for them. cheers andy
  20. Not really, John. I see all this MIDI 2.0 stuff more important for peeps who use MIDI hardware stuff, not software instruments.
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