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  1. Hiya Jim, I got this when clicking on that link:- I'll Google Prime95, see what that brings up. cheers andy
  2. That is even worse news, @ØSkald 😞 Most peeps seem to have images of their OS but I don't bother with that. I'm not sure if it always works. Good luck with your install
  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear about that, what a pain. Regarding Komplete, I'm the other way round. I admit that it is a great tool, with lots to go at, but I reckon I could blow a whole year's budget, and more, getting set up with Komplete and all the stuff I would want to get, hardware and software, so I deliberately stay clear of that particular rabbit hole.
  4. I'm not familiar with the DW8000. 1985 it was released, apparently. A "hybrid" digital analogue synth. But by 1985 I think I had sold my small collection of Roland analogue stuff and was not making music at all. A search on Google puts the original price at around $1600 and at that time I reckon I was earning around £200 a week so easily eight weeks wages over here in the UK (even though the pound/dollar exchange rate was in our favour, prices for this stuff always ended up being pounds = dollar). This track of mine was a couple of instances of Cobalt and loads of delay and reverb (because I can). Not a particularly interesting piece but I liked the pad sound I created, which has the pitch altered ever so slightly by one of the envelopes, similar to some Vangelis type sounds on the CS-80:- https://soundcloud.com/synkrotron/ceto And although there are a tonne of great presets, Cobalt makes me want to start from scratch and develop something "new." Great little freebie
  5. Nice. Everything looks a little bit too square and orderly though... I want to sneak in and move a few things around... And what are them plyers/cutters or what ever) for, bottom right of the desk?
  6. Okay, just added a little handy freebie synth called Cobalt by Sanford Sound Design called Cobalt. No fancy installers here, just a matter of copying the supplied files and folders to where you want your VST stuff. Works fine... And I have also added my three u-he synths, Hive (one of my go-to synths), Podolski (free) and Zebralette (free). Everything went to plan. That concludes all the VSTi Now for the remaining VST effects... About fourteen plugins from seven vendors. Getting late again here, though, so might knock off for the night and continue tomorrow morning. Been a long day... And although my missus hasn't said anything, she will be a little bit cheesed off with me right now......
  7. Fortunately I have never watched that particular historical documentary, so I'm okay with apple pie, so long as it isn't adulterated with fecking raisins, FFS. I mean, what do raisins bring to the party?
  8. I was thinking of getting a smaller one so I can see my little tower...
  9. Okay, Native Instruments stuff, including Absynth 5, Reaktor 6, Guitar Rig 5, Battery 4 and some additional Reaktor stuff is all now installed and working... On to the next thing...
  10. Never did get to like chicken pie. Over here they always tend to pair chicken with mushroom and as much as I like me mushrooms I hate it when they put them in pies...
  11. Yeah, I can understand that. I love three things of theirs, though. Absynth, Reaktor and Guitar Rig. I like Battery too but don't use it much lately since going on that "ambient journey..." So I'm kinda sticking with it, for now.
  12. Well, it could be piping hot. Or cold, straight out of the fridge. But warm is nice too, in my opinion And some Houses of Parliament Sauce
  13. WHAT! You've never heard of Pork Pie! You know what pork is, I hope. And you know what a pie is. Put pork in that pie and there you have it... Pork Pie. Not usually eaten with ice cream, by the way.
  14. Haha! Yeah, you got it doing my head in... Biggest faff so far is the Native Instruments stuff. They have their "Native Access" application, so all should be good... But it ain't and for some reason it wants to put some library stuff in the C:\Users\Public\Documents folder, except there isn't a folder with that name and Windows 10 is not allowing Native Access to create it. Might be something to do with the new ransomware protection and I tried adding Native Access to the list of allowed applications, but that didn't work. After a bit of poking around in Native Access I found that you could specify a different path, and that worked. More I think about it, must be something to do with the new Windows security stuff because I've never had trouble with NI stuff previously. Anyway, I've at least now got to the point where all my NI stuff is installed and I'm now working my way through checking everything is licensed and works.
  15. Ice cream? With pork pie? Never tried that... I'll get back to you...
  16. Haha! Oh, them pies... I ate 'em That i9 CPU just ain't getting warm yet... Got to give it some welly at some point over the next few days...
  17. Haha! No! It'll have to do peeping above the top of my monitor I might see if I can raise it another couple of inches so I can see the glowing logo on my graphics card. I've set the RGB so that it goes from green to red as the GPU temperature rises
  18. Thanks mate I've not really had a chance to put it through its paces yet. I installed my favourite FPS last night but as too tired to play it, but it looked good, compared to the settings I have to use on my laptop. Once I've installed all my music software I'll take a break and kill a few peeps online
  19. A bit of "air," perhaps?
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