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  1. 42 minutes ago, Bapu said:

    Wears the Becan Andy?


    Sorry, Bapu, I'm not able to reproduce the level of detail that is worthy of Becan.

    As soon as I reach the required level of competence you will hear about it here first.

    Until then I can only bring you silly cartoons of hot dog sausages dancing in a vat of molten chocolate 😞


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  2. 5 hours ago, craigb said:

    These are the perfect to watch with your songs!

    this is what I am hoping, Craig, yes 👍

    In the last couple of hours I have had a few ideas in my head and a plan is developing... Don't want to elaborate any further for now because it might all come to nothing. Blender is massive, with so many tools and I don't even have any real ideas of workflows and methods so lots of research, trial and error ahead 😄


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  3. Yeah, gonna need lots of Becan for covering that lot...


    I've added that thing from yesterday into the scene:-


    1 hour ago, craigb said:

    Still a bit too dark (IMHO)

    Totally agree... trying to get my head around materials and lighting 🙂


    1 hour ago, craigb said:

    but very cool!

    Thank you 😄


    still have no idea where I'm going with this though........

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