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  1. Stuff I use:- Adaptiverb (not just a reverb) Sandman Pro (not just a delay) Objeq (great for weirdness) MGranularMultiBand Blackhole (nice when parameters automated) That's just effects. I still use Absynth a lot There's more, of course... Depends a lot on what you are trying to achieve.
  2. I dunno... I think it's a gimmick although I would certainly have been drawn into it at some point over the years. I have found, however, that keeping my hands clean and wiping them regularly with a towel helps more than ever to keep my strings cleaner and brighter for longer. If I feel that the strings do need more attention then I will clean one string at a time and then clean the fret board. If I was a gigging guitarist then I would rather change my strings regularly. Probably a set for every guitar per gig. And I wouldn't do that, my guitar tech would.
  3. Hi Paul, Sorry to hear about your health problem and I sincerely hope that you are able to cope more with that over the coming months. all the best, andy
  4. What did you think of the album art @craigb?
  5. They were old ones, Craig, hence the Bargain Basement Price Much appreciated of course, though
  6. I think I'm getting the hang of it now...................
  7. Talking of genius... new one of mine up... one hundred pence for eight seven minutes of (old) stuffs @craigb, are you on the mailing list yet? If not, treat this as an announcement. I can't post a link or I'll get lynched, again. (if anyone want it for nowt just give us a shout and I'll reduce the price to zero quids)
  8. It was all me. I confused me. I am easily confused. Thanks for pointing that out Mr Wibbles. I thought it was just song titles and not band names as well. That's my excuse anyway
  9. I'm confused. I thought I understood the rules but I am clearly missing something.
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