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  1. I'm assuming that you would have been using something like Fractint, perhaps? I've not used that program for some time. And the stuff that I do are based on "flame fractals" which is totally different to the usual Mandlebrot stuff that Fractint created. Not that I'm any kind of expert... The whole fractal thing blows my brain. In an effort to try to understand the flame fractal stuff I sometimes reference the following:- http://larryriddle.agnesscott.org/ifs/ifs.htm Some interesting stuff there but I struggle with the "math." End of. However, with Chaotica, the software I use, I have created some fractals based on that website. This is a Heighway Dragon:- This is a McWorter's Pentigree:- This is a Sierpinski Pentagon:- And so on. I created all the above within Chaotica by working through the examples from that website. Chaotica then allows me to create more complex iterations and animate them. That is what I want to share, providing that enough people don't mind, including the moderators here, of course. After all, this is not at all about music and I can be accused, at the least, of posting off topic stuff. And then there will be some that will flame me for "self promotion" of my music in a forum that is not for that kind of thing. Hence why I have asked the question.
  2. Hi Peeps, Would you mind if I shared some of my flame fractal creations here? Sometimes it may be a still image but I ultimately aim to create animations. The YouTube stuff will have my music attached, of course, but you can always mute that and play some heavy metal or R&B in the background. It's not about the music, more about the pretty graphics. Any complaints and I will desist. cheers andy
  3. Keep me posted with this one, I Am most interested.
  4. Go on then... So long as it doesn't involve parting with cash 😁
  5. I will watch out for your new stuff... Sounds interesting My solution is, I rarely compose anything with a melody. So I should be okay providing someone doesn't copyright Middle C held for ten minutes 😁
  6. I'm a bit slow but I got it eventually
  7. Goodness me, I hate insomnia sometimes
  8. I got some right by guessing and some wrong that surprised me. I guess that is pretty much the same with all tests like this. Even professional sight and hearing tests, for instance. If I thought it was a serious test I wouldn't have bothered...
  9. As already dismissed by Adam Neely. Regardless, I still gave it a go, for the laughs and all that https://www.themusiclab.org/quizzes/miq My results:- Overall IQ = 107. Adam Neely's video:-
  10. That's nice I wish I could do the same but life is too short, and money in too short supply to enable me to indulge in such pleasures. For me, nowadays, food is something I eat to stay alive and I'm not that bothered where it comes from, so long as I like the taste and the texture.
  11. I like bag pipes. I'll get me coat...
  12. Interesting. Watched the complete thing. Makes me glad that I don't write "songs" to be honest.
  13. ******** ***** **** ****** ***** **** ******** **** **** ******** *** ****** **** ****** ********** ****** *** ***** ******* **** ******* ****** **** ****** ****** ****
  14. I sense a page 100 on the horizon... (and this was my nine hundredth post... mostly drivel...)
  15. Yeah, I agree, and remember not being wholly happy at the time. But searching for info on that kind of stuff was nigh on impossible back then, although Google was around by then. Is it possible to name the vocalist? I'm struggling and about to give up... In fact, it's bed time here... Up at 05:30hrs (got mesel a job).
  16. Yep, a leg end in my own lunch time Joking apart, we all listened to that transmission live, at the time, and thought it was great Oh well! Look at me now! An old wrinkly ambient producer
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