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  1. Okay, just one more... I have updated my circular logo so that it is similar to the straight one. So the font has a small outline and the colour is the same. I'm not sure, though, I think I liked the green and yellow more...
  2. A random thought, if you like. I've been faffing around making a new banner for my project. It is based on my circular design and is straight text for long rectangular banners for Bandcamp, for instance:- Better than a kick up the asre with a rusty steel toe cap. I think.
  3. Yeah, not his best. As a musician he's supposed to be pretty damn good at what he does. I only know of his modular stuff. He typically does three hour streams and has quite a following.
  4. Mad that The patch cables were BNC I think. I've been watching some of this guy's live streams lately:-
  5. Don't hear much from them. I believe they are somewhat quiet.
  6. Highlight of that vid is the Macbeth stuff at the end. Fcukin Oarsome.
  7. I am only guessing. I could be totally wrong, which is why I said "might" in my post above.
  8. I think you mean Tigger. T I Double G RRR
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