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  1. C Major, of course. I am disappointed that you had to ask that question.
  2. I used to like them Dunlop ones. There was never one lying around when I needed one, though, so I got into the habit of just using my finger, or finger nail, if it was long enough. That said, I ain't a proper guitarist...
  3. Hiya Mesh Are you still looking? This one is a touch over your budget but I can recommend it:- https://www.quietpc.com/asus-strix-gtx1050ti-o4g I got it because when it is being used for non-gaming stuff it is silent (the fans simply don't need to spin up). Not sure if it will be compatible with your system. cheers andy
  4. So sorry to hear of your weather woes Bill
  5. If Cakewalk has stopped responding and you have to force a shutdown or otherwise quit out of Cakewalk, sometimes the Cakewalk application is still running. Please check the Task Manager to ensure that Cakewalk has been completely closed down and then try restarting it again. When this happens it still has its hands on the audio driver and will not release it until fully shut down.
  6. How's this for a Random Thought? Let me know if you get through to the end without killing yourself. If you don't make, I can only apologise.
  7. Happy anniversary Ken Here's to another twelve years of bliss
  8. I guess that as I am happy with 24 bit I can't see a reason for rendering stuff to 32bit. Am I misunderstanding something?
  9. I believe so. But they are thinner and therefore more difficult to hit.
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