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  1. The full Solo Strings library list price £349 30% discount = £244 I paid £197 So, although I paid more than perhaps I should have, I think I still got a good deal. I am having a play now...
  2. Well, that little journey into Solo Violin resulted in me bagging the Solo Strings library. I've lost about £30 in the process but, all in all, after discounts, I have ended up paying £197.12 for what is seen by many as a nice strings library This means that I will no longer be considering BBC SO, at least not this year. And, besides, I thing I'd have been a rabbit caught in the headlights with that thing. Solo Strings doesn't appear to be quite so daunting.
  3. You can also glean that information by reading the Spitfire Audio product page.
  4. doing me effing head in to be honest...
  5. Well, the weird thing is, over at that forum I joined earlier this week, they are talking about it there but are being all cryptic about this promo thing for some reason, so I'm left wondering, perhaps there's a reason for that. I mean, will it get me into trouble by being the first person to actually type the promo code out rather than leaving instructions to listen to a bloomin' podcast.
  6. There's a promo code for this also https://www.score-movie.com/news Listen to the end of episode 19... Or the whole sixty minutes if you like
  7. Yes, indeed, although may be a one trick pony. I need to see what else I can come up with I hate to admit that I'd be lost without Adaptiverb Thank you Ed Never heard of it, Zo, thanks for the heads up, I will have a look at that cheers andy
  8. Thanks Zo A bit simple and long, I suppose, but that's what I do
  9. I guess there isn't much interest for this library here, but I thought I would share something I have just uploaded which uses six instances of "3" plus some reverb, delay and some Adaptiverb. I hope you don't mind me posting here, as it is more to do with this library and didn't want to share in the Songs forum. By all means, please delete if you feel the need. cheers andy
  10. Thanks Yes, I am looking into that. I am not really interested so much in "ensembles," I think that's the right word. Or perhaps not. I mean, an ensemble of violins or celli would be okay, so long as there are some "leader" samples. I'm getting there, slowly but surely...
  11. Well, this is kind of what I am thinking, except I cannot say as much because of my lack of understanding of the whole library thing.
  12. So, how does all this compare to something like the upcoming SA BBC SO? As I understand it, with the ProjectSAM stuff, you would end up getting Symphobia 1, 2 and 3. And I think full Kontakt is needed. Forgive my lack of understanding here. I do not have any experience at all with orchestral libraries and it is only the SA BBC SO product that has piqued my interest, so I am trying to get a grip on all the other products out there, which includes the ProjectSAM, NI and EW stuff. It also appears that each and every one of all the available libraries offer different ways of providing playing methods and articulations. So much research would be required and I'm not sure if I am up to the task anyway. But, please, do not reply here with respect to my personal issues on this subject. I should really start a new topic somewhere or even consider joining VI-Control (which, having spend an hour or so looking around that forum, kinda scares me). cheers andy
  13. A ripe old age, I am sure that many will say. I actually hate that saying, to be honest... I want to live until I'm 357. Well... Sometimes I do anyway. I only got to see Mr. Baker once, during his brief tenure at Hawkwind. At St Helens. R.I.P.
  14. Interesting... What sort of "strategic purchases?"
  15. I've always said I'd never bother with Kontakt... I am now having a slight change of mind... Just need the price to come down. A lot...
  16. Strange... All appears to be okay over there at the moment...
  17. Half way between Liverpool and Manchester, on the M62 Well, I don't live on the M62, but I'm not far off it...
  18. I can understand the Cow, but not so much the Bell.
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