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  1. This song was playing at my local asda (walmart) store earier.
  2. those things should have been thrown into the crack of Mount Doom...
  3. Looks like an output to me
  4. didn't go very well... being uncomfortable after an hour must be a "feature!" How are they sounding, and, more to the point, I think, fitting? Comfy?
  5. I've just bent the headband on my ATH-M50x headphones, on both sides where it connects to the earpieces:- I obviously wouldn't recommend anyone try this at home but my headphones are not quite as tightly clamped around me head now. I now need to wear them for a long-ish session, see how they go.
  6. Interesting... Picking up on this because I recently "invested" in a pair of ATH-M50x headphones, having been using a pair of KRK KNS-8400 for around five years. The KRK's have been falling to bits for a while, now, hence trying the audio-technica 'phones. Like you say, I find the ATH-M50x 'phones get a bit uncomfortable after an hour or so. Although I suppose the experts will tell me that I should have my headphones on for that long at a sitting anyway. I have to wear reading glasses too and I have to remember to make sure that the arms are not inside the 'phone cushions. Okay... back to all the Tech Talk...
  7. Oh... I should have mentioned that I do everything in C Major, at 80 beats per minute
  8. Hiya Freddy, Love this blues tune! Good clear production, and I love them lyrics 👍 Really nice work cheers andy
  9. synkrotron


    Hiya Peeps, Apologies for the late response! I have been quickly popping in and out in between creating another "masterpiece" and usual life things and each time another person has left a comment, so I thought I'd better reply myself, now, before any more comments flood in Haha! Yeah, I really do wish I was forty, again Fifty nine and a bit will have to do. Hiya Lynn Thank you very much for having a listen/watch Scott will probably be getting busier with his own stuff but I'm sure he'll do more stuff for me in the future. And I also need to get back on with my other, not so interesting stuff. cheers, andy Thank you very much, Freddy! More like a temporary diversion than a new direction, but I will certainly do the same again, once in a while. Thank you very much for having a watch/listen cheers andy Thank you very much, Joad, that is most interesting. Not that familiar with Supertramp other than their more popular tracks released back in the mid to late 70's. I guess I was into other things back then cheers, andy Hiya Grem! Thank you very much for taking the time to watch/listen Yes, I keep thinking that I should try some "Drone Metal" stuff. I have the gear... Just need to get down and do it. And in case anyone was wondering, Doom Metal is a thing:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_metal cheers, andy
  10. Hello @amiller I have just finished listening to Hope and Struggle and I have to agree that the melody throughout, plus the guitar playing and its tone is absolutely spot on. I also agree that no lyrics are required for something like this, the music speaks volumes. cheers andy
  11. Hiya @daryl1968 and team I first listened to this a couple of weeks ago but I am listening again now. Enjoying again... As has been said already, classic TFM production cheers andy
  12. Hiya @Wookiee A most enjoyable piece of Berlin School, my favourite kind of school Can't beat the Arturia stuff for this kind of music cheers andy
  13. synkrotron


    Thanks @amiller and @Johnbee58, Yes, I guess that where I don't do so well with structure and keys I have to make up in other ways and different layers of sequences is one way. Glad you picked up on that. And thanks for listening to Tangle. Thanks @Larry Jones Yes, we are both quite pleased at how this turned out. Of course, there are always improvements to be made but sometimes you have to say enough is enough and release your project to the world. Not sure how this would go with the ambient peeps though! Far too exciting! cheers andy Hi @bjornpdx Thanks for listening... Glad you enjoyed it, including trying to unravel the tangle haha! Yes, some Drone Metal should be on the cards some time in the future Hiya @daryl1968 Thanks, and thank you very much for listening to Tangle. I'll pass your comments on to Scott, my youngest (He was 30 in March, BTW) cheers andy Hiya @Wookiee Thanks for listening, and thanks for reporting back on the mix using your Adam speakers... Much appreciated. cheers andy
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