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  1. By the way, for those who may not be aware, that thing I made does not create any sound. It is simply a "switch" to allow sound to pass through it. As well as making the module I also created the vactrol, which is a simple device consisting of a light emitting diode (LED) and a light dependant resistor (LDR). The LED is lit by a gated control voltage from a sequencer, which reduces the resistance of the LDR therefore allowing current (in this case, audio rate signal) to pass through it.
  2. Probably. But you can't melt things (skin/hair/clothing) with a VST... At least I don't think you can. I would have to bow down to your superior knowledge of VST stuff
  3. I like it. The sounds, the player, the layout. Very nice, and I got it for nothing more than taking time to answer some questions. LABS on steroids...
  4. I suppose it has never bothered me, going out of SONAR and into Sound Forge and then back again, even when you could use Sound Forge within SONAR. I just preferred to work that way. And, thinking about it, I never did that much tweaking of individual tracks anyway, just the finished render. Probably because I've never been a "power user"
  5. Hiya @Starise Is there something bugging you about Sound Forge? Something you think it may be lacking? Personally I have never used any DAW for going into the wave file, I have always used Sound Forge. I suppose that is because I got into that when there wasn't much else around some twenty or so years ago. So since then I have stuck with it and now have V12. I believe it is now V14 but the big jump for me was V11 to V12 when it finally went 64 bit. Since then I haven't bothered keeping it up to date. Even now, in the DAW that I use, I always go to Sound Forge even if it is just to trim and fade finished tracks. cheers andy
  6. Hello Peeps, I appreciate that there isn't much Eurorack Love here, understandably so. I just wanted to announce that the latest module from Expert Sleepers has released their latest incarnation of the excellent multi-function Disting module, now called the Disting EX. One really great feature of this module is it comes bundled with a whole load of samples, including some LABS stuff from Spitfire Audio. More details here:- https://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/distingEX.html I've had my EX for four days now and although I've had an issue with chord play, more than likely due to me not understanding the settings or how I am feeding CV/gate to it, I think it's a great addition to my system. I've had a pile of fun getting the LABS Soft Piano playing Eno-esque ambient piano stuff. Cheesy, I know, but I don't care And, as I said, it's a multi-function module and comes with all the Mk4 algorithms as well as a great new tape delay/looper algorithm based on Expert Sleeper's Augustus Loop VST. Okay, I'll leave that with you to ponder. cheers andy (your local EuroCrack pusher...)
  7. What a handsome chap. You are ageing well
  8. Hmmm... Just started watching this vid about the Crave:- What put me off straight away was the guy called it the "perfect modular gateway drug." That's not to say it isn't a good little unit, but it looks to be best used along with existing modular stuff. It's only one oscillator though, so you pretty much get what you pay for. The patching ability is good, by the looks and sound of it but is this something that your kid wants to get into? It's not a good thing, and is how synths started off back in the early days, but it can be a bit daunting starting off. The Neutron is very similar and another one of them "modular gateway drug" things:- But, again, perhaps this is something that would be of interest, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you then have to go into Eurorack. It's just the thin end of a very large wedge, if you know what I mean. Regarding the Korg stuff, and Roland too for that matter, you are going to get good quality stuff but at a slightly higher price point. And another potentially major consideration is some sort of effect unit. Analogue synths, on their own, can sound downright dull and I would be looking to add at least a reverb into the mix and a delay too. A veritable minefield! Is there a local music store? If it was me I'd be taking a trip down there to try some stuff out. It's not really the sort of thing you should be doing over the interwebs. Good luck
  9. Yes, cost is amazingly high unless you can find a trustworthy source of second hand stuff and even then certain modules can command a high price. If you want to stick to hardware then Behringer may be the best option, and something with a keyboard. I wouldn't bother with their copies of more popular synths and look at stuff that is designed by them from scratch. I'll see if I can come up with some suggestions.
  10. Do not even think of looking in to Eurorack. Or Eurocrack as it is sometimes called.
  11. Just saw this on the BBC website:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52564281 A sad day 😔
  12. A strange decision to post a link here then don't you think?
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