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  1. muzdol

    Waves SSL G Equalizer

    I already have waves ssl g channel. Do i need this one?
  2. muzdol

    Novation Sound Collective - Trash 2 FREE

    damn... i already have it... i am not sure i can sell the license from novation.
  3. muzdol

    August PA Vouchers are out!

    I want it!!
  4. muzdol

    40% Off Select Tokyo Dawn

    I'm interested in kotelnikov ge. But I don't know if i need it or it's enough with free version.
  5. muzdol

    PA Announcement

    The bugs in DSM V2 are now resolved in V3?
  6. muzdol

    Boz Flash Sale - Manic Compressor

    it is very nice comp indeed. i paid a lot more than 29bux and i'm happy with it.
  7. muzdol

    Boz Digital T-Bone

    this is in fact really good tilt eq. for 9 bux? totally no-brainer.
  8. muzdol

    Frontier Audio Adaptive Limiter - FREE

    new oldies.
  9. muzdol

    IK Support

    yeah, guys! make some noise!
  10. muzdol

    Boz Digital PB Exclusive Memorial Day Sale

    manic compressor at this price? Wow... Just wow...
  11. muzdol

    Flash Sale Maag EQ4 for $29

    that is called 'past'.
  12. muzdol

    Flash Sale Maag EQ4 for $29

    I already have the maag eq2. Do i need this?
  13. muzdol

    SPL Vitalizer MkII Flash Sale

    damm it! any good on this? I know.. I will buy this eventually, but somebody can rescue me.
  14. muzdol

    Flash Sale - Bx_ Digital V3

    you are right. got it for 4 bux and happy with it. I really don't need it, but...
  15. muzdol

    Flash Sale - Bx_ Digital V3

    I have too many eqs...including pro-q3. why do i need this!? damn......