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  1. Thanks for the reply scook. I rebuilt the .ini files as you suggested this morning. As you guessed, I've had CW on this machine for awhile, and the settings may look a little wonky from experimentation the last few days. It didn't completely clear up the issue, but it didn't hurt either. As I said, it's not a showstopper since I have other ways to accomplish what these two plugins do. It's just a minor inconvenience. When the Sonargate thing happened, I began using Reaper, and frankly having good results with it. But after 20+ years as a Cakewalk user, I wanted to get into the Bandlab version. I like it so far. It feels like an old friend. But, there are a few quirky things I'll have to work through. Again, thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the advice Scook. Unfortunately, no dice. I started at a setting of 64 and tried multiples up to 512. On the bright side, Cakewalk still ran smoothly at 512 with the soundspot vst removed. The curious thing is that even one Soundspot will cause the glitching. Using the same project in Reaper runs fine with 6 distinct Soundspot vsts. I know I'm missing something, I just don't know what. It's not a showstopper, but it is a nusance.
  3. Very nice. I found it to be neither awkward nor silent. The guitars are reminescent of Led Zepplin's "Carouselaramba".
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I'll follow up with the results.
  5. Hi Leadfoot, Here are my current settings. I'm using an M-Audio 1010LT with the Windows 7 64 bit driver. The downside is that the M-Audio dashboard app doesn't work in Windows 10 Pro.
  6. I have several Soundspot VSTs, and use them in quite a few FX chains. Specifically Axis and Nebula are go to plugs for me. I'd been using them without an issue in Reaper, however I've been using CbBL for the past few weeks and noticed the issue. While using Cakewalk, I'm getting severe popping and crackling. The entire playback will actually slow down when it's at it's most severe. I've done all of the usual things like: Checking for unwanted video/audio drivers Making sure Windows updates didn't turn on something I've previously turned off Checking that all drivers were up to date etc I even used AZSLOW's excellent script to pull my project in to Reaper, where it runs without issue. So my question is, what am I missing? Is there some other audio tweak I need to make? For the record, removing all of the Soundspot plugins allow the audio to run properly in Cakewalk. I'd think it was a problem with that specific vendor if the same project didn't run fine in Reaper on the same machine. Any ideas? I'm stumped.
  7. One of the cool things about the 688 is that it has SMPTE timecode built in. You can stripe track 8 (I think.. haven't owned mine for years) and then sync it to a PC via an interface that understands SMPTE. I used to record all my audio parts on a 688, and MIDI on the PC via Cakewalk version 1.0 for Windows. Once I got all of the MIDI parts like I wanted them, I'd master it all down to and analog 2 track. I loved the 688. Honestly I love doing everything in the box more these days though. I still have the PCI card with the SMPTE I/O if anyone wants to go old school. Also, that's a good tune. I'm really impressed that you got that quality using the 688. Old school cool!
  8. Great tune. I really like the arrangement. It could be a little more aggressive in the low end, but overall a great job.
  9. As always, another fine tune. I'd add comments, but they'd be redundant. All I can say is bravo.
  10. Very nice. Reminds me of Mark Knopfler's style.
  11. This is one of the things I was aware of, but to lazy to use. I think I'll revisit it. Thanks for taking the time to do the examples!
  12. If I understand you correctly, you're having issues with one track driving a different synth than intended? If that's the case, I've had it happen when the MIDI controllers being used are different than what was connected when the piece was originally done / saved. In my case, I had an Arturia Beatstep, a M-Audio Axiom 25 and a Novation SL MkII connected. Later I opened my project with only the SL MkII connected and experienced a "shuffling" of the outputs on my tracks. Suddenly Track 4 for instance was playing the synth assigned to Track 2, etc. If you look at the "Output" field for each track, you can see which synth / track they are currently routed to and make adjustments. It should get you back to what you originally had set up. On the other hand, if I completely misunderstood the problem, let me know and I'll give it another shot.
  13. I had a very similar problem recently. I had a project which wasn't all that complex, which suddenly got laggy, the audio was terrible etc. It was so bad that the tempo of the Project would actually slowdown. I started looking at all the usual suspects. HD Audio, video drivers, changes to .ini files, everything. Turns out that for some reason my Overloud Breverb vst had become corrupted since it was buried beneath an FX chain Preset, I didn't see it initially. It didn't help that I wasn't getting any sort of error messages either. What clued me into the issue is a popup window I finally got while re- scanning my vst folders. I deleted and re-installed the offending plug-in and was off to the races. My machine: Win 10 Pro 64bit Dell T5400 x2 Xeon Processors 32gb ram M-Audio1010 LT Audio Card HDD: 1TBX2, 950gbx1 , 3TBX1.
  14. Hi all! The new forum looks great. I was at the old place for several years. I've been a Cakewalk user since 1992. I'm looking forward to setting back to it after trying a different direction for a while.
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