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  1. 12 minutes ago, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    Clearly those are built for folks who can't play the same thing twice over - We Cakewalkers must have superior muscle memory 😃 

    :) Muscle memory is for repeated actions. This is for a piece you play for the first time and you like it. It's like a beautiful girl you see on a bus once and never see her again.

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  2. When we select and drag a clip into an another track with the option "When clips are selected, select track envelopes too" automation lane is opening automatically.

    I think programmers thought it would be helpful to remind that you also dragged the automation with the clip by showing the automation lane after the action.


    It would also helpful to have an option to disable it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Xel Ohh said:

    I use it to pitch samples mostly... They need to update it so that we can cut an slicer samples in it and make it into a sampler this is the building blocks for a integrated sampler that can be built upon but it's just hopes and dreams at this time.

    When the integrated sampler come out we won't need Loop Construction anymore. I think they will make it from scratch with JUCE application framework.

  4. Create a folder in the other drive.

    Then use this command in Command Prompt:

    mklink /j "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk" "<Created folder location for example: D:\Cakewalk>"

    Then install the Cakewalk.

    The install will load into the created folder in the other drive.

    If there is already a folder named Cakewalk in Program Files directory you can move the Cakewalk folder to the other drive then use the same command. Cakewalk will load from the other drive.

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  5. Actually I had made this kinda request years ago. You can see on the left of the image below. 

    In time Cakewalk developed Track Manager Presets and it did fine actually but we still need to see the Track Manager without opening an extra window to use it effectively. 


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  6. On 6/27/2022 at 11:15 AM, murat k. said:

    I say it's about the codecs not the system. Lets make an experiment. I see black screen on play/pause with the video below. 10 seconds of white screen. Save the video from right click context menu. And insert it to the Cakewalk then make play/pause with the video. If you don't see black screen on play/pause. It means yes, this issue is system dependent.


    Not only @OutrageProductions, anyone can join this experiment and can also share their results.

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