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  1. I got it for $237. I used my 100 Points to get another 5% off. The purchase gets me another 237 points to use later!
  2. You obviously have some HUGE issues Tech. I only REPORT the deals and sales...I DO NOT "Promote" ANYONE!
  3. They already have PRIME - the FREE Version, AND they have ARTIST, the scaled down version. What am I missing? Why didn't he just say "We're going to work on a new product" rather than say "we need to REMOVE features, make it simpler, and more affordable"? The very WORDS imply that it will be "Studio One", whether DERIVED or REPLACED! I'm not GUESSING...I'm just stating EXACTLY what the article said. Apparently THAT is "sensationalizing" I guess. Sorry if it all this gets you riled up. I'm just stating facts! I don't live in "LA LA LAND", I read, analyze, and draw logical conclusions....that being said...NONE OF US REALLY KNOWS....because AGAIN....it REMAINS TO BE SEEN! I am NOT sensationalizing anything whatsoever...merely stating facts. If that bothers you I can't help that...sorry!
  4. I guess that's how you interpret it, as is your prerogative, but that statement seems pretty "iffy", and I DID read the entire article. Business people are "Politicians" for money. They say LOTS of things. For instance "Lifetime Updates for Sonar Professional", and THEN the company goes belly up! Had it not been for Bandlab we ALL would have basically been played for fools (which we were!) and had to move on! Like I said before, when Cakewalk said "LIFETIME UPDATES" they meant the lifetime of the COMPANY - not OURS! So technically they didn't "Lie" per se, they just played POLITICS! We can go back and forth all day....BOTTOM LINE....IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN....just like the article said!
  5. IMO messing with S1 Pro would be a MAJOR MISTAKE on their part, but BEAN COUNTERS and "Office Dwellers" don't care about that...they care about PROFITS and sales.
  6. THIS is his KEY statement that you all seem to be AVOIDING: "Whether this theoretical product would replace Studio One or sit alongside it remains to be seen but, given what Mooney has in mind, we suspect it would be the latter." So they are GUESSING that it's the latter...but it STILL remains to be seen!
  7. And I thought that "Artist" WAS the "scaled down cheaper version", but what the heck do I know?
  8. This is one of those Roland/Gibson/Cakewalk moments I think....
  9. Revelation Scoring Grand is $77.40 with the code! https://yurtrock.com/products/revelation-scoring-grand-piano
  10. Use code SV40 to get 40% off https://yurtrock.com/
  11. I went back to find the source, but couldn't find it...so just posted. Sorry about that... but I think that he wants to "cheapen" Studio One, so from what I understand "REMOVE" features and make it cheaper means just that. Only time will will tell. But THIS is the very first statement in the article “I think you need to take away more features, make it simpler and more intuitive and less expensive”
  12. Sale starts tomorrow Forager Mini: FREE Harvest: $19 (60% off) Forager: $19 (60% off) Harvest + Forager Bundle: $29 (70% off). Expiry: August 5th. https://harvestplugins.com/
  13. I agree...I avoid them like the plague, but YMMV
  14. Apparently the CEO of Fender has stated that he wants to "downsize and remove features" from Studio One to make it "Easier and more affordable"
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