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    Vintage Pad FREE

    FREE - Analogue Instruments have recently added the 'Vintage Pad' to their collection of Kontakt instrument giveaways. For Kontakt 5.8.1 or above. https://www.analogueinstruments.com/xperiments/
  2. Your latest Plug-in Collective offer is Reason Lite. Reason Lite is a slimmed-down version of Reason, the beloved rack of enticing instruments and effects. Reason Lite brings an expansive rack of instruments and effects to your DAW based productions and allows you to record right away using its built-in 8-track music-making feature. Turn to Reason when you want to focus on the fun parts of serious music making. Freely connect and combine the 19 included devices to get the sounds your music needs or just spend some time exploring and experimenting. You can also choose to upgrade to the full Reason 11 in the Reason Studios Shop for £239 – a saving of £70 on the regular price. https://focusrite.com/en
  3. Calm breezes, chilling tonal wind, the faint sound of trickling snowflakes, freezing rivers recorded at various distances, biting winter storms and subtle animal activity. Seasons of Earth – Winter lends itself beautifully to any envisioned scene, offering you more than 50GB of finest sound material In 3D Surround and 16 GB in the Stereo version. Take advantage of our 20% release discount until October 1st 2020 $119 BUY NOW AUDIO DEMO
  4. Oops...forgot to take that line out...I got it from the developer!
  5. 65% off using PSA65 code on checkout https://www.nembriniaudio.com/products/psa1000-rack-analog-saturation-unit
  6. Dive into Attack EP88, a fully-restored and tacked 88-key Rhodes Mark I. Discover Augmented Piano's 24 preparations, created and recorded on a beautiful 1909 Pleyel grand piano. Or explore EGP, our detailed and comprehensive electric grand piano. Offer valid through September 24th, don't miss out! https://www.uvi.net/pianos-keyboards
  7. FREE Sample Library today: Resonator Glockenspiel! You can download it here: https://www.decentsamples.com/product/resonator-glockenspiel-free/
  8. New sample library company is opening with a free library to say Hi. It will only be available until the end of the month. https://itsallnoise.com/product/soft-false-harmonics/ Soft False Harmonics is 3 octaves of false harmonics on the cello with the added ability to adjust the volume of the bow noise for pure and singing textures
  9. Santur, Lyre, Qunan for $28 each https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/
  10. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    I think that this is their version of Soundtoys Effects Rack,
  11. Green 4 for Modula is now available! Download it free from Aquarius if you already own Modula and the Green 4 acqua plug-in. Plus, you can still purchase Green 4 at the special intro price of €129 (reg. €219) and save 40%! Learn more about Modula and how you can boost your mixes: https://quanticaaudio.com/
  12. $99 https://www.bigfishaudio.com/Synthwave-Aesthetic?&sou=bfaem91720
  13. Recorded at the Swedish Broadcasting Network studios, the 4Knob Pop D brings the beautiful German Steinway Model D into HALion, HALionSonic, and the free HALionSonic Player. 4Knob POPD for HALion was produced in collaboration with Sampletekk, a company with a long history of producing piano libraries. 4Knob PopD puts a very complex sound into a very simple and accessible package giving you a powerful, production ready sound with the ability to take things further using the powerful HALion engine. The 4Knob PopD piano library will be available soon. To learn more visit $69.99 https://new.steinberg.net/4knob-popd/?et_cid=15&et_lid=22&et_sub=4Knob PopD
  14. Run Software Central to update!
  15. Facebook. Everything is on Facebook! LOL
  16. cclarry

    Waves Artist Sale

    Coupon Code LASTCALL http://everyplugin.com/waves-artist-weekend-sale.html?p=1
  17. JUST $39.99 TODAY!* SAT-V2-3999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends September 17, 11:59 PM California Time
  18. cclarry

    HorNET Sept. Sale

    HoRNet September sale almost every plugin 60% off, bundles 30% off The sale is valid from September 17th and will last only until September 20th at 21:00 (Italy time). Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for less than half the price! Just go to https://www.hornetplugins.com
  19. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    Nope...not at $149...$49...maybe... If you don't own anything T-Racks it might be worth it... but if you already own everything...nope. Save the $149 for the next upgrade to Total Studio Max 3
  20. Impulse Record has updated Convology XT to version 1.20. Convology XT is a free vintage verb plugin (VST, AU and AAX) which comes with 70 reverb IRs and can load third party IRs. Vintage German DSP library is 50% off ($29.97 instead of reg. $59.95) until the end of September and there are up to 30% discounts on other libraries during the same period. https://impulserecord.com/convology-xt/
  21. GROUP code no longer works.... makes it $94.05
  22. Oblivion Sound Lab updated their ”OSL Side Effects” plugin and added Left/Right process mode with 25% off for new customers. Until the end of the month you can enjoy 25% off the full price ($39) of a license when you use the coupon code LEFTRIGHT at checkout! I personally really like this plugin. Very good saturation, mid-side panning, 2 comps, 2 EQs. It’s a cool channel strip and very cpu friendly even with oversampling turned on. It can be super creative! v1.1.0 - 2020-09-16 Added: Left/Right mode. Changed: Channel linking state is remembered when GUI loses/gains focus. Changed: Restored brighter tab button colours. Fixed: A bypassed channel no longer outputs audio while the opposite channel is soloed. https://oblivionsoundlab.com/product/osl-side-effects/
  23. The free version of UpStereo has been updated to 3.0. What's new: Now 64-bit and multi-format. VST, VST3, AU & AAX for Windows and Mac OS X. 4 wave shapers. Resizeable. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/upstereo_by_quikquak
  24. cclarry

    Melda 38

    MeldaProduction has announced the 38th round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2020! 50% OFF some of the most powerful audio plugins on the market until September 20th (23:59:59 UTC). MAutoDynamicEq - the most powerful dynamic equalizer with unbelievable sound, features and workflow. MSaturatorMB - an extremely musical saturation plugin, combines the best from both the analogue and digital worlds. MVintageRotary - a perfect sounding rotary simulation based on the famous Leslie® cabinets! MTransient - bring some attack and punch to any rhythmic track! https://www.meldaproduction.com
  25. Plugin Boutique Exclusive - $199 with Emailed Code https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/6549?utm_campaign=138501_PB - Soundstoys ER - 16-09-2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&dm_i=6D39,2YV9,ZZMP0,BO0W,1
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