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  1. https://kilohearts.com/banks Offer ends May 17th, midnight (CET).
  2. $44 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/55-Kontakt-Instrument/7623-Wave-Alchemy-Kontakt-Synth-Bundle-Exclusive-
  3. Here is a detailed list of new DelSane 1.0.1 features: VST3 support. Dial Animation On/Off. Delay Rectify Distortion. Delay Pan. Disrupt ‘Wet Volume’ control. Audio Follower input selector with: Input, side input, delay output, and output. MIDI & MOD 1 and 2 available. Drag & Drop of dials for the 'Audio Follower', and 'MIDI & MOD 1/2 destination slots. (also via right-click menu) Expanded Destinations for the ‘Audio Follower’ and, ‘MIDI & MOD 1 / 2’. Delay destinations include: Delay Sample Rate and Delay Bit Rate for LoFi sounds. Expand Sources for Midi & Mod 1 / 2. Lazy LFO Trigger via Midi & Mod 1 / 2. Unlimited Feedback feature (appearing on the back panel) Plus lots of other small fixes & improvements. https://www.robpapen.com/DelSane.html
  4. 99 Euros - May 14th to May 17th https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/neb4server
  5. JUST $39.99 TODAY!* PASSEQ-3999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends May 15, 11:59 PM California Time This is a fixed price offer! The price for this product will not change if you add more plugins to your order. But you will get dynamic discounts of 20-60% on any additional plugins you may purchase. *Local VAT taxes may be added, only if required by law in your country. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/spl_passeq.html
  6. cclarry

    Morvox Analogicy

  7. I think that's the uncompressed size...it's much smaller for storage purposes EDIT: I had moved SampleTank 4 Max compressed files onto my non connected drive because of the size....207 Gb! So that makes about 400 Gb for everything
  8. You ain't the first, and you won't be the last...
  9. SD3 Kits are MASSIVE! Oh, they would LOVE me sitting in on a board meeting!
  10. Wusik Station V9 Flash Deal ($ 7.95) Expires June 1st https://www.wusik.com/w/index.php/purchase/Wusik-Station-V9-Flash-Deal-p356708522
  11. Spring Sales at LoopsDeLaCreme Kontakt Full required !! LIMITED FLASH SALE May 10th-15th !! !!!! RUNNING THIS WEEK ONLY: Use the coupon SPRING50 and get 50% instant price reduction on all products sold here at www.loopsdelacreme.com (Flash Sale ends Saturday May 15th) !!! HOW THE DEAL WORKS: 1. Select one or several products and proceed to checkout 2. choose your country and click 'continue' 3. Click ‘got a code?’, enter the code SPRING50 and click 'update' That's it! Instant 50% reduction https://www.loopsdelacreme.com/
  12. My IK Storage Director is 194 Gb. I keep two copies of installers - most recent, and next to most recent, in case I have to revert, so I'd plan on about 200 Gb for everything as that would seem to be a good reference point. (mind you that that includes my SampleTank 2, and SampleTank 3 Libraries)
  13. We are proud to introduce Abstract Vibes - the next chapter in our cinematic mallet series! Designed to bring transient rich, modern-sounding vibraphone sounds to your music production. Played with different sticks and special techniques like string bow and metal brush to create a very unusual and exciting boutique instrument library for you. https://karanyisounds.com/sound-collections/abstract-vibes/
  14. Kemenche v2.0 is now available with a new engine and additional sounds. It will be available with intro offer until May 27. https://rastsound.com/downloads/kemenche/
  15. Well sadly NO...as they don't allow Jampoints on the "Special Offer" price...
  16. cclarry

    WD 4 TB SSD Drive

    $334.99 at B&H Photo - Coupon auto applied in cart https://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/dealZone.jsp?sku=1542811-REG
  17. We've just unleashed a 30% off storewide sale on over 150 virtual instruments and bundles in our shop! From epic choirs & orchestral collections to emotive solo vocals, cinematic percussion, and much much more. Don't miss your chance to save 30% off on our most popular Kontakt Player/NKS and all individual non-player products! Sale Ends May 29th! *Excludes The Omega Bundle* https://soundiron.com/collections/all-products
  18. That would be something that only you can answer. I went through holy crap to get to Total Studio 2. So when 3 came out the price was ridiculous to upgrade (IMO). So I weighed what I was gaining, and what I could offload to offset the cost. After doing the math, I realized that what I was gaining, if I bought them separately, and what I could offload, could offset the cost enough for me to do it, and ONLY because of the Paypal 4 pay option. If not for that, there is no way I could have done it regardless. I'm thankful now that I did...as IK have finally come through and given TS Owners a "reward" for what they have invested over the years to acquire it!
  19. $49 https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/abbey-road-one-wondrous-flutes/
  20. I did, and it's quite nice, but I don't have the UAD to compare to, so can't speak to that.
  21. cclarry

    2B Delayed Classic

    1 EURO DEAL* Every year in May we offer a 1 EURO* deal that is only valid for 1 week and is exclusively shared with newsletter members. This year we opted for 2B Delayed Classic. You don't have to think twice about that, right? USE COUPON: EURODEAL EXPIRES ON MAY 20, 2021 https://2bplayed.com/product/2b-delayed-classic/
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