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    IK VI Group Buy

    THAT is the key! It's what you REALLY want to do...not what you feel capable of. Everyone is capable, even though some "just get it" naturally (NOT me! LOL), it's just a matter of "do I REALLY want to", and "am I willing to put in the time"! So if that's your inclination, and what you feel would benefit you the most, then that is absolutely the way to go! EVERYTHING, for most at the beginning, is like a "foreign language" (I speak several LOL)! I remember when I first started playing Eb Alto Sax in Elementary School...it took time...but I eventually started "getting it"...of course right about that time, someone stole my Sax...and I couldn't play anymore, and moved to guitar!
  2. $7.50 https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/ultimate-fx-bundle#a_aid=5f44b6cd5ce8c&a_bid=2ae91769
  3. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    You COULD if you took the time to figure it out...lot's of resources to use...but unless you're a prodigy, it takes TIME to learn the guitar...and I was no prodigy, and still can't play worth a hoot after over 40 years of playing LOL
  4. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    THAT was the implication of "Going through the Synths and sounds" to see what you would use was about...I'm not a keyboardist by ANY stretch, but I can play a line or two on a keyboard and make it "work"
  5. In order for this to work for Zo, the UAD Card would have to be set up as "System 2". The plugins are tied to system, and ONLY that system can use the plugins. Let's say I have ONE system, but that ONE system contains 3 devices. All 3 devices can use ALL of my plugins. If I set up a 2 System Account then I can activate plugins to System 1, and I can activate DIFFERENT plugins to System 2, and the plugins are tied to the System and it's Device...NOT to "Everything", and only the plugins "Tied" to that system and device would transfer if the device was sold. Notice in the example that it says "View plugins in this system" That means that ONLY the plugins tied to that "System" (device - if only 1 device per system) will be transferred. Hopefully that helps clarify this process...
  6. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    Just to point out...we already have Slate VMR Soundtoys Effects Rack McDSP Ultimate EQ PSP InfiniStrip Waves StudioRack And a ton of other VST host applications Etc...ad nauseum....we have a plethora of these types of tools already at our disposal... and what IK should have done was considered that when launching this. $299.99 retail is in line with Soundtoys, but out of line with the rest. $199.99 is still out of line, and with the $99 crossgrade offer for existing users, we STILL should be able to use Jampoints, and that would have created an offer where far less people would "balk" at this. Most of us ALREADY have all the processors, so paying even $99 for a "Rack" just to be able to use our Plugins in the "500 Series" format VIRTUAL Rack Space, just doesn't really get me "excited", and really does nothing for me that I really can't already do! It's like the Pro Channel, which is nothing more than a "glorfied" second VST effects bin with a Proprietary interface! It's really kewl, I'll admit, but is it "really" necessary? Nope.
  7. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    Well, since you're not a synth guy...I would take my time and go through the synths and sounds in it and see what I could use...that would be my starting point, as a guitarist...
  8. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    I'd be going after the MODO's and the Hammond if it were me, unless you already have them!
  9. 9 Packs (added 3 new packs but the price remains the same). 83% OFF! Click here to check it.
  10. cclarry

    Acustica Coupon

    That's what I get for not reading the entire email! We'll let's see how it plays out...LOL
  11. At Pocketmags...just make sure you choose US and the price is $13.99 https://pocketmags.com/us/computer-music-magazine Also Future Music, and others...all 50% off. I know there was a post here about this but I couldn't find it using multiple search criteria
  12. Also MAAT"s new License Central Announcing License Central — MAAT’s New Licensing Utility For all your MAAT licenses, we give you License Central! Upon launch, License Central searches your local boot volume for MAAT stuff, then checks each product against any license you may have on our license server. From there, License Central lists all of our products. It shows you: • If a product is installed, & what versions are installed • What version installer is available for download • If you have a license for that product and what kind; CLOUD, SUBSCRIPTION, TRIAL, OFFLINE and TEMP OFFLINE It also provides: • A one–click download of an update if the installed version is out of date • A one–click download of a demo if you don’t have something installed • One–click generation of a MAAT diagnostic report to send to Support (in case you’re having issues) • Two additional plug–in search paths in case you’ve manually moved your plug–ins • A list of all your Product Keys • Finally, a button to activate or deactivate any of your licenses. That Activate/Deactivate button brings up our standard licensing window, which includes switching from online to temp (30 day) offline or full offline. From the Product Key list, you can copy your Keys, then paste them into a text document. Print it as a hard copy backup of all your licenses. If you own any of our products, you need to download License Central. It’s available in the Installers section of the Support page. https://digital.us15.list-manage.com/track/click?u=be12874ac5a63f13fd4db62cf&id=f3ead9e9c0&e=040951c5cc
  13. GŌN is our latest freeware, a highly refined goniometer like no other. For those of you who’ve never laid hands on an oscilloscope, a goniometer is an instrument that measures angles. In our case, it graphs your mix as vectors. This approach simultaneously displays amplitude and panning and, to a lesser degree, phase and frequency. All that at once…rather spiffy. As with all of our plug–ins, GŌN is delivered as AAX Native, AU, VST 2 and VST 3. It has a bunch of controls for customization, including “phosphor” color and auto–gain. It’s free, so go grab a copy and drive it around…We think you’ll come to love it! Grab It
  14. 60% OFF 5 WIND LIBRARIES FROM MIDDLE EAST, INDIA & JAPAN 170€ 69€ only GET THE OFFER *additional VAT charges may apply for EU
  15. NO....Licenses are tied to the Hardware...when you buy a UAD Plugin it is tied to whatever hardware you own....it should let you select which piece of hardware you want to the License to be tied to
  16. When he registers ultimate it must be tied to the card...not his interface. When he transfers you the card, he should transfer the TIED PLUGINS ONLY to you...giving YOU the card and the plugins
  17. If HIS plugins are tied to HIS interface, then they should stay with the interface to the best of my knowledge.
  18. cclarry

    Acustica Coupon

    Says it can be used along with our Loyalty discounts for even bigger savings on the next BIG release! astringofdiamonds15 https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/en
  19. $38 each https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/
  20. Yes...when he transfers the card he has to select "plugins and card" when doing the transfer. I had to do that when I sold my Apollo.
  21. $18.95 at Time Space https://www.timespace.com/products/zero-g-the-vault-intense-atmospheres-collection?utm_campaign=Friday 18th September - General Newsletter (TA3cr8)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Friday newsletter&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJjY2xhcnJ5MTIyNzAwQGhvdG1haWwuY29tIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiTHRUSGRUIn0%3D
  22. List is here https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/free-pro-tools-plug-ins-1?mc_cid=948137dfd0&mc_eid=16ee9f3b7d#freeprotoolsplugins/?mc_cid=948137dfd0&mc_eid=16ee9f3b7d
  23. JUST $49.99 TODAY!* BX-N-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends September 19, 11:59 PM California Time
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