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  1. https://www.bestservice.com/en/unfilter.html
  2. $154.99 with code SSPCQ2326 https://www.newegg.com/western-digital-2tb-black-sn850x-nvme/p/N82E16820250247?Item=N82E16820250247
  3. SOUNDS FROM A GOLDEN ERA - 94% OFF! 256 SYNTHWAVE INSTRUMENTS, 1 GB FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 6.2.2 (OR HIGHER) REQUIRED! https://rigid-audio.com/products_retrocade.html
  4. $19 - requires Full Kontakt https://audioplugin.deals/product/battalion-by-hidden-path-audio-ii/
  5. $124.99 Kirchhoff-EQ is the ultimate digital EQ plugin, with every feature you’ll ever need. Dynamics processing, vintage models, selectable phase modes and more. KIRCHHOFF-12499 Use code KIRCHHOFF-12499 during checkout. This limited time offer expires on March 24, 2023 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/tbt_kirchhoff-eq.html
  6. World Rhythms Collection brings 4 rhythms libraries ready to add organic, authentic flavour from all around the world to your music. Solo plays, massive pattern collection, phrase builders & more. 156 EUR Today's Offer - 62% off total value African Rhythms Tribal Rhythms Mideast Rhythms Indian Rhythms FEATURES 2.7 GB KONTAKT & WAV (24bit – 44.1 Hz ) 1800+ samples & loops 50+ Kontakt Instruments & Presets (full version 5.8+) https://rastsound.com/downloads/world-rhythms-collection/
  7. Nope...like Fabfilter, Cubase, and some others, they are now "too big for their britches" so feel that they don't have to discount as much now.
  8. VPS Avenger Rent to Own and 50% Off https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/3201
  9. Mixbus32C v9 New Mixer - New Sound You are receiving this email because you purchased a prior version of Harrison's Mixbus32C workstation. Our upgrade policy allows you to upgrade to the latest version of Mixbus32C for only $79 (list price $349) Upgrade Now - $79 for Owners of Previous Version https://harrisonconsolesstore.onfastspring.com/mixbus32c-9 Your best mixes happen when you are 'in the flow'. The most important feature of a mixer is the unique ability to work on many tracks at once ... boosting a little here, and cutting a little there. We call this 'mixing in context' and it is largely this ability to stay in the flow that makes Mixbus better than other DAWs. Mixbus has always been the best workstation for mixing; it has a knob-per function interface that lets you work without leaving the flow state. But there's always room for improvement! Version 9 was developed to meet more of your expectations: more 'analog vibe' to further reduce the need for plugins; more controls on the built-in compressor; a channelstrip gate; larger text; and better usage of space on 4k monitors. With a heavy focus on expanding and improving the sound and workflow of the analog vibe found in Mixbus32C, we have implemented a lot of new features to help you get a whole new sound from your mixes. What's new in v9 ? The first major upgrade to the Mixbus32C mixer since its inception 7 years ago: we've updated the sound, look, and operation of the mixer page. Scroll down to learn more! Multi-bus VST3 instruments can be 'fanned out' to multiple tracks with appropriate mono/stereo configuration and names. new "Blonde Bop" drum instrument from AVL Drums The new Mixer Page includes: A new high contrast design with an expanded look and feel of a full-featured analog console strip. You can emulate a life-size console on a 4k TV or monitor. A re-engineered 32C EQ that provides an even more accurate recreation of the original 1975 analog circuit, with updated EQ curves and a more accurate text representation of the frequency and gain in the channelstrip text display. A new full-featured Compressor on every channel and mixbus, providing all of the sound and control you would expect in a standalone compressor while retaining the popular "mode" selections found in previous versions of Mixbus. The new 'Emphasis' knob allows you to access more vintage character by forcing the compressor to react more quickly to harsh sounds. The result is smoother mixes! An exciting new full-featured Gate/Expander that can tame the bleed in your live tracks, or add more expressive and dynamic articulation to pre-recorded loops and sounds. The new gate reports its gain-reduction beside the fader, just like the channelstrip compressor. The reciprocal push/pull action of the reduction LEDs provides great feedback 'in context' without having to open any plugins or even the channelstrip element. A new "Drive" feature on every input channel strip can add 'hair' to bass and vocal tracks, which helps them stand out in a busy mix. A high-pass filter on the mixbus 'tone' equalizer allows you to filter your instrument groups and effects without visiting each track in the group. Filtering the bass from unnecessary elements helps to keep your mixes clean and focused. 2 Tape Saturation colors are now provided for each of the 12 mixbuses, allowing you a choice of 2 different colors ('yellow' and 'orange') as well as the ability to disable the tape saturation entirely by disabling both buttons. The new 'orange' mode provides a richer harmonic profile than the old tape saturation, and retains more low-end when you drive it hard. The Master bus 'glue' compressor has been re-voiced to work together with the final limiter. Instead of 3 modes, we now provide a carefully voiced master-bus 'glue' compressor with a progressive ratio, Emphasis knob, and internal 3-stage design that follows your track dynamics to gel your mix.
  10. Save the date On Wednesday, March 29 at 8 PM Berlin / 11 AM Los Angeles, join us online for the premiere of a brand new collection—a real first, and some bold new territory. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this! https://www.orchestraltools.com/premiere/special-announcement
  11. Works in the Kontakt Player https://sonixinema.com/collections/strings
  12. Requires Full Kontakt https://8dio.com/products/lacrimosa-epic-choir-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax?variant=41309884776648
  13. 8 Euros https://klang.cologne/sites_instr/instr_indiesdesire.php
  14. Collision Impact Designer is the secret weapon for crafting tension-building, scene-splitting, world-expanding hits and soundscapes. Hit the image to take a listen, fall in love, and check out our other percussion libraries to complete your sonic apothecary. $149 - works in the Kontakt Player https://store.cinesamples.com/products/collision-impact-designer
  15. The Triple Spiral Audio Spring Sale 2023 has started. From 22 March till 6 April there is a storewide discount with up to 40% off. All the products are already discounted in the store.The store page is now also updated as you can browse now as well on category/genre. Check out the sale at: https://www.triplespiralaudio.com/products/ If you have purchased a product in the last 10 days,and it's discounted cheaper now, then please contact me at info@triplespiralaudio.com and I refund the difference.
  16. It appears that only the "Media Bay" component was updated. Run the SDA to update
  17. Run Avid Link to update
  18. Run the Product Portal to update
  19. $99 on Guitar Center DOD https://www.guitarcenter.com/M-Audio/AIR-192-8-USB-C-Audio-Interface-1500000304000.gc
  20. $58.86 https://www.bestservice.com/en/pure_bundle.html Individual Processors are $29.88 https://www.bestservice.com/en/index.html
  21. an easy-to-use virtual guitarist instrument that covers every style from rock to pop and everything in between (8 styles in total). Now $69 instead of $99 https://www.jrrshop.com/landr?dir=desc&order=special_from_date
  22. No extra discount https://www.jrrshop.com/presonus?dir=desc&order=special_from_date
  23. $219.99 at Newegg https://www.newegg.com/crucial-4tb-mx500/p/N82E16820156282?Item=N82E16820156282
  24. $24.99 https://audioplugin.deals/product/fluid-chords-by-pitch-innovations/
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