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  1. At Time Space $249 https://www.timespace.com/products/toontrack-sdx-orchestral-percussion?utm_source=Time%2BSpace+Music+Production+Newsletter&utm_campaign=21f6938c88-7th+April+-+Toontrack+Orch+Perc+SDX+to+SD3&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ae6d543ae3-21f6938c88-203101889&goal=0_ae6d543ae3-21f6938c88-203101889&mc_cid=21f6938c88&mc_eid=c6436b638d
  2. Legendary Guitar Amplifier (Intro offer for just $29! all May, regular price $137) (Guitar Amplifier modeling based on the Soldano SLO100*) BUY NOW!
  3. Exactly...not like other companies that are only concerned with NEW customers...
  4. cclarry

    25% Off Waves WUP

    Most likely....go here http://everyplugin.com/waves-upgrades Give him your waves email and user ID and what you want to upgrade. He will get back to you with a quote
  5. Check your email
  6. cclarry

    25% Off Waves WUP

    No...if they are version 10 no need to really upgrade, with the exception of Bundles, where you'll get the new plugins added. However, you'll get those plugins when you DO upgrade...so, unless you need them NOW, you don't even need to do them. Here's a trick that I use to get the MOST out of WUP. When you're ready to get your WUP, buy a NEW, CHEAP, plugin. THEN buy your WUP for ALL of your plugins at the same time. (NOTE: Make sure you are INCLUDING the NEW plugin) THIS will get you TWO YEARS of WUP for the price of ONE. WHY? Because WUP is extended for 1 year from the LAST expiration date of ALL the plugins you WUP, that being the NEW plugin you just bought, which already has 1 year of WUP, so it will extend them ALL for TWO YEARS!
  7. cclarry

    K7D - Tape Delay

    K7D is a powerful and affordable, vintage tape delay effect plugin for both desktop and iOS. K7D recreates the hardware echo machines of the past using Imaginando’s signature style of obsessive analog emulation, but with an enhanced level of control from a sleek, modern interface. Using this approach allows a whole new world of creative possibilities, while still retaining a warm, full-bodied analog sound, bursting with character and personality. 19.50 Euros https://www.imaginando.pt/products/k7d
  8. $49 and you get the MH Dirty Delay Free for the next 24 hrs https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plug-ins/plug-mix-vip-bundle
  9. PICK PACK JUST GOT SWEETER YOU SAVE $145 Since we launched PickPack about 2 years ago, producers have been jumping on it, as it simply was the best deal out there for our latest and greatest plugins. Now we are making this offer even more desirable, by reducing the PickPack duration from 29 months to just 24 months. This saves you the last 5 monthly payments of $29 each! So your total savings will be $145. Effectively, you will now be paying $69 per plugin over time, with no interest charged. And you can pick ANY 10 PLUGINS, even the newest and most valuable releases. EXISTING PICK PACK CUSTOMERS To be extra fair we are honoring this deal for EVERYBODY who has an active PickPack plan right now! No action required, our system will make sure you own your Top 10 after 24 payments already! If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our online support via the web site. HOW DOES PICK PACK WORK? - Choose ANY 10 plugins you want from our catalogue. - You pay $29 per month, for 24 months – done. - Pay your plugins over time, while you use them – no interest charged. - Own your plugins forever after your PickPack plan is paid off. - Cancel your plan anytime if you change your mind – no penalties. PICK YOUR 10 FAVORITE PLUGINS  
  10. cclarry

    Acid Pro Next

    That's the upgrade price...it's $399 for everyone else
  11. Cubase https://www.groove3.com/browse/by-category/daw/cubase?utm_source=Groovenews&utm_campaign=ec1e0e5d43-Cubase_StudioOne_Week_2019_05_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8e3bd48832-ec1e0e5d43-11290713&mc_cid=ec1e0e5d43&mc_eid=262ec89707 Studio One https://www.groove3.com/browse/by-category/daw/studio-one?utm_source=Groovenews&utm_campaign=ec1e0e5d43-Cubase_StudioOne_Week_2019_05_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8e3bd48832-ec1e0e5d43-11290713&mc_cid=ec1e0e5d43&mc_eid=262ec89707
  12. cclarry

    Acid Pro Next

    ACID PRO NEXT The first DAW with audio separation SAVE US$100 - $299 Upgrade Intro Price For the first time in any DAW, ACID Pro Next includes zynaptiq® STEM MAKER audio source separation technology. Split your audio into vocals, drums and music, and use the resulting stems in your own tunes and to remix! Discover audio seperation Unique features in ACID Pro Next Separate your favorite songs and create amazing remixes The integrated audio separation technology splits your tracks into vocals, drums and music. With the best audio quality on the market, the STEM MAKER is the perfect tool for sampling and remixing. Hear it in action Play ACID like an instrument with the MPC A new way to play: The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper allows you to split loops into hits and play and record them, MPC style! Create all new audio loops, jam along with your music and create your remix. Discover remixing Use all your favorite plug-ins, old or new Advanced technologies include Celemony Melodyne essential, a new VST3 engine, and a VST bridge. Experience precise audio editing and compatibility with all types of audio plug-ins. Learn more
  13. cclarry


    From Ecliptiq Audio and MASSIVE 75% Off Sale! JUST £3.61 Pyro is a wavetable synthesizer using all the features of Kontakt 6. From the wavetable synthesis to the new high quality effects, Pyro offers a great sounding synth with a versatile engine. Save up to 75% on all Ecliptiq Audio products including: Qadra - Dawn, Warp and Neon Bundle Blast - Brace for Impact Cryo - Dystopia Never Sounded So Good Dawn - Versatile engine with Plucks, Keys and One-shots. Hexa - Trailer Drums and Rhythms Neon - Vintage Pads and Synth Morphing Engine Seism - Groundshaking Drums and Subs Warp - Cinematic Pads and Drones Vault - Advanced 808s VIEW PYRO - JUST £3.61
  14. Deeply Sampled and Highly Playable Splashsound create really useful libraries. Save 50% on their flagship product Epic Percussion (14 Cinematic Percussion Instruments) until 20th May. Other releases include Gentle Keys (Universal Upright Piano) Indie Voices (Backing Vocals) - Save 58% Old School Keys (5 Classic Keyboards) https://sampleism.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7d594a4df9a47cb6396ffe82&id=b43015cbf4&e=de96119c1a
  15. Modern Horror Strings 30% OFF Intro - 31.50 GBP Stringache is a modern horror library of mangled string noises. We’ve used close microphone techniques to record a huge deal of violin stabs and screeches, pizzicatos, cello staccatos, double bass jetè, crescendos, strident string gestures, bowed noises: all of them have been heavily processed and transformed in unsettling, hair-raising cinematic horror effects. Stringache is for the contemporary composer of horror cinematic music: whenever you need a subtle violin effect to create tension, a rising cluster effect to grab the audience’s attention or a screaming, ear piercing string screech stab, Stringache will be your weapon. https://sampleism.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7d594a4df9a47cb6396ffe82&id=3f7a957750&e=de96119c1a
  16. On Kontakt Hub VERSILIAN STUDIOS - 35% OFF EVERYTHING Includes Chamber Orchestra Save 35% on all Versilian Studios libraries (ending 15th May). Products include: Bowed Psaltery (20th Century re-imagining) Broken Piano (An ageing characterful Piano) Chamber Orchestra 2 Pro (Complete Orchestral Package) Chamber Orchestra 2 Std (Lightweight but still feature-rich) Etherealwinds Harp II (Full articulations and extended techniques) The Strumstick (Diatonic D Grand) https://sampleism.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7d594a4df9a47cb6396ffe82&id=91fde1a9ff&e=de96119c1a
  17. cclarry

    25% Off Waves WUP

    I would most certainly expect him to...he always does
  18. cclarry

    25% Off Waves WUP

    For a limited time only, you can save 25% off when you renew your Waves Update Plan coverage. You’ll get one full year of care for your Waves products, and all the benefits that coverage provides: Personal care & tech support by phone & email Free plugin updates for rock-solid compatibility with all new systems Any new plugins added to your bundles – free Waves Loyalty Voucher: Get $1 back for every dollar spend on the Waves Update Plan, good toward any Waves software purchase Learn more about the benefits here.
  19. Get all Kontakt libraries up to 75% off! The sale end on 15th of May. For more information, visit: https://www.ecliptiqaudio.com/
  20. .99 GBP https://pocketmags.com/computer-music-magazine/issues?fbclid=IwAR1vGxSo-i4mrPlhpEkKvZlBMkR-4CcHVFgRtZQt6XezMs6OtT0QxoA8VCg
  21. $23.90 at EveryPlugin with code YNY23 http://everyplugin.com/abbey-road-reverb-plates.html
  22. Millennia NSEQ-2 Mastering-Grade EQ with Tube & Discrete signal paths Today Only! Just $49* Use Voucher Code: 24H-nSEq-49-190505 (copy/paste during checkout)
  23. The former is now open source. The last beta can be downloaded for PC, Mac and Linux here: https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/#downloads
  24. Rayzoon Jamstix Jamcussion expansion is on sale for $29 (58% discount): https://www.rayzoon.com/online_shop.html#jc
  25. Yes, that one has not been posted as far as I know...but the ADSR Sample Manager was just recently updated, and that's what I was referring to!
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