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  1. PA_EXT Flash Sale JUST $19.99 TODAY!* Code: VINYLSTRIP-1999 Expires May 12, 11:59 PM PST *European VAT taxes or other sales taxes may be added, only if required by law in your country. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/x-vinyl-strip.html
  2. And thanks for the heads-up!
  3. Oh I found it! Was in the cart! Man, I was sort of hoping not to have it so my decision would be made. Oh well, I guess I'm getting this thing. Why? I'm not sure lol
  4. Where is this magical coupon? I logged in and don't see it. Maybe it's only some accounts? I was thinking of buying the same thing as you haha! Though I am trying to talk myself out of it.
  5. Luc

    Nice little Drake freebie

    Wow! I've been wanting this thing! Thanks! And when adding to the cart, it mentions using code SanjayNat5 to get the full bundle for $20.
  6. Unless I'm missing something, you definitely shouldn't be reusing an old password on a new system (especially if there are rumors of data breaches). If someone had been able to download the old database they would have your password (or a hashed version of it) for the new system going forward. There are so many hacks lately that having new, stong passwords constantly and never reusing is so important.
  7. I found it weird to get that e-mail too. They posted this on Twitter, so it sounds like they've been addressing the security issues. I'm assuming from that description that the ordering system is now through Shopify. --- @8Dio 4h Welcome to the New 8Dio. The New 8Dio begins with the launch of our brand new website, which has been a year and a half in the making. The new site is hosted on the fastest and most secure shopping network in the world. We ♥ Kontakt. Experience new
  8. Sadly, it didn't. Just music stuff. lol
  9. It's working now. Was super easy to "purchase" it, too. Looking forward to trying it out.
  10. I made a video about this when it was released. It's a nice plugin! I hope it can be useful to some of you.
  11. Took a bit of figuring out because I realized for the past many months, I hadn't been downloading the BE version of plugins, I've only been using the license codes for software in other places (ie. Waves, IK Multimedia or AAS) and haven't needed to download anything directly from Beat. And yeah MusicMan, you're right the https://www.plugins-samples.com/ site requires a subscription and you end up going in circles trying to figure out how to download without it. From an article in the last issue, it looks like the reasoning behind this is if you have a subscription you have access to everything and don't need to add/validate specific issues. But I just checked to confirm and using the bit.ly URL in the magazine issue itself, and entering a word from one of the pages (as usual) worked - I was able to access the full page of downloads including the ACON plugin.
  12. If you mean the free plugins, you can download them without a subscription at https://www.serialcenter.de/
  13. You can try searching your email for mixedinkey and look for the subject line "Your Captain Plugins download is ready." Took me a while to find since it's pretty easy to miss.
  14. Same. Been using it since version 1 the week (day?) they launched. They said we'd get free access to future Captain Plugins, but I'm assuming now that meant the different versions (melody, chords, deep) and I keep trying to convince myself we had a good run because it's the first time they've ever charged for an upgrade after all of these years. Still, I can't get myself to press the order button yet. Edit: Oh I see now your situation is different - you should definitely be getting it for free according to that screenshot. You're lucky you saved that! Their support is usually awesome, I'm sure they'll sort it out.
  15. Wow Insomnia for Lounge Lizard was included! Awesome! Thanks!
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