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  1. Luc

    PA Xmas Sale! Day 2

    Lately they've been doing a generic $25 voucher (everyone gets the same code). Wondering if you could use that instead of your account-specific $50 one if there's something you want to get with it.
  2. Ah you are da man!!!! Tried it adding the Crossgrade and it works. Thanks! Yeah, I thought maybe the Upgrade version (which is still greyed out) would let me use Jam Points but still, we're ahead of where we were last night haha.
  3. Hey @Peter - IK Multimedia do you have any updates on the MAX $149.99 Upgrade not being available even though we have the Syntronik Deluxe from the GB? When trying to choose it, it's grayed out and it says no qualifying products in the account - that only those with products on the list are eligible (but that item is on the list).
  4. That was my concern too, but it looks like it was updated in September (from the Changelog on.the PA site). And on Dmitry's website directly, it mentions Thorn updated "Apple Silicon architecture support for Mac" - it looks like it's M1 compatible so has been updated pretty recently. I love how you can do just about everything on one screen (well, almost). For $15 it was worth it. Looking forward to giving it a try and hopefully start making YouTube videos about it tomorrow.
  5. So we have a month to finish picking our freebies, right? Pretty sure that's what's been said a few times but want to confirm now that the GB is over. Edit: Ok nevermind, found the details... Thanks everyone for a fun time around here throughout the promotion!
  6. PA trying to make me spend my survey voucher less than 24 hours after I got it!
  7. Yeah I hear ya, I couldn't go back to AT4. I love how AT5 is set up. But just to clarify, the version I went back to was an earlier version of AT5 (I'm pretty sure it was 5.0.3) because 5.1 wasn't usable for me. So it's the best of both world at the moment. Well, apart from the X pedals that were added in 5.1 last month. Hopefully it all gets sorted out since it seems to be an issue for many.
  8. User Survey 2021 Today we would like to ask you for your feedback. It will help us make better products, create more relevant content, and design better experiences. In return you'll get a $25 voucher. You can use it on any plugin (minimum spend $39). This voucher is valid until Jan 31, 2022. Thank you for your time! Your PA team
  9. Yeah it seems worse on the 5.1 update. I had to go back to 5.0.3 I think - can't remember the exact version I'm pretty sure it was that one and it helped, though I can't use the X pedals.
  10. From what I heard, it s a... Surprise! 🤣
  11. Yes, you're right. You can de-authorize in the Product Manager. And it brings the number of available authorizations back up when you do it so you can see how many you have available.
  12. Awesome! Thanks! 😀
  13. @Pollux @simon so if I have the SSL bundle v12 and were to upgrade to Studio Classics (which includes the stuff in the SSL bundle), I would have v13 licenses for all of the products (including the v12 ones I had originally), right? Does this make sense? I'm not fully awake yet lol
  14. This is great advice! Never thought of doing this. Thanks!
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