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  1. If it's the same as in the past, there's a minimum spend on the coupon which they only tell you when you receive it. I learned that the hard way when I was hoping to get Frostpoint by Frozen Plain for free! hahaha
  2. Luc


    I got Needlepoint for $19.99 a few days ago like a sucker!
  3. Luc

    wrong forum

    You're cheating on us?
  4. That's the fastest I've ever seen the FileSilo server loading!
  5. Luc

    PA Sneek Peek!

    I just want it so I can tell my dad I have a plugin that matches his DeWalt tools.
  6. Thanks to everyone who posted their recommendations on which of these are good deals and interesting. That's why I love this place. I appreciate you all!
  7. Luc

    RX 10 is here

    As well, logging into your Izotope account will have upgrade prices. It's not too bad. Mine is $149 Standard / $499 Advanced.
  8. Yeah, I was a sucker and bought it because 1) the price was going up and 2) future M1 native version. They dropped the price twice so far to wayyyy below what I paid and they keep pushing the M1 version back. So yeah, I fell for it lol
  9. As far as I know, the Rack Extensions work on all of the versions. Some will only work with the most recent version (ie. 12) but you should be OK. Maybe worth checking with Reason Studios before though to make sure you don't use your points for nothing.
  10. Some great deals this time around. And remember to check https://www.reasonstudios.com/rewards - I realized a while back I had tons of points I didn't know I had. Was waiting for a deal on the new Vocoder and it's on sale now.
  11. From their e-mail: Let's Celebrate the changing seasons with a musical upgrade! Enjoy astronomical savings of up to 90% off the universe's Hottest plugins! VYBZ | TP2 | HATZ | X8 ... and more EVERYTHING IS NOW $10 For A Limited Time ( Sale ends: Aug / 20 ) SHOP NOW https://www.thenatan.store/shop/
  12. Also https://www.reddit.com/r/AudioProductionDeals/ Though nothing compares to right here when Larry is around. Happy deal searching!
  13. Same. I guess they changed it so you can't use it for an order under $25. Though if you add three licenses, it'll take $25 off and it'll cost you about 5 bucks. So I guess there's that lol
  14. Ayyy thanks for this! I have the IK tape delay which has some similar features but am always looking for stuff like this to recreate the sound of delay I used to do on reel to reels. Looking forward to trying this one out out (out) (oouutt) (ooouuuttt)!
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