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  1. I'm loving Drift. I have to take the time to learn how to actually use it instead of just loading random presets. One of these days! In the meantime, this preset pack will be fun to use.
  2. Still showing as free for me... Also says "This pack is free to download untill the end of Sunday!" So maybe they extended it.
  3. Yes, after signing in, you can go to https://www.loopcloud.com/cloud/myaccount and it will show your code.
  4. It's a great Rack Extension! There are a lot of ways to customize the sidechain/pump effect. I did a video a while back which might help those trying to decide if they want to download it or not.
  5. On mine, there wasn't a pop-up but at one point there was a red "sign up" box at the bottom that mentioned the plugin when you expand it.
  6. Thanks for that! Sadly, I don't have that Product keys section in my account so I guess I'm not one of the lucky ones. Enjoy FireMaster - it looks like a fun plugin!!!
  7. Where does it show in your account? I don't see it. I just realized I wasn't subscribed so maybe only for subscribers...
  8. Luc

    Phew, we're back!

    Looks like they fixed the server. I missed all of you! So.... we've got about 24 hours of deals to catch up on!!!
  9. Do you mean the crash on MIDI input? If so, it's been fixed! I can't remember if I got the update from the Sonivox website or Plugin Boutique but it worked! So much nicer now!
  10. If you use the Izotope Product Portal, it will install the most recent version. Gotta say, I'm impressed they're still updating Ozone 9 (since version 10 was released a while ago). Thanks, Izotope!
  11. What does this mean? I've been using Davinci Resolve a lot with my regular music plugins but I'm wondering what the roundtrip thing is. Maybe I could be using them even more than I thought!
  12. Luc

    New VST Buzz Deals!

    Don't forget to add the code VST10OFF for an extra 10% discount.
  13. Could this help you? https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=26662
  14. If it's Ableton, holding down cmd (or alt on Windows) when you click rescan in the plugin preferences will do a full scan.
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