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  1. Yeah, I have. Even tried to profile the Darkglass Infinity that I have. It doesn’t quite sound right though.
  2. That’s it exactly! I hate lugging around what I don’t necessarily need. I’m just one of those guys that likes being Johnny on the spot when the stars don’t line up and the PA is crap, there’s a house bass back line and that amp is crap….. but there’s a cabinet that could get me half the way there. I’m probably overthinking this.
  3. Yes the Kemper would. But I just can’t get it to replicate the way that the Darkglass Infinity sounds. You’d think that wouldn’t be a problem for the profiler. But for some reason I just can’t get it dialed in. And like guitar, for me tone is part of the feel that inspires how I play. There is that one off gig every once in a while where the PA is…. Well, not all there but there’s usually a back line where the amp is crap but there’s at least a cabinet. I currently have a Positive Grid modeling bass amp that will fit in the back pack. But you know…. Sometimes you just don’t find out till you’re there. and I guess I’ve gotten an infatuation with the Darkglass. I’m thinking maybe a call into Seymour Duncan might be in order tomorrow.
  4. Hmm.... So Avid gets bought and less than a month later perpetual licenses are offered once again. I must of missed that press release. I've been on a perpetual license for the last 7 years. 🤔
  5. (I was going to drop this question on the Talk Bass forum but the musicians there seem to be rather against the idea of playing without a cabinet). I've gone with a Kemper for guitar and really have it optimized for what I play. All good there. I'd like to do the same with bass and I am looking to center everything around a Darkglass Infinity preamp. Its got everything I need for a plug and go rig. plus I use it already for recording bass in the studio. Here's the rub. For the Kemper I'll be toting a Seymour Duncan Power Stage for those instances that I need to power a cab (this is happening less and less with IEMs being affordable and most venues not arguing about supporting them anymore). But I come to a dead end for the bass, with the only option I can find being the Ashdown Ant. However this would mean using the Ashdown preamp that's built-in (maybe - if it doesn't color the sound I've already gotten with the Darkglass). Is anyone aware of a throw it in a backpack Class D pedalboard power amp that would support the frequency range of a bass?
  6. I found this both humorous and interesting. McDonalds after 17:00
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