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  1. I still listen too Japanese pop and rock. They really have come a long way from when I was a youth. (Lived in Japan as a kid & mom’s Japanese). (Also lived in the PI between 72 & 74).
  2. She might be a master of Kung fu.
  3. I hear dark suckers work great. https://www.ise.ufl.edu/capehart/darksuck.html
  4. The 1470’s thru to 1700 were especially bad in Europe..... in fact the inquisitions were just murder....
  5. How about James Coburn’s Flint character?
  6. Craig, have you been watching old Robert Palmer videos?
  7. I see you’ve been at it again....
  8. Strummy? Do we need to send the barrister down to get you out of jail..... again? I see they even blocked the drive to you house, m8.....
  9. Strummy and Plummy Pete and the Pitolero? hell of a costume!
  10. We gots those out here in Tejas. You need me to send you some Bill? And do you need some bodies or fertilizer for them plants?
  11. Well, I keep threatening to repatriate me family back to the UK and run for PM. So why not? He’d do a lot better than our future King Harry!
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