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  1. Actually interviewed Randy Jackson about 5 years ago.
  2. Focusrite….. but that’s personal preference. I’ve been using their gear for at least the last 10 years…. Maybe more.
  3. The 8k format allows for larger screens with clearer definition. I’ve got a 4k 86” in the media room. I can’t imagine getting anything larger. And it’s crystal clear when we go to high def streaming at 4k. you can see the hair detail on a horse in the far background. But the regional tv stations and direct TV are still at 1080i. Which absolutely sucks in quick scenery pans or in action scenes. Interlaced video was ok at 720i but sucks at 1080i. Then display that on 4k (shudder). The jerky jerky 1080i is enough to give me motion sickness
  4. Truth, Kenny…. Truth except for Bapu…… in his case it’s bass
  5. Happy belated birthday Ed!
  6. Are random thoughts now trash random thoughts? just asking for clarity sake there, Ed……
  7. Willamette yourself again Strummy?
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