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  1. I’ve apparently have lived in the “country” for so long that I’ve forgotten the sound of helicopters flying over my home. Having moved to the 4th largest metro area in the States has brought back so much, nostalgia? No, remembrance. Or should I venture to say recollection? The once to thrice weekly flyovers are not the police helicopters I recall from living in the Golden State or the Sunshine State. Nay, these are life flight flyovers. We have a hospital nearby. Though it keeps reminding me of “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2.”
  2. I got it from Strummy but seemed to have misplaced it.
  3. So I should hold them for ransom and have them pay me in bit coin?
  4. I’ve been on the dark side of the moon I guess......
  5. A friend of mine in Denmark wanted me to buy a Stratocaster for him in the States and then send it to him as individual parts over a few months to avoid the VAT. Then he figured out that he could get in trouble for that. What is with the reporting of shipments by the postal service in Scandinavian countries? It’s horrible! I did get a co-worker an iPhone in the States and brought it to her (Denmark). Customs at the Copenhagen airport is a bit lax with small stuff. I doubt they would have been as understanding of a Strat. But just how many € or Kro. does a government really need?
  6. It befuddles me how many companies think their plug-in soft synths are worth $$$ in subscription costs annually. Reason Studio’s move to Reason+ just really made me angry. Especially with the part about “you can buy a perpetual license but you aren’t getting upgrades or additional instruments without a subscription bit.” So in a fit of anger I went and invested in NI Komplete 13. Then I find my Line 6 KB37 that has served me well since 2007 is not supported on the latest Mac OS. Got angry again! Bought a new keyboard controller. I’m starting to think that music hardware & software companies are the root of my anger management issue. Thank goodness that guitar don’t really go obsolete (Kramer guitars as the exception - their demise was sudden and the resurrection is more like the Frankenstein monster).
  7. I’m uncertain what will happen to all me guitars, keyboards, and studio gear when I go to play that big gig in the sky..... maybe.... I’ll gift them to my dog.....
  8. I still listen too Japanese pop and rock. They really have come a long way from when I was a youth. (Lived in Japan as a kid & mom’s Japanese). (Also lived in the PI between 72 & 74).
  9. She might be a master of Kung fu.
  10. I hear dark suckers work great. https://www.ise.ufl.edu/capehart/darksuck.html
  11. The 1470’s thru to 1700 were especially bad in Europe..... in fact the inquisitions were just murder....
  12. How about James Coburn’s Flint character?
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