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  1. A golden would never leave a smelly present. ok maybe. Our Gracie would leave some smelly farts and smile from the relief.
  2. Nice Ed. I hope it brings many hours of recorded joy.
  3. Kenny, think of it this way, the dog will never sue you for half of your music gear outta spite.
  4. Alex had a set of Taurus pedals on his side of the stage too. (I worked several of their shows when I was with Bill Graham Presents). Crafty little devils, weren't they?
  5. It's bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. No it's not my Tardis I'm speaking about. - Doc
  6. I confirm that the quote is accurate and attributed to Strummy.
  7. I started out using Tortex picks when I first started playing. I switched a US quarter back in the 80's (that was before I found out that Bill Gibons was playing with a Peso). Then copper picks that were roughly the same shape as Jazz IIIs just a little larger. Finally ended up with Jazz IIIs. the red ones as opposed to the black ones. That was about 10 years ago. That's all I use anymore. I'll try there ones but I keep coming back to the Jazz IIIs.
  8. On a Polyphia kick for the past month..... Boomer Bends and all.
  9. Yes. One of my prerequisites when making the consideration.
  10. On top it all I was starting have issues with insomnia, which coincided with the bouts of migraines. Since having dropped the caffeine that seems to be leveling out. The no caffeine has had me one edge for the last week. I've had episodes where I have been irritable (ok, very prone to anger outbursts). This is effectively day 9 and I still find myself wanting to smack the shiznit out of people. I had a problem with a gear purchase this week and the poor sales guy on the other end of the phone noticed I was pretty wound up. Not exactly the way I want to be remembered. I think the next time I have to call in on a problem I'm gonna priced the call with, "Hi, I'm Doc. AKA Karen."
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