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  1. Bargain prices at the moment for upgrade prices. I HAD been holding up in current circumstances from paying to go from 12, now, dang it |:).
  2. I almost forgot I had this already.. LOL. And hi thanks Larry :).
  3. In employment issues time… literally nothing this year.
  4. Very nice Kenny, great reason to practice. I have mornings where I don’t want to play, but I do. Then I feel better, even if it’s just drums most times now.
  5. To look at old projects occasionally and wonder how I used to write songs…
  6. I remember the first time I saw my awesome 8inch.
  7. Thank you, very comprehensive, and If I was still on Cakewalk I know it was easy back in the day. What I am planning to do is, have my wife make notes of each bit of my kit as it shows up on the window in SD3 and then map what isn't covered afterwards. Appreciate the reply very much. Waiting on wife to have the free time now :). Cheers, Tony
  8. Thanks, I have basically tried that, the window showing all the numbers was what I used. What I haven't successfully done is got them to stick where I need them. Back to the drawing board :). Cheers.
  9. Hi All, I have run into a brick wall with SD3 using the Roland TD50x midi map. The issue is it doesn’t like me having 2 extra toms 1 extra cymbal and a percussion bar. I have read how to assign by learning. It’s not worked and generally stuffs up my existing drum kit trying to include those bits. I’m 100% sure I’m the problem, just cannot my head around something clearly. Help much needed and appreciated. Tony
  10. @Jim Roseberry I do not argue they are different. And in fact I did own one solitary example of old school analogue, a Jupiter 6. Had to tune that baby before playing each time LOL. I think my point was, it really is about tactile responses. Which I get, just modern stuff along with a laptop and gazillion vsts have made them obsolete, just like virtual model amps. And yes, once you record, no one can tell the difference except in rare cases.
  11. I think the funny part of this amazing display of separate pieces of hardware is that any decent workstation can do this all internally (almost). I personally want to see what Yamaha do with the new Montage replacement. I love and won't be replacing my Montage 7, and a friend of mine is suffering with his Kronos 2s ( yes 2 of them). But it sure is cool to watch someone twiddling all those knobs and levers and worrying cables about.
  12. Still have my PT 10 perpetual, occasionally looked at upgrade specials and still not been tempted. Studio One Pro and Logic Pro X still work great for me :).
  13. I bought a Gibson Songwriter deluxe and got an SG Gibson included from sweetwater years ago. Both were prepared beautifully and delivered with care. However, I never did really enjoy either one. My advice, go to a shop and play one!!. Oh, and I own the late 80s model Gibson Epiphone Sheraton, same as a 335, love its feel and sound.
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