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  1. @cclarry You’ve come back too late!!. I’ve spent all of my money on actual instruments and mics etc.. oh well.
  2. Final piece of the puzzle came yesterday. 2 hours yesterday and 3 hours today on Jamulus so far. Mics all work great. Apollo Quad being fed with Unison preamps in play. Matched pair Rode NT55s with cardioid modules on.
  3. I decided not to just tack on to my throne thread. On Monday I said goodbye to my Roland TD17 KVX kit... and hello to this. Hendrix Bubinga 6 piece 2 up 2 down with Paiste Big beat cymbals mounted on a Yamaha hex stand setup. Last but not least I have a set of 6,8 and 10 original Remo Rototoms.
  4. Great tune. Been playing it live on and off since it came out. Accordion use aside of course :).
  5. I use Samsung evos and crucial mx500 SSD drives. Really can’t go wrong so far been fast and reliable. I do have a higher end nvme of some high end type as boot drive on the audio pc too. 2018 MacBook Pro has hard soldered nvme also I think. Once you’ve gone SSD whether it’s recalling sample (superior drummer 3) or audio, spinny disks are just dead slow. A spinny disk is still very large backup if you prefer local storage of course. Sometimes I do miss my old tape backup system lol...
  6. Definitely useable. Expensive but very comfortable.
  7. I have version 13 that came with the suite.. guess I am at stand still until they get desperate again ;)>
  8. My Studio One Pro 5.x has been doing duties as my mixing interface to Jamulus lately, not much else... I am really hating lock down more and more... when will it end?????
  9. $299 to upgrade from Suite.. ouch, hard pass!!.
  10. My specs are in my sig. I wasn't and I am still not, a fan of a PC for music, OSX Core Audio is still the best.. but, I gotta say, my audio PC is also very good for games LOL.
  11. This should have been a big deal. The end result was nothing and a 10k GBP bill for the gear I recorded them with. Eric Haydock ( deceased) original bassist The Hollies, Peter Hughes and Mick Carroll Ritzi ( big hit with too much fandango in Australia), Graham Pollack and Mike Copson. Me kneeling in blue shirt. Middleton Manchester in my lounge 2000.
  12. @Gswitz I actually have the EurekaProm 3.2 firmware in the FCB1010. It’s connected to the Eleven Rack. I then allow a loop in a patch and use the H9 app to control the 2 H9s on Bluetooth and the Timefactor on USB. It’s changed my whole approach to my electric guitars. And you’d be welcome,,,, hating locked down and locked out...
  13. @Bapu because it weighs too much to move lol.
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