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  1. https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/delay-modulation/ams-dmx-digital-delay-pitch-shifter.html Up now.
  2. Soundtoys are a bit of joke, if you go to their website, log into your account, trying to charge 429 for upgrade from one of their plugins, but you can buy all 21 for 229... really??? who's the clown in charge of that. I'd fire them!.
  3. Or, you can just download decibel meter on to your phone/tablet?.
  4. I’ve already spent my quota. Got a second Yamaha REV500 (rack module) and a DBX266XL 2 (rack module). Love eBay sometimes.
  5. The reason I said what I did, and I should have qualified, I personally don't care about stuff like spectral editing, on cost wise, and I own previous all advanced models. With the exception of RX, (don't care), it is cheaper for us to be on sub with the way iZotope does their costs of each upgrade, and more specifically the release model. It always worked out a LOT more expensive each year. The latest pro releases match the advanced versions, and they are constantly adding new features. All inclusive. My RX looks like full advanced to me, it definitely has more modules than when I was on the standard one.
  6. If you regularly use iZotope, especially the full suite, do yourself a HUGE favour, get the pro sub. It's worth the savings each year, and you just get ALL the updates as they happen.
  7. Grabbed it. Why not at that price, great addition.
  8. Bargain!! Between survey discount and this it finally made sense to get it, £13.68 NOICE!
  9. Wish I had just got this... I so don't do most of what they ask....
  10. I paid this time, because when I updated those still under WUP, the others mysteriously stopped working. Anyway, most of mine were on 13 already, I think I had maybe 12 that weren't £93 later, all done.,
  11. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows what I could do to get a double latching switch for my new acquisition, it has a distortion and reverb one of each phono socket on rear. Cheers, Tony
  12. I PAID £18.00 and some change. I've never found these things very helpful in the past, too much EDM feel, BUT!, I think this might actually rival dare I say, BIAB?... LOL... we'll see!. I have a very nice collection of stuff I can throw it at, I might finish that opus of mine. If not, I didn't pay a whole lot, just uninstall.
  13. I bit the bullet, I love SSL. I'll see if this was just an impulse buy, or worth it ;).
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