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  1. Tony Carpenter

    PA Amek 9099

    Yeh, about £199.00 with discount and exchange, just a little too much for now.... 😥
  2. I didn’t really ‘need’ it, but I bought the bx n console. It’s a cool piece of kit too. Get sorted soon bx!.
  3. Not my cup of tea, but pointed my wife at it. She loves these sorts of games. I watch Epic game freebies every time.
  4. Hi gang, Got a new toy coming on Saturday. Boss SY300. I had a GR55 way back, found it inaccurate and mono clunky. I’ve watched videos on the Boss anyone else have one?. Bought mine off eBay for half the retail price, like new. https://www.boss.info/uk/products/sy-300/ Cheers, Tony
  5. still works like crap on my Windows mega audio PC, doesn't like my Studio Live 16 series 3. Oh well...
  6. Final mic placements have arrived. I’ve used Shure PG56 mics before, solid, dependable, sound good and great rear rejection. Bought these 6 with clips for £80 off eBay. Bargain too :).
  7. Tony Carpenter

    PA Mega Sale

    I caved in and got the 9000J. At 49.00 plus vat it was a great price. I have been avoiding here, lol.
  8. Tony Carpenter

    Windows 11

    And of course they’re finally going to support true audio device multiples like OSX core audio??, not. ‘YAWN’ until it becomes an issue….
  9. Finally got around to doing a mic recording of the drums. Since last time I have tuned the drums and mics some. This now is the live mix people hear when I play on Jamulus each time. I have added a 16inch Istanbul ion crash and a Audix F15 mic on HiHat. TCDrum rough.mp3
  10. SCORE!!! As my Dad used to say, SKI holidays, Spending Kids Inheritance.
  11. I’m very glad I waited. I cancelled my EastWest sub and updated my UCE12 to 13 and paid the £224.50. I like owning my major instruments.
  12. It’s £299.00 for me.
  13. This the evil sale. And there are some new things that 4 things for 299 is very VERY tempting lol. But, I shall resist.
  14. Very Nice Ed, and, Shecter?
  15. I’d be more interested if they make a new UAD Apollo with Dante and or AVB as an option at this point. I’m so over DAW switching…
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