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  1. I am going to file it under, got it but it doesn't rock my world, YET!. Basic issues straight away, behringer X touch does not work even remotely as needed. Doesn't seem to remember it's even part of the equation. It's an interesting thing that thankfully I didn't pay full price for. Midi is woefully supported for sure. Never mind, note to self try before you buy LOL.
  2. You're an evil man!! :). I had no need for yet another DAW, but, that is a sweet deal and I've been curious for some time LOL. Tony
  3. +1 Always use it on my tracks, not everyone, but it adds something every time.
  4. Mac slays windows on multiple audio i/o full stop. But anyway, that price floating around on the axe is great for sure.
  5. The analyser keeps disconnecting... for me, and I have a very good isp speed and latency. Teething issues, or overwhelmed, you decide LOL. Great piece of kit the app is based on for sure. I used to have the DBX Quantum, twice.. that was good too.
  6. Congrats guys, still not using it, but I am very happy it's still around. Tony
  7. Tony Carpenter


    Get it, it rocks!.
  8. Darn shame this is windoze only :(. I got excited at the idea of this. As a non sight reader, and overall ants on paper type phobic.
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