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  1. No running around after upwardly mobile IT goddess wife actually lol.
  2. I have a valid excuse 60 moves in 35 years 8 times around the world to 4 different countries/states in those said countries. I'm sticking to that excuse, for now :).
  3. I did WUP In October.. and I am being very good all around, other than hardware :)). I only did an update (at LONG last) TO Soundtoys 5.3 from just having Little Alter Boy. They finally up-graded me for a really good price, unlike previous silliness. I feel like a scrooge compared to others here LOL.
  4. And, $199 if you have a previous single plugin, and upgrade. I was tempted, but I am sticking to my guns.... Edit: and.. I caved in. Decided a good chance to get whole set. Great set and my final cost was £183.00 so bargain :).
  5. I shouldn't buy more drums, I shouldn't buy more drums.. et al. OOps... too late
  6. Thanks Tele, may or may not tempt me I suppose. I've been ploughing most of my recent money into hardware..
  7. I have version 7. So, for £99 to go to version 9. Is it worth it?, what will I get that makes it worth the cost?.
  8. The BIG issue I have with the idea of a USB mic is the quality (lack there of) of a lot of USB ports to this day, and controller for said ports. I’ll stick to proper mics with XLR ports and cables. I think the concept is a nice easy fix for some people.. but. Nope.
  9. And, here it is. Going to make my own patches as a priority. Sounds great though.
  10. I was going to say, no one is going to equal Bapu :). I am a mere 900 or so I think. Don't use anywhere near that many of them, of course LOL.
  11. Just when you might think you’re done… Alesis crapped out, lots of other people with dead multipads too. Time to move the cash over on refund to the Roland SPD-SX Pro.
  12. Since I moved back over to only using my MacBook Pro. The mega PC was a pita with Jamulus. I am now in Studio One Pro 6 as main still, songs moved over no issues. Logic Pro X 10.7 and Cubase 12 Pro. Each have had a fair number of years from me dating back to the 90s for Cubase. Still a shame CW is not on Mac, because of course I had used that since twelve tone days :).
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