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  1. I’d be more interested if they make a new UAD Apollo with Dante and or AVB as an option at this point. I’m so over DAW switching…
  2. Quick new iPhone video showing Hendrix Bubinga kit. No mics. New Evans skins on and tuned.
  3. Yep, G1 coated snare. G2 Toms. Emad on batter bass. I’ve used Aquarius before too though, was nice. I think I had it on my Gretsch maple renown kit. I have used DrumTune Pro since that video was done. Plus I use my ears :). That video was right after I initially got setup almost. There’s been lots of mucking around since. Funny story, never had a spring tension adjustment on previous hi-hat stands like one on DW3000, finally learned how to use it today. Hi-hat is much friendlier for foot action now… DOH..
  4. Hi John, I have 4 rode mics. Original NT2 from 1997. An NT2a, and now the NT55 pencil condensers. Love them all, highly recommend any Rode, great Aussie company, and the chap that owns Rode has been around music all his life, and his Dad.
  5. @Starship Krupa I am very happy to leave things setup yes :). The Hendrix Bubinga kits sounds awesome. I have a 10 and 12 on my Yamaha Hex 2 rack along with all the cymbals, Paiste 2002 Big Beats, 15 inch hi-hat, combo crash ride, 18, 20 and 22 inch. I then have a 14 and 16 on the floor. The Rototoms are awesome, and original Remo, picked them up for a great price, just needed new skins. I am trying to work out a way to mount them off my Hex rack or closer to a normal use scenario. I have had some nice comments on Jamulus with them so far, including I have them sounding like they are in the room with me, nice considering I am a TOTAL noob at X/Y mic technique. Thankfully others have helped me get it right. In the last 2 days I got a SM35 Shure headset with the inline preamp. First time using a condenser headset. Singing I can do, hearing myself in the Beyerdynamic DT100 at 400 ohms is challenging. I am driving them off a headphone amp, I get a better level from my SE425 Shure IEMs, but those lack bottom end of course.. what to do... I need to change out my skins, I've got a full set of Evans G2 and a G1 snare skin ready. Since I made that video, on iPhone :), I have retuned ALL my drums and brought them lower and made sure I got closer to my normal sound I am used to. Pedal wise, DW5000 single chain for bass drum and a DW3000 hi-hat stand. Nicest investment after coming back to acoustic drums has definitely been the Yamaha HEX rack 2. Saves a TON of space too!. I'll make a new short video soon, I just think I'll change to those Evans first, I am not enamoured with the single ply that came on the kit.
  6. I have found it frustrating as well that they seem incapable of knowing which versions I have. All that aside, I was due to update and instead went sub, overall it’s going to work out cheaper each year.
  7. Upgrade if I need it is 100.00 from X To plus, so, I’m fine with that.
  8. As a Cloud X subscriber too, I was confused also, but it does seem to be included. To be honest though, I didn’t do the upgrade on NI Komplete Collectors this time. I was anticipating the upgrade on East West in May when my sub is due.
  9. A little sample, I actually have a D112 on Bass Drum and SM57 on snare btw. But this is just iPhone audio for a quick teaser I made. Loving the Bubinga!. Oh and, shattered one of those 5A Vic firths later that day lol. Wife says.. must have hit the drums the wrong way lol...
  10. @cclarry You’ve come back too late!!. I’ve spent all of my money on actual instruments and mics etc.. oh well.
  11. Final piece of the puzzle came yesterday. 2 hours yesterday and 3 hours today on Jamulus so far. Mics all work great. Apollo Quad being fed with Unison preamps in play. Matched pair Rode NT55s with cardioid modules on.
  12. I decided not to just tack on to my throne thread. On Monday I said goodbye to my Roland TD17 KVX kit... and hello to this. Hendrix Bubinga 6 piece 2 up 2 down with Paiste Big beat cymbals mounted on a Yamaha hex stand setup. Last but not least I have a set of 6,8 and 10 original Remo Rototoms.
  13. Great tune. Been playing it live on and off since it came out. Accordion use aside of course :).
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