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  1. On average in the last 6 years iZotope has changed and continues to change the face of mixing and mastering. They’ve made it more accessible and provide class leading products. I personally have spent on average between 3-400 a year with them. If they offer me all I use going forward for just under 300 for all my usual products, I’m in :).
  2. My final cost was £26 at conversion. Considering I always have to pay 20% VAT, victory lol.
  3. Don't faint but I actually found a way to get this and the spl Deverb and use my 50.00 voucher bring total to under £30 for me :D. That made me happy. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise. Score :).
  4. I can't remember when I got offered all of ABRoad collection up from having a few, but, it's usually one of the cheaper and more worthwhile upgrades on offer with all of them then.
  5. Because I have the original NX and Abbey Road Studio... I have literally received an e-mail about this every day!!!! Since it’s release... lol.. not biting.
  6. For anyone who’s not familiar with how these Freebies work. If you have an 8DIO account this and all freebies are always listed under Free on the website tabs at top. There are some spectacular libraries on there.
  7. Pedals.. meh... I love UAD stuff, but... seriously there is a lot out there already and what there is is already sensational. Oh well.. Fan Bois will be wetting themselves I’m sure. From what I saw on the live stream.
  8. It was only just released today. Presonus forum says so too.
  9. I have the UAD Ampeg as well, very nice. Shame any serious DAW person probably has this or similar already. But I think it’s a nice gesture non the less :).
  10. I got it, playing on explorer so far, cause I suck. Looks really nice.
  11. I already had the collection. This is the dynamic update and addition. I ended up saving about £180 for me.
  12. I used mine. I have been sitting patiently waiting to do the Neve upgrade, got it, great price that was way better than BF Xmas or New Year sales to date!.
  13. 179 upgrade from other one I have... eeek... that's entering pay sub territory.
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