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  1. Got NI Komplete 13 CE here, RIP their gravy train. Nothing compelling to see unless this suddenly stops working. Sad really.
  2. For anyone in UK Inta Audio has this for £129 inc VAT!! Best price out there, for us. https://www.inta-audio.com/toontrack-sdx-hitmaker-serial-download-p17951 Tony P.S If you want a reason to get this, it comes with In the air tonight as a setup :))
  3. For me it’s more about paying overtime less (including bits) and not worrying about it. I’ve been on iZotope sub a couple of years now too, that’s definitely saved me money!.
  4. If you’ve never heard it in use, do yourself a favour listen. I have it in software and on my H9s.
  5. Personally I’m going to stick with my hardware. It’s a cheap entry for people though.
  6. Knife Audio Soma for £6.00 because of this :). Thank you. I was resisting spending more on plugins, but, that was too good LOL.
  7. I’m frivolous with my time. I’ve been ‘retired’ about 30 years. Raised my son, got unemployable aged and moving too much. Music is part of my life always has been I don’t do anymore than I used to. In fact at this point I do less ( recording wise). I do play live (online ) quite a bit nowadays.
  8. I've not had anything Facebook related on in years. I stopped using it, and have zero regrets. I use nothing meta related at all.
  9. Broken for me, just as well, I REALLY should not spend. I shall not?, spend... spend... &%$£@@!!
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