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  1. Used it, didn't impress me for what 'I' wanted. Having said that, I know for a fact Universal Audio use it flawlessly for their LUNA YouTube (with Zoom) purposes. If you're willing to go on a pay as you use program, it's good value. With any of this stuff it relies heavily on the quality of your audio hardware, computer and internet connection too. I have high end on all that, but it's also no guarantee if the other end sucks too. JamKazam is an interesting one to watch as it matures, for free.
  2. Tony Carpenter

    JRR Shop

    @Gremno argument from me. Was just pointing out in case anyone was struggling too :).
  3. Tony Carpenter

    JRR Shop

    @Grem same for me. Support says they can find what you need from email. I’ve got the original emails too.
  4. Sound forge pro pushed me into it. I resisted initially, but I’ve thought about sound forge I had for a number of years back when it was with Sony.
  5. Plus one on this. I have the UAD Maag EQ, and this. Great to use both as needed, or wanted.
  6. @kitekrazy That will be turbo mode. Unless the bios is told though I believe it can throttle down under certain circumstances. It is possible if you have a good setup to disable throttling on some motherboards. Mine has such a feature it was naturally doing 4.1ghz, it's a 10940x 14 core, that was quick. I ran the Intel program that does a number of things including testing a LOT, then I got 4.5ghz, and that's the real deal all the time on all cores.
  7. @James Foxall While I’m not familiar with the space pedal, I can say there’ll be algorithms that vary sometimes subtle other times drastic. The Eventide architecture is scary big in the real rack units. Maybe @Orville would like to post a screenshot sometime showing one of the DSP4000 architectural layouts for example. Not a fan boy, but have owned the real deal.
  8. Hollywood Choirs Diamond is awesome!. I’m still working out phrases. When you get it right it’s spectacular. I actually bought it, then went with Cloud X
  9. £59 on Best Service now.
  10. Since we’re being a Debbie downer... I’ve edited the title lol 😕
  11. @paulo I think Jordan can afford more sophisticated setups than my meagre budget. Particularly back then !. I was the only keyboard player around Sydney with this type of stand.
  12. I was reminiscing today. Back in 1988 or 89 my brother in law who’s a handyman at all sorts welded this together for me. Note my Alesis Quadraverb and Yamaha TX81z mounted as well. Keyboards are a Roland Jupiter 6 and a Roland D20. I think there’s a delay pedal on the Jupiter 6, I did use one though at one point.
  13. Yep... me too! You just know Ozone 10 etc is due any moment :).
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