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  1. Planning?, strategy??.. you jest, surely?. Actually my combi boiler shat itself and I’m sitting rugged up waiting 3 days without hot water or heating and my guitars and I are freezing....
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a bug :). A few complaints showing up on Steinberg forum, it was effecting other people before now too. Not sure why it's suddenly an issue, but I am confident it'll get squished :). @bapu Nope, not biting
  3. I spoke too soon :). Beach ball in OSX when bringing up the control M ( main mixer) sits there contemplating it's naval for a substantial amount of time :-/.
  4. @simon Creator tools, I believe is for people wanting to make their new VST work with NKS, I could be wrong :). I often am.
  5. I was almost interested... 199 euros for me to come from the fairlight.. better than 399, but, nope Maybe?... LOL... waiting until after pay day :P.
  6. @TheSteven Cheers for that, I wouldn't have known otherwise :).
  7. Because I am obsessive with all my software after over 30 years of dealing with it.... my update went smooth as silk on my MacBook Pro. Tools and performance and coloured tracks alone were worth the upgrade imho. When I was young I was one of those that tried pirated software then bought it if I liked it, when shareware was also a real thing :). These days cost of development has gone up, demand to make that next leap, or keep up with the Jones and changes in OSes is even more intense. I can afford to help keep my current favourites in work, and I do :).
  8. Does it actually work properly now?. I gave up on my fairlight vst because it was hard to keep it up to date. If it actually updates properly I’ll dive in.
  9. Upgraded, no brainer, stronger GB pound made it 23gbp for me
  10. Painless upgrade all my plugins were current WUP covered. All now ver 11.X
  11. I always wait until at least a .1 release or higher, depending on the total lack of support
  12. @simon Yes it was But the website is behaving erratically again, doesn't know I am logged in, then it does, et al..
  13. izotope makes great products, but, their website is one of THE worst I have ever used in my life!!!. They need to use some of that machine learning to learn what their customers already own!!!. Just saying... I did end up paying the 149 for upgrade to Ozone 9 Advanced, as I own everything else up to date. Tony
  14. Eventide stuff can be very cool, starting to regret selling my DSP4000b+ about now LOL..
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