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  1. I wholeheartedly second this request for whatever solution will make the MIDI remote control of the Arpeggiator work. Thank you @905133.
  2. For many perhaps useless, but for me it would be VERY good to function properly: the MIDI remote control on the CW Arpeggiator (Track Inspector). Unfortunatley, Release 2020.08 has not fixed the fact that while an external controller changes for example the On/Off button of the arpeggiator (i.e. it is lit), it does NOT affect the underlying function. I can turn the arp on/off with the mouse, but not the remote controller. Other buttons or knobs work fine with remote control. I've tried different controllers. The CW forum did not have an answer. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey 905133 Have you been able to find a solution? If so, I'd be very interested.
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