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  1. On 8/7/2022 at 4:37 PM, STEVE POOLE said:

    The mix is dead right, vocal chorus seemed a little far back and weak but overall really liked it ... so I'm watching this space to see where you take it ..great work  !



    Cheers Steve, ive had a tidy on the spoke/sing/rap type section as much of its ben jamming to work on structure. Still tweaking production a long the way but I'm really unsure to go back into a singing verse followed by the sort of short chorus or just extend the last bit, keep it pumping and go nutz  haha


  2. On 8/6/2022 at 3:22 PM, Bajan Blue said:

    Phil  -i like this - sounds great - i like the end after the break - i would just make the fade more gentle and longer





    still might do another verse or make middle 8 longer, i jammed with it and ended up thinking i got better idea haha

  3. 21 minutes ago, Keith Wilby said:

    I like it as it is. Hints of Oasis and Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles) on the arrangement. How do you get those awesome guitar sounds? Whenever I try to record a guitar it sounds awful.

    The crazy electric FX sound is with sustain verb/delay (cakewalk stock)  on a  saturation distortion (cakewalk stock)  with compression to bring harmonics out  playing a copper finger slide on a strat.  The simple riff guitar at start is plucking two strings together with compression and Verb on the Cakewalk TH3, all stock plugins less the Compression Autoformer i used.  I love sound design, it gives me more ideas when im making sounds for production. I record my vocals, guitars and bass round -12 and never go over -9 so i get a warmer sounding recording so it doesn't feel stressed. I always think its about finding a sound you like and we normally like other peoples sounds more than our own.




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  4. 10 minutes ago, mark skinner said:

    Hey , I Really liked the soundscape and drive of this one . It sounds to me like you've got the direction already locked in. Lots of Really cool stuff going on !  It's always an issue for me deciding whether to resolve and slam the ending or do a repeating fade. I believe this one would work either way. Enjoyed it , especially your vocals ..   mark

    haha i feel much better about it now.  I'm unsure if the intro into fist verse was ok, sort of then felt a bit lazy,  so i went mad to spice it up haha and i was going to go back into a verse and then end but i think i should keep it driving, maybe needs another minute. Cheers mark, maybe i should just JAme or end it like the bit at 2min10ish with the riff.

  5. On 7/11/2022 at 2:35 AM, Tiffany Passarella said:

    I am new to using this product but im doing a podcast. Whenever i record any audio in cakewalk it adds its own reverb on it. No matter what i do theres no way i can change it. Does anyone have any advice to make it reverb free? Im recording directly into cakewalk. So i dont know what the problem is.

    Check what your mic is plugged into, i.e. hardware chain. Does mic go direct in audio card or a FX peddle first or some type of mixer or pre amp with FX. 

    Direct input to audio card, on your mic track, you select your input channel in cakewalk then make sure you have no reverb FX on that track or your master pro channel.  If you can hear verb when your speaking into mic, its either your hardware or software chain.... screen grabs help

  6. On 6/27/2022 at 4:22 AM, bdickens said:

    Awesome! I really like it when the guitar comes in. And, as noted before the drums are really rhythmically interesting.

    Cheers B, im getting into my pushing drum beats and bass at the moment, working on another one, they great for me to review when im out on mountain bike, if they keep me going up the hills i know they ok haha

  7. I worked as a sound engineer for ITV and been in quite a few film and music studios.  They all have different gear and were told by "them" to get this or that. Many studios etc bought gear the shop basically wanted to get rid off because they get stuck with old stock etc Speakers will last forever if your not pumping them over 70% all the time. People now go crazy over old gear, especially valve or and pre amps. 

    Here is my ten bobs worth. We train our ears to what ever we are using and only notice a difference when we compare. We can only hear 20 Hz to 20 kHz when we was probably under 30. Everyone listens to music we produce on different headphones and speakers (*Audio equipment) so how does our system effect that, it doesn't its our ears. I know people with great gear that can't mix, produce and ear for sh*t. 

    Get what works for you, what your ears like and can separate ranges to mix and master the way you want. Its like musicians some prefer a fender over a Gibson. Some of the best will only mix and master with headphones and not separate amps and speakers or monitors.  Whatever system you change to will take time to train your ears to the end product, so get something your happy with and then you'll be happy.   

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  8. 1 hour ago, Johnbee58 said:

    Enjoying the drums especially.   Totally different kind of beat.  But the entire song and production are top drawer.

    😃John B.

    I always spend quite a bit of time on programming beats, updating with improvements when I'm mixing and getting the right sound design. I normally separate my drums with,  tops (hi hat, crash & ride  etc) so i can EQ, then mids (snare toms etc) track for fills and kick the same with EQ compression etc but i will have 2 or 3 separate drum fx tracks running parallel for ambience, noise, impacts etc and any other samples as might run a sub with kick or industrial thud. 

  9. 49 minutes ago, Bajan Blue said:

    Completely agree - YouTube, iTunes  and Spotify are the main ones we use - nothing else seems to get any traction these days.

    we have been really concentrating on YouTube lately and have managed to build up a following - hard work though!!



    Yes, i follow you on them all. 

    So many people on this forum you think would do each other a favour and follow on Youtube etc which obviously to help ranking exposure. I think many are old school and don't understand how it works though to be fair. I don't push any of my platforms yet and i should have but been busy with everything else. Unfortunately lets face it, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify want money is the reality for adds. You can manually push with social media groups etc but like you say hard work. I think the best way is doing a live video everyday and talking bollox about something, people seem to like that haha

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