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  1. Yeah, I'm wondering if "Albion TWO" is in the works. No word on their site about that.

    I seem to recall last time when they retired an Albion library, they had already announced "Albion ONE", and were offering upgrades for folks who bought the retiring library. 

  2. I switched to Cubase during the bleak days when Cakewalk was drifting abandoned, and I think it's an outstanding DAW, especially for me. Completely stable, seriously rich in features. I'm virtually all midi in what I do, and Cubase's midi tools are the best I have ever used. Period.

    I still use Cakewalk regularly, too -- I find it comfortable and intuitive for when I'm doing final mixes on my music, and I have a serious addiction to the ProChannel and its plugins, as well as the L-Phase EQ and Multiband. All my music that has been posted in the songs forum here was built in Cubase, and then exported and -- for lack of a better word -- mastered in Cakewalk. 

    Even if I was not still a Cakewalk user on some level, I'd be on this forum, though. Great group of people, with lots of knowledge and a pretty good sense of humor, and in Larry's case an unerring ability to make me poorer.

    And hey, maybe one day Cakewalk will evolve its midi tools and give Cubase a run for its money! I'd switch back full time in a heartbeat. But if that did happen, I'd probably never know without hanging around here. 

  3. Boy, do I like this one. Just a great song all around -- really catchy, great playing and vocal work. Totally enjoyed it.

    To my ears, the refrain evoked the slightest hints of America (the band, of course), especially in the vocal work. 

    I do agree that the storm fade-in at the beginning is rather abrupt. A more deliberate fade in might work quite nicely, here.

    But that's really a minor quibble. Really grade A stuff, IMHO.



  4. 1 hour ago, dcumpian said:

    I'll agree that Play isn't that great, but you can get really good results out of the Play libraries once you learn your way around their weird interface.


    And Play 6 is a definite improvement on previous versions, fwiw, although that's not saying a huge amount. 

    I found that my total usage of EastWest libraries went way down after I got a full version of Kontakt. Access to all the Kontakt libraries was quite a game changer for me. The only EW library that I fire up on a regular basis is Hollywood Brass. HW Percussion gets a bit of use, and occasionally HW Strings (mainly to use the playable runs patches).  I have a bunch of other EW libraries (EW Woodwinds, Voice of Passion, Pianos, etc), but they rarely see any use at all. 

    But the HW Brass library is, to my ears, still a very good library. Excellent horn patches, etc, decent trumpets. I've been searching for reasonably priced NKI alternatives to the HW Brass patches, and haven't really found anything I liked, yet. The NI Symphony Series brass certainly don't sound as good, and the combination brass patches in Albion don't turn my crank either.  The VSL libraries are very nice, and I like the flexibility of the VSL ensemble player, but I'm having second thoughts about getting too deep into the VSL ecosystem, with their draconian licensing issues, etc. So I'll be using Play for the foreseeable future.

  5. So far, it's been a pretty modest roll-out of free content from the ProjectSAM catalogue,  and the patches are somewhat narrow in their potential use, at least for me.  So you're not really missing a whole lot, at this point. 

    But I have to admit, all of these free samples are gorgeously recorded. And I understand that ProjectSAM's general programming and scripting is pretty solid. So I have heard, anyway.  Makes me think their products are worth taking a good look at -- assuming their style of library will fit into my workflow, with their emphasis on arranged ensembles and lots of baked in sounds and ambiance, etc. 

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  6. Really enjoyed listening to this one. Very entertaining lyrics, tight performances and great vocal work.

    I don't feel qualified to offer advice about the mix -- I don't work in this genre at all. FWIW,  nothing in the mix distracted or detracted from my listening experience in the slightest.



  7. 17 minutes ago, James G said:

    Ads all over posts now. W10 desktop.  That'll kill this place for me.



    Forum ads.jpg

    I'm getting the same thing, James. I suspect it's a configuration problem with the site and the ad tags. For me, the obscuring ads are related to folks' signature. If you close their signature, it clears the banner away. At least, it did for me.

  8. I'm getting ads blocking content, also - usually banners showing up at the bottom of a specific post, obscuring the signature and the bottom part of the posting. Something is not configured properly with the ad tags, I would bet.  I suspect they are only supposed to show up at the top and bottom of the page, and maybe in between the occasional post. 

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