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  1. Hi folks, I've just uninstalled a plugin (Torpedo Wall of Sound x64) and now get "the failure point was reported as "release" I have the option to disable the plug-in, which I have done It is still listed under vst3 and I have Excluded it - But it still gives me the error Do I need to remove it from a register somewhere?
  2. Hi Promidi and thanks for the response. All my setup details are in my signature - I am all up to date with Firmware and UAD Software and am using ASIO However - This is only occurring in a couple of my projects - and when I compare settings from the working projects - they seem the same ( As far as I can see) Anyhoo - I've put it down to a glitch and redone the project, and it's ok now. Thanks.
  3. I have a simple midi track with Addictive Drummer 2 (input = Omni Output = Drums) and I have imported midi data from AD2 to 'play' the AD2 drums in the track, I have other tracks in the session with recorded audio However when I switch Screensets whilst the project is running the midi data stop s 'playing' the drums until I pause and restart the play button. Any clues?
  4. Doh! Thanks for the swift reply Scook
  5. So - I've updated and now none of my plug-ins are working - They scan and load ok, but don't do anything. - The insert appears slightly 'dimmed' in the channel. This applies to ALL plug-ins - (Cakewalk - ProChannel, Waves, Soundtoys, Unversal Audio etc ... ) Any ideas ?
  6. Well @razor7music ^This^ is the info I've been waiting for before I too go down the upgrade path... Do I need to read through the 18 pages - or is there an update summary? As always - Thanks to the Bakers and all the Cakewalk team for continuing the development of this DAW.
  7. I stopped buying Waves stuff when they changed their licence policy - I had a nightmare trying to get stuff I'd purchased to work.
  8. How do I get rid of a Synth Plug-in loading I no longer need to be in a project. (mainly to save DAW resource) In this instance I'm talking about Addictive Drummer 2 and this is the scenario 1. Use midi to 'play AD2' into Project as Audio 2. Now I have all my audio drum tracks I no longer need to load AD2 3. Delete the midi track and all the previous tracks that were pointing to record from AD2 all show as audio tracks So now when I save and load the project - I notice that it still loads AD2 even though I'm no longer using it. How do I stop it loading? It's not a show stopper by any means, but I'm just curious how to release that Synth from the project. Stay safe peeps.
  9. Thanks for the reply Kevin, I do use the drop down menu and I always run as Admin. but they still don't save.
  10. So..... I'm guessing folk don't use Sonitus fx products much, I know they aren't bright and shiny and look rubbish, but they work well.
  11. Hi, I'm struggling to save my own presets in the Sonitus fx products, I think they are stored in Registry settings so not easy able find in file manager, for eg:- When using the Sonitus Compressor, I try and save using the 'Preset->Preset Manager-> Add-> (new preset name+bank)-> Save It is then listed in the Bank - but as soon as you delete the Compressor, then re-open it, the preset you have just 'saved' has gone. Anyone know why - please? Cheers
  12. Thanks scook, I have asked them to send me 24bit 44100 files - but I've been sent some at 32bit and I think the one guy is using Garage band and exporting at 16bit - not sure if GarageBand can export at 24bit?
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