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  1. Nice thread, nice people .... super DAW and great support
  2. I wish I could say the same, regarding zip files but I'll take heed of your experience in this matter wrt bundles, thanks for the replies.
  3. Yeh that's true ... But then again so can a zip file!
  4. Thanks, yes ... I can work my way down the tracks and the Palette shows if it's enabled ... very useful, some of these projects are years old and I can't recall which needed Audiosnap. Cheers Al.
  5. Hi Scook, Because? Extract from Cakewalk documentation ... https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=FileManagement.3.html#1117028 Bundle files are useful for backing up projects and for burning onto removable media, like a blank CD or DVD. I always us 'Save as' as a matter of course after making major changes to projects and increment the version number of the project, This however can lead to multiple (>10 or 20) versions of projects all held in the same folder, and once the song is completed I only really need to keep the last version of the project. Hence why I prefer converting that to a bundle rather than zipping up the entire folder. But I'm always willing to be educated otherwise Cheers Al.
  6. I'm trying to free up space on my drives by saving my old projects as 'bundles' and whizzing them over to my archive, however some of them won't convert due to me having tracks with AudioSnap markers, and I therefore need to 'bounce' those tracks before doing so but my projects have loads of tracks, My question is this:- How do I easily find out which tracks have 'AudioSnap' markers and need to be 'bounced' ? Cheers Al.
  7. Yes I like this Theme ... I'll look forward to it
  8. Well that was simplicity itself Just installed and tested my latest project and all plugins seemed to work as well as all the Region fx like (eg: Vocalign) were all available. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Jon, So is the old Cakewalk Command Center is no longer used at all?
  10. Sorry for the lame question, but I've had a look at the FAQ, and the answer isn't there, So.... I have SPLAT version 2017.10[] and I put off updating anything for the last year as I was in the middle of producing a project and didn't want any potential problems with updates to stop me working, anyhoo the project is now complete and I can look to update my DAW. 1. Where do I download the latest version from? 2. Can I download the latest CbB and keep my existing version of Sonar (mentioned above) just in case of problems or does the new version overwrite the old? Thanks in anticipation. Al. PS. - I can't tell you how pleased I am that Bandlab picked this product up
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