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  1. Thanks for the replies, Yes msmcloed & Craig. That does help. "record it via my control surface and ride the faders through the whole song:" It's this that I'm interested in doing, But as I don't have a Control Surface, I don't think it would work so good just using a mouse as a fader. So will have to draw it it as suggested. Hmmm. Now where can I buy some faders
  2. Thanks Andres, Yes I'm aware of those capabilities, I guess I didn't explain very well. I'll see if I can find an example of what I mean on YouTube....
  3. Hi, Watching producers using Pro-Tools, they will usually finish the mixing process off using 'Automation' on the Bus's (So Drums, then Guitars etc...). I don't use Pro-Tools So I'm not sure if this is a feature of PT My question:- Is there an equivalent feature in CbB? I know I could use a 'Waves' Rider plugin and set that to write to an automation lane (for ex volume) but wondered what you guys might use? Thanks. Al.
  4. I use the vst plug-ins..... been using them for years with no prior issues. I'll get back to you re:- real time bounce.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I tried removing the plugins from the track in question (and the master bus/Sub it was going to) but it still crashed, So I deleted the 52 other tracks and saved the project as a new named single audio track, without any plugins - and that bounced ok. So now I have a workaround. as I can import the bounced track back into the original project. So it might be a dodgy plugin, but I only use CbB, Universal Audio, Soundtoys or Izotope plugins.... I'd expect these to be faultless, but evidently not.
  6. Hello, Just trying to bounce one audio track onto an empty audio track, and CbB closes without any error. I am on the latest version of CbB (2022.09 Build 027, 64bit). I was on the previous version (02?) when I noticed it and upgraded to .09 to see if that might solve the problem. but it didn't. Rgds Al.
  7. Ah, you might be on to something there, I’ve transferred/updated so much stuff I could have upgraded AD2 in the process.
  8. FYI - I have an Edirol UM-2 (by Roland) and Roland stopped supporting it at while ago, however by following the procedures listed here ... http://johnwarburton.net/blog/?p=25289 Or here https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/15790-share-successfully-installing-edirol-um-2-windows-10-a.html You can leave to change to the .inf file as windows 10 (no need to enter 11) and very important to turn off memory integrity setting like this on Windows 11 ... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/a-driver-can-t-load-on-this-device-8eea34e5-ff4b-16ec-870d-61a4a43b3dd5 And it works again. What I'm not sure of if it will still work if I turn memory integrity back on again and reboot?
  9. Hi, I have updated my system and whilst most things have gone smoothly from Win 10 -> Win 11 (Completely new kit) when I am moving a bundle (.cwb) everything works (Audio and Synths) apart from the AD2 Drum Synth, It shows the AD2 in brackets The workaround is that I have to re-insert AD2 and copy the midi file, but the problem is of course is that it has lost all my drum config settings. Any thoughts why AD2 should be so awkward?
  10. Ok - Will do - Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies ... So I'm now on Windows 11, I tried to download the CCC from https://www.cakewalk.com/command-center but for some reason it refuses to download, I noticed that the version of CCC Setup was which I already had on my old system so I copied that over and that installed and ran ok, So far so good. I then installed the latest version of CbB - ok I then tried to install the 'Big Fish' libraries using the CCC, They downloaded ok but when trying to install I get a "Setup Error" 'Cannot locate the required version of the program on this system. Please install the correct version of the program to use this pack' However, It installed the CA-2A ok I'll have to see how I get on with all the other stuff ( synths etc...)
  12. Reading this thread with interest as after I came back from holiday my 5 yr old DAW didn't start, The ASUS MB Q-LED lights indicated a CPU error, after re-seating the CPU It worked but one of the two monitors keeps going black, So after a bit of internal debate I have ordered a new system. I expect it to arrive later today and will attempt to re-install all my software and plug-ins, but I have a question. 1. Prior to CbB, I used to run Sonar and have a lot of the old stuff which I still use within CbB from time to time, eg:, VST2, VX64 Vocal Strip, PX64 Percussion Strip, Rapture ... etc. DX, Sonitus Compressor, Sonitus Delay ... etc. Do I need to re-install Sonar in order to get these to work or is their an easier way?
  13. Hi folks, I've just uninstalled a plugin (Torpedo Wall of Sound x64) and now get "the failure point was reported as "release" I have the option to disable the plug-in, which I have done It is still listed under vst3 and I have Excluded it - But it still gives me the error Do I need to remove it from a register somewhere?
  14. Hi Promidi and thanks for the response. All my setup details are in my signature - I am all up to date with Firmware and UAD Software and am using ASIO However - This is only occurring in a couple of my projects - and when I compare settings from the working projects - they seem the same ( As far as I can see) Anyhoo - I've put it down to a glitch and redone the project, and it's ok now. Thanks.
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