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  1. Hi Promidi and thanks for the response. All my setup details are in my signature - I am all up to date with Firmware and UAD Software and am using ASIO However - This is only occurring in a couple of my projects - and when I compare settings from the working projects - they seem the same ( As far as I can see) Anyhoo - I've put it down to a glitch and redone the project, and it's ok now. Thanks.
  2. I have a simple midi track with Addictive Drummer 2 (input = Omni Output = Drums) and I have imported midi data from AD2 to 'play' the AD2 drums in the track, I have other tracks in the session with recorded audio However when I switch Screensets whilst the project is running the midi data stop s 'playing' the drums until I pause and restart the play button. Any clues?
  3. Doh! Thanks for the swift reply Scook
  4. So - I've updated and now none of my plug-ins are working - They scan and load ok, but don't do anything. - The insert appears slightly 'dimmed' in the channel. This applies to ALL plug-ins - (Cakewalk - ProChannel, Waves, Soundtoys, Unversal Audio etc ... ) Any ideas ?
  5. Well @razor7music ^This^ is the info I've been waiting for before I too go down the upgrade path... Do I need to read through the 18 pages - or is there an update summary? As always - Thanks to the Bakers and all the Cakewalk team for continuing the development of this DAW.
  6. I stopped buying Waves stuff when they changed their licence policy - I had a nightmare trying to get stuff I'd purchased to work.
  7. How do I get rid of a Synth Plug-in loading I no longer need to be in a project. (mainly to save DAW resource) In this instance I'm talking about Addictive Drummer 2 and this is the scenario 1. Use midi to 'play AD2' into Project as Audio 2. Now I have all my audio drum tracks I no longer need to load AD2 3. Delete the midi track and all the previous tracks that were pointing to record from AD2 all show as audio tracks So now when I save and load the project - I notice that it still loads AD2 even though I'm no longer using it. How do I stop it loading? It's not a show stopper by any means, but I'm just curious how to release that Synth from the project. Stay safe peeps.
  8. Thanks for the reply Kevin, I do use the drop down menu and I always run as Admin. but they still don't save.
  9. So..... I'm guessing folk don't use Sonitus fx products much, I know they aren't bright and shiny and look rubbish, but they work well.
  10. Hi, I'm struggling to save my own presets in the Sonitus fx products, I think they are stored in Registry settings so not easy able find in file manager, for eg:- When using the Sonitus Compressor, I try and save using the 'Preset->Preset Manager-> Add-> (new preset name+bank)-> Save It is then listed in the Bank - but as soon as you delete the Compressor, then re-open it, the preset you have just 'saved' has gone. Anyone know why - please? Cheers
  11. Thanks scook, I have asked them to send me 24bit 44100 files - but I've been sent some at 32bit and I think the one guy is using Garage band and exporting at 16bit - not sure if GarageBand can export at 24bit?
  12. In these days of remote social distancing recording where the artist records his own stuff. So I'm getting sent wav files that are different bit rates, mostly 32 but some 24 and 16, Question - Am I ok to import them into one project or do I have to convert them all to the same bitrate before I can work on them?
  13. So I didn't want to update CbB whilst in the middle of a tracking sessions, - is it safe and stable to do so now? What has been the main issue I need to look out for (if anything)
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