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  1. I've been a customer for 20 years, give or take and I've had the same sales contact for about as long. Always a good experience. If you get a chance, go to Gearfest. I've made 8 in a row. Always an amazing time.
  2. Hi, Yes, as Brando said, the fan has two speeds, Quiet and Performance. The difference is in the RPM rate (hence, noise) of the fan. If the noise is not bothersome, stick with performance. You will achieve better cooling. Edit: I believe the noise increase in P is about 10%.
  3. Hi, When you click the " + " of the folder, does it change to " - "? The only way I know of to duplicate the behavior is if all the files are marked as "hidden." I found that when marked as hidden, the folder " + " changes to " - " but nothing appears.
  4. Thistle Jemison from Queen of Sibyls. Great video - thanks for posting.
  5. I have a Tascam US 20 x 20. In addition to the excellent suggestions by Cactus Music, here is what I find helpful: Always turn the Tascam on first and wait until it is done loading. If the 20 x 20 is on after CbBl, it sometimes gives me fits. Also, I remember a post from last year in the old forum - the issue with the 16 x08 turned out to be Windows mic permissions (scroll to the bottom): http://forum.cakewalk.com/Cakewalk-wont-grab-input-from-Tascam-US16x08-m3761002.aspx
  6. Adding my applause to the growing list here. Excellent job.
  7. Could be a permissions error or file location error. I remember that there were discussions in the old forum about TTSSEQ. As I recall, the missing "S" is a typo and the file is TTSSEQ (but I haven't checked in CbB). After deleting TTSSEQ, do you hold down the shift key and click on CbB icon? In earlier versions, removing TTSSEQ and then shift+click to open erased the preferences file. I would check to make sure the file paths are accurate.
  8. I'm on the other side here - totally cloud based for quite some time now. My main email provider is Hushmail. I use the paid service because I can create aliases whenever I need a one-off or temporary email. I pull down backups as needed.
  9. I interpret the reroute question as, "One of your listed midi output devices is gone. Should the software take any channels with device B as the output and send it to device A?" I always choose "no." If I have device B set, I want it to stay at device B. For the USB changes, that is likely related to messages CbL is getting from your OS (referencing a Windows OS here). The shut-down restart works because the OS detects (or removes) the hub. Have you considered purchasing an external USB hub? The devices could remain plugged in and registered.
  10. The availability of a patch cord is inversely related to...oh, wait, there it is. Never mind. Carry on.
  11. Adding to what Kurre said, I also initially had trouble with Windows (10) and my Tascam 20 x 20 - due to incompatibility between Windows and Tascam drivers. Here is how I fixed it; it may point you in a good direction troubleshooting your issue. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Tascam-US20x20-Anyone-using-it-with-Win10-Creators-update-m3620435.aspx
  12. I'm happy to still be a part of the Sonar journey. Ups and downs, yes, but that's what always attracts me to thrill rides Thanks to the entire team and it will be exciting to see where we go from here.
  13. I have noticed similar behavior on an intermittent basis. The meters do light after several minutes; I haven't yet tracked down the final cause. Happens on tracks with plugins active and without. I suspect there's something taking place under the hood because it always takes place after a fresh audio track.
  14. Hi Dreamer, Welcome to the forum. I also advocate for making the jump to the new Cakewalk. In addition to fixing past issues (as mentioned by arlen2133), the new platform and supported OS are going to be the starting point for future improvements, accessories. Another reason - yes, it's free - but. besides that, there are tons of opportunity to exercise your creativity.
  15. I heard Michelle is driving their car with the Eggman.
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