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  1. Here's my cover of Autumn Leaves by Miles Davis Miles version ;
  2. "Doing the entire backing track myself lets me know exactly what is going on in the song, the chords, the substitutions used, and everything I need to play a good improvised solo." One key thing I've learned about performance over all the decades is Don't play it till you get it right Play it till you can't get it wrong. Doing all the parts yourself gives an insight into the music that can't be achieved any other way.
  3. Zactly msmcleod! Biggest reason I only do phrases is I'm afraid I won't have time to finish. It also inspires me to keep familiar and improving on my mixing skills. Most of these backing tracks I've mad sound really good
  4. What I like is it doesn't take long. If I'm transcribing something I want to learn I can record my own tracks to practice with without using the original recording. By comparing the two I can tell if it's wrong or right. If so I can then practice whatever I want. Tempos, keys, different instruments etc. I've been doing this on Pat Metheny phrases lately. I'll pick out a segment that sounds interesting. Make a backing track with just the parts I want, getting as close as I can, then start really learning from it. Cakewalk is wonderfully useful in so many ways!
  5. Thanks Tim! I love actually playing all the music on the tracks. Backing tracks recorded by others always made me have to conform to what they played. Doing everything has helped me really learn and appreciate the music more. Here's an A minor vamp I recorded to work on chord inversions. I can do them on each instrument. I love AD2 and lounge lizard. On putting together original songs it helps me to know how the song goes. So I work it up in my head before I record anything. Made for better arrangements too. A minor Vamp.mp3
  6. I'm too old and senile to do any more albums. I did all that long long ago. Now I Am just playing for fun and pretending the be Guillermo Sanchez P.S. not that Guillermo Sanchez . bayouguillermo Sanchez
  7. I posted a MP3 download to show a very basic example of what I was talking about. I played the soft synths on my controller with my fingers to get what I wanted. A ii V I in C First the drums then bass. Drums are AD2 Jazz Sticks I think and Bass is Dimension Pro Upright now I can rise tempo or change keys as I see fit. I can do a guitar track to hear what I played etc I do this with whatever musical concept I'm working on. Sometimes an entire song will come out of it HAVE FUN!
  8. If you've never created your own backing tracks to practice with or use to get your chops together I want to help convince you to do so. An easy thing to do is try to recreate a phrase from a song you want to learn. You don't have to make a musically verbatim track for this. Listen to the drums bass keys etc and make up your own version of it. Creating a drum key or bass part is very beneficial to learning music. Start off with easy songs. In the long run you will compose much better music and recordings of your own! Keep a library of tracks for future reference to draw on change or add on to. Develop them into a composition If you use a soft synth to make the parts you can easily transpose them to other keys and tempos etc. Test Track.mp3 Try it! You won't be disappointed. If you are just do as I do and blame Bapu!
  9. I use mine for studying music. I use and make backing tracks on the subjects I am working on. I've found the process of playing drums, bass ,and keys for the backing tracks help very much on how music works and how to manipulate it to whatever I'm doing. It's enjoyable to me and if I find the time I will posts some of it
  10. I Am so happy to see Steve is as scwavay and deboner as myself. Not quite as handsome but then whom is roight?
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    Let the open E ring and play any 3 notes of the same colour. Because it’s a dominant 7th alt you may want to resolve it to an A major or minor chord
  12. Does anyone really know if 2.0 is better that the last Juan?
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    For anyone whom may find a use of a dominant sound going into the one and only true key Am I think It works best with 3 note chord combinations but any combo will do if it sounds rite
  14. It's Ok though. I also have a (see below)
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    Nice work! Sounds great. I love all his music!
  16. I've changed my ways. I Am here therefore I Am
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