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  1. We got water pressure at 11:30 am this morning. Plumbers just left and now we have HOT WATER TOO! This means I had a show 15 minutes ago. After more than a week! We still can't drink it and have to boil it for 2 minutes though . Not till Friday but that's only 3 more days! WOO HOO!!!
  2. yea! what Strammy said!
  3. "if" I take a bath I don't smell anything
  4. That’s the puniest stuff I’ve ever heard
  5. Fact are facts and religion is religion but never forget there is only one Bapu but that’s not important right now. Tomorrow the freeze is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Things will start to get back to normal we will have water around Wednesday the roads are clearing XX can take a bath I may take a bath
  6. I was just frightened by a Fred that looked just like this one showing my last visit to the loo
  7. Not to mention wine and whiskey l had 2 glasses of wine last Knighton
  8. We have another night of low teen temps and everything will return to average after Saturday. Every record that could be set has been set. the water is still out and projected to be back next week waiting for the power to go out again but no-one knows where the next roll out is going to be This is one winter I will never forget
  9. He’s my favorite horrible knight!
  10. My son is a mater plumber and owns a plumbing and heating service. He came and took care of everything . He and we didn’t expect a power outage with 1 degree temperatures I’m much more fortunate than most here. Only my water heater froze
  11. We are getting rolling power outages We got one at the very worse possible time for over 12 hours. Due to corrupt casinos politicians and officials all our tax money got diverted or reallocated upgrades fixups etc hasn’t happened here for 50 years The entire city is under boil advisory until further notice
  12. Thanks for the good comments guys! Good luck on your stove Shane and hope it doesn’t cost too much. My son brought over a generator so that will help craig if my son didn’t live here I’d certainly be somewhere else . I’m planning on moving to my daughter and her family’s house in about a year in a half . She’s the one in Brick New Jersey. They bought a big fancy house there and XX and myself are talking the basement The weather guy keeps ypind the snow amounts. Now up to 5 to 6 inches. What a day it’s been
  13. Getting about an additional 3 to 4 inches of snow tomorrow night record low before that 1 degree reading this morning was 20 degrees so the record was smashed last night. Who could have imagined this would go on here for a week
  14. Water is out and going to be a long while before it comes back on The water heater froze up too
  15. We ended up with 6 inches of snow yesterday Last night was a nightmare. Power went out at 9 pm. The temperature dropped to 1 that’s one degree. In the house it got down to 46 degrees in the house Power finally came back on at 9 am this morning. 12 hours of cold Tonight they saying it all going to happen again.
  16. I’d recognize that ahh. bass anywhere Thanks for posting this picture. I Am going to stare at her ahh the bass for awhile
  17. bayoubill

    Sunday jam

    My kind of music! Love that Tele! THANKS for the post
  18. Hey daryl ! Hope all is well with you. You sound great! We were projected to get 9-12 inches of snow last night but only got about 3 inches (7 1/2 cm) 15 degreees outside and going below 10 (-10 c ) tonight. So I Am going to be jammin and havin a good time playing on my DAW all week!
  19. I have successfully transposed everything to Am. It's all in THE book
  20. One of my heroes. Introduced me to fusion in the 70’s I met him at a NAMM show in the 80s. He will be missed RIP Romantic Warrior
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