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  1. I remember listening to a Louis Jordan concert back in the early 70’s and thinking if you put this music on a guitar you’d have Chuck Berry
  2. My favourite Choo Choo
  3. The true Grandfather of ROCK and ROLL!!!
  4. I wonder if she has a video of a G string breaking? I'd watch it
  5. Which reminds me. When I was a teenager I had such a huge crush on the most popular girl in school that I once dressed up like her put on make up went to a mirror and blew kisses at myself but I finally outgrew that
  6. My putting in a feeding tube date is 30 March This means no more Becan , pie , coffee, pizza, beer, tacos, Becan, fried chicken, gumbo, steak, bbq ribs, omelettes, Becan, homemade chili, stew , chocolate ice cream smoothies, peanut butter stuff, chocolate stuff, anything I like or BECAN! they tell me I may be able to have the tube out in a couple of months or until my lungs are free from infection and congestion 😩
  7. Censorship is now very in style
  8. I can hear at at least 12,500 ft. but that's not important right now I had a nightmare about being hospitalized and the doctor telling me I had a very very contragious disease! His exact words were " We’ve got the results back from your tests, and we’ve found you have an extremely nasty virus that is extremely contagious!” I asked him what he was going to do for treatment and he said "we’re going to put you on a diet of pizzas, pancakes, and pita bread.” I then asked him “Will that cure me?” The doctor replied, “No…but it’s the only food we can get under the door.”
  9. Here's my idea of a bad day ...wait ..my bad I misread the Fred
  10. I Am knot Shure about yesterday iften it was the blurriness or lingering drug affects that caused my unability to type but today is another day and WOW! I have 20/20 vision!!! I can: 1) see my neighbors bedroom without binoculars 2) I can tell which lane I Am in when driving 3) I can tell what I Am eating before I put it in my mouth 4) I can tell X X just how beautiful she actually is now that I can see
  11. I fas ny secof eye surgery today I cab”t see mnuch but shohb be nuch vettrr tommorrw
  12. Thanks Shane. I had cataract surgery yesterday morning. I had an eye patch all day. I drove XX crazy saying arrhhhh before anything I said. I was on drugs so it wasn't my fault. I'm getting my other eye done Thurday so that will be over with. I'm still on antibotics with over a week to go then I will have the feeding tube put in. Eating has become very dificult the last couple of months and I choke on everything I try to swallow. I just don't get any pleasure out of eataing nowadays. I feel poorly too. Hopefully better days are ahead so I will smile and assume it is so.
  13. so sorry to hear about your loss Shane. My heart and prayers are with you, Good that you are saving the tragic news till your wife gets back for such a private matter.
  14. Lol he’s lucky that gator didn’t get a hold of him I kept baby gators as pet when I was a boy I soon learned you can’t tame an alligator
  15. I have pneumonia again. So it’s back on antibiotics and this time I have to have a feeding tube put in. This means I may have to give up playing my guitar because the tube will be in the way. When I went through all that cancer treatments I was on the feeding tube and I was miserable. I ended up not playing for 6 1/2 years. Prognosis isn’t good because my left lung is in such bad shape. This is all depressing
  16. I’m getting better at checking things like that. Sometimes I’ll hit my keyboard accidentally and turn different things off without noticing I did it
  17. And we are having Water Board Members resigning on the news
  18. I Am an expert water 💧 boiler! at least till Saturday and maybe more amazing how unprepared everyone was considering how much advance notice there was. Power and water companies assured everyone they were ready turned into a fiasco
  19. I Am getting a new hot water heater New and improved hot water I don’t know but I will see
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