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  1. Nigel, you're too kind. I used premiere rush. I've been reading up on Da Vinci resolve though. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. wow!that's an amazing video. who are all the actors? Love the vocals...
  3. David Sprouse

    Video Fun

    Having fun with video.
  4. Your song connected with me emotionally. I really like your voice Shaun Cassidy quality to it. Sorry about your dad. Lyrics rang true.
  5. Thank you for stopping by, Treesha. Also, thank you for the review. Thanks, good to see you Freddy. Ya it's a bit of a non sequitur, the video. Maybe I should do a video to eileen aroon. Nevertheless thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music.
  6. Here's a silly video I made. It's the first I've ever done. I'm much better at composing music than making videos.
  7. loved the lyrics. drums sounded amazing. Reminds me of warren zevon for some reason. Nice one.
  8. Love the sound of the single coil pickup. Would sound nice ringing through an auditorium.
  9. Yes, the bass line is ultra cool and I liked the simmering arp in the background, just rubbery enough for the effect.
  10. . You should put it at the end of your set it's a real pleaser. Loved the animation!
  11. Thank you Fred, glad you liked it. Sometimes I wish I still drank. Thank you very much for listening. thanks mark. Believe it or not, the samples are east west. Are you Irish Jack? hope you find lassie. glad you liked.
  12. David Sprouse

    Warp 1

    The ultra high frequencies come through nicely. love the sound of the obx. perfectly tweaked Arturia makes amazing synths.
  13. Like a summer breeze. really enjoybable music. Thanks for posting.
  14. fun...don't let them win!!
  15. I listened on my consumer stereo system and there was some pumping in tutti sections (sometimes samples just do that) not sure if you had compression involved. Loved the composition, it had a folk songish cantus firmus which I really liked.
  16. Lynn, I absolutely love everything you do. It's just pure gold. You have an endearing voice as well :D:D
  17. love to my irish brothers and sisters :D:D https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/eileen-aroon-trad
  18. mars attacks is the most likely explanation...occams razor. Love your song freddy, always entertaining.
  19. Pcode did you do the video edits as well? Really good.
  20. David Sprouse


    Jack this is brilliant. I want front seats to this show. Just the right amount of distortion.
  21. David Sprouse

    Prairie trail

    always lyrical and enjoyable. well done.
  22. David Sprouse


    Michael, thanks for taking the time to listen to this. Evil clown is right in my wheelhouse.
  23. David Sprouse


    Tom, thanks for listening. I still think there might be issues with the drums at high volumes.
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